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The government is a hungry beast that grows more and more everyday and we have to keep it fed….or so they tell us.

There was a time when I was blind to this and was like the rest of America:  a sheep blindly following.  

Let me give you an example:

When 9/11 happened, and ex-President Bush came on the airwaves talking about how we would not stand for those attacks, that we would retaliate, I was cheering him on.  He made me feel comforted by his words on that fateful day that threw us all for a roller coaster ride of emotion.  His words gave me hope that day that the world wasn’t coming to an end.  His words gave me comfort that our government was going to take care of it’s citizens and not stand for vicious brutal attacks caused on an innocent people.

This was how I felt in the days that followed 9/11.  I trusted our government, our military, and had a sense of safety again in the arms of them.

But that was 12 years ago; much has changed since then.

You see, Marxists have a code:  “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago quoted this.  Our government can be seen using crisis after crisis for their agenda of growing government and taking away our capitalism, our freedoms, to destroy our constitution and more.  We see this today how they are using school shootings to pass gun control laws – which takes away more of our freedoms.  We saw this with 9/11 when they created “The Department of Homeland Security”, which then incorporated TSA, and is now able to consider any one of us a possible terrorist depending on what we believe in or how we live our lives.

The government uses FEAR in the American Public to grow and expand.  They instill fears in us so they can create more departments, take more taxes, remove more freedom.  Our media, doctors, and sales outlets use much of the same tactics to get you to buy their products, and it WORKS.  Don’t want to look older?  Let US give you this product to make you look younger (for a small fee of course).  Oh look, you’ve got heart disease, let us give you these medicines that may or may not work, and become dependent on us to take care of you, as long as you keep paying us.  Want to look like a supermodel because otherwise you just aren’t “normal” – here, we’ve got a plethora of cosmetic surgeons, diet plans and products, clothing, exercise machines, facial products to get rid of wrinkles, teeth whitening products, and more…all for a small fee.  It’s no different than how the government works.

FEAR.  We fear not fitting in with society.  We fear the things that our government tells us to fear; from terrorism to “global warming” and everything in between.  The government has been instilling and using our fears for their agenda; to grow, to expand, to eventually turn our nation into a communist state with only a small amount of elitists controlling everything in our lives.

Think about how much of YOUR life the government has their hands in:  from your home loan, to your grocery and gas prices, to rules and regulations, to your driving habits, to your bank accounts, to your minds…  I think you might all be surprised to find out just how much the government is controlling your life, by instilling fear after fear, and gaining more and more control over every one of us.


This tells me we really aren’t a Christian nation anymore because if we were, we wouldn’t be allowing this happen.  We have trusted the government to tell us how to think and feel instead of looking to Jesus.  We have trusted the government to take care of us all, instead of trusting in Jesus to fulfill His promises to us.  We have spoken faith in this nation, but we aren’t walking that faith.  This saddens me day after day as I see more and more being led right off a cliff right into their own destruction – because they are still following media, TV, their professors, and other lost souls.

The government uses fear, yet Jesus tells us NOT to fear.  The government says “I’ll take care of that for you”, when we are supposed to lean on Jesus for everything in our lives.  Are we NOT a bunch of hypocrites?

I’m grateful many are starting to awake from their slumber.  Many are just now wiping the sleep from their eyes and SEEING for the first time where we are and sadly, many of us are wondering “How did we get here?”


I pray for more awakening to occur.  I pray for more to start seeing the truth behind the lies and evil works of our politicians, our businesses and their lies, etc.  I’m not by any means a liberal – frankly just the opposite.  I’m a Christian.  I don’t listen to the lies spewed across our TV screens anymore – I EXPOSE THEM.  This is what we should be doing as Christians – sharing truth about everything in life.  This government is a fraud, and a lie, and a far cry from what our founding fathers wished for and tried to instill in this nation.  Sadly, we continue to feed this beast of government and have no one to blame but ourselves at this point; for allowing them to be where they are.  Is it too late for us as a Capitalist, Christian nation?  It just might be….only YOU can decide that.

Turn to Christ….give Him your life and stop giving it the government.  Start trusting Him more than the government to care for you, to provide for you, to watch over you.  Start leaning on Him for the answers, NOT the government.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


What are your thoughts?

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