The Great Apostasy

INTERFAITH; the Abomination Rises

There is a growing concern among true followers of Christ over a new breed of believing “Christians”. This new breed is being deceived in ways that run so deep it is dividing this nation and the world. If you are aware of this movement that is stealing minds all over the world, you must know at least one person that this abomination has touched. They are everywhere and it’s time to start really educating. If you aren’t aware of this movement and it’s implications, read on and start down the path of knowledge that will help you in your walk with Christ and hopefully save a few more souls from this great deception.


COEXIST….If you live in America, you’ve more than likely seen one of these bumper stickers on some vehicle:

This logo stands for unity within:

Peace sign – stands for Pacifism (originally designed for the British disarmament movement)
Equality for all – gay rights inclusion
The Judaism star – THE STAR OF DAVID
The pentagram (for Satan) on top of the “I” – pagan
The “S” is in the symbol for Taoism/Buddhism
and lastly the cross for Christianity

This coincides with the Interfaith movement because it promotes a sense of “tolerance” and “acceptance” of all faiths, lifestyles, and choices – despite the Biblical ramifications of those choices, faiths, and lifestyles.

Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation site says this about his organization:

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation promotes understanding and respect between the world’s major religions. We believe this is central to a policy to secure sustained peace.

Did you catch that? They believe it is CENTRAL to secure sustained peace? Mmmhmmm….Where does that leave “radical” Muslims? What will they do about them in their “policy”? And what about pro-life Christians who say Jesus is the only way or that homosexuality is immoral? What do their “policies” state about them? You know where I’m going with this.

This Interfaith movement is the Trojan horse of our faith – designed for the New World Order. Christianity isn’t the only target for this pagan idolatrous false religion; ALL religions of the world are being sucked into this system. Christianity IS however a huge target because it represents the US and the US cannot be a sovereign nation if the world wants a one world system. Therefore, three things must be tore down: Capitalism, Christianity, and the Constitution.

What better way to destroy the one true God than by blending Him with all other pagan gods? OR WHAT BETTER WAY TO BUILD UP A FALSE GOD THAN TO CREATE A WHOLE NEW ONE THAT APPEALS TO EVERYONE’S PALETTE?

This Interfaith ideology is one that many politicians worldwide (liberals and left of center conservatives alike), world leaders, and celebrities are promoting to the youth and lost and with great success.

We see churches here in America and Europe promoting a form of Christianity and Islam combined called “Chrislam”. Churches right here in our very nation are welcoming in Muslims to share in multi-faith sermons and practices. We see homosexual churches, homosexual wedding ceremonies in churches and the promotion of abortion in certain churches. We are told in the Bible to not intermingle with certain people, not even to eat with them, yet ALL are being invited into our churches, defiling them in their pagan beliefs and the church’s false teachings and “acceptance”.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

THE CHURCH HAS FORGOTTEN IT’S PLACE, right along with our government. The church was originally meant to strengthen the flock and send them out into the world to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, not bring the world in. Megachurches and the like are looking at what was SUPPOSED to be a holy sanctuary known as the Christian church and turned them into big business, with little to no concern of the warnings from the very God they claim to worship about such practices. Our churches through this interfaith movement have turned upside down. The wolf has entered the building through the backdoor, and Christianity in this nation is in big trouble.

To make matters worse, we are seeing an upsurge in “spirituality” and “Eastern Mysticism” (another tentacle) and this is where a great deception lies as many believe they can reach a state of higher “enlightenment” through the use of drugs, etc.

We will often times hear politicians quote verses from the bible, or share stories of faith, leading others to believe they are God-fearing men. We’ve heard Bill Clinton quote the bible, then turn around have an affair with an intern, and then lie about it to boot. We’ve heard Barack Obama claiming to be Christian and using many verses in the Bible, while he turns around and celebrates Ramadan (a Muslim holiday) with his Muslim buddies in the White House. We even heard the Bush father/son team talk about “god” and yet turn around and tell us the New World Order “will be achieved.” Let me put it to you this way: Satan can quote from the Bible – does that make him a good soul? Is he going to spend eternity with the God of this world? I think not. So WHY are we believing in these blasphemous politicians?

HOW CAN YOU TELL A CHURCH IS INVOLVED WITH THE INTERFAITH MOVEMENT? Run in the other direction as fast as you can when you hear words in a church like:
3. Jesus loves everyone and so should we
4. higher consciousness
5. Enlightenment
6. We raise the dead (literally)
7. Healing miracles
8. Speaking in tongues
These are CLEAR signs of someone sucked into one of the many tentacles of that movement. This movement holds some pretty zany folks, and then it holds some that aren’t so blatant, and it’s the ones that aren’t so blatantly bizarre that we must watch out for, for these are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Other signs of an Interfaith church:
1. All religions are welcome.
2. Refuse to preach/teach of sin and hell
3. Refuse to preach/teach of end times prophesies
4. Acceptance and the bringing in of secular comedians, music, musicians, etc.
5. Is focused more on the number of their parishioners than the quality of their salvation

Listen folks – I have seen this every where I turn: “Christian” pages on facebook and the web such as “GodTube” and “Godvine” promoting scenes from American Idol, the X factor, “So You Think You Can Dance” and more. The church is supposed to be separate from the world….not part of it. Yet this Interfaith movement seems to be meshing the two and many believing Christians are falling right into their lair of deception as these Interfaith Churches try to win the world with up to date, modern, current worldly things. God’s Word tells us to be separate from the world and to not love the things of this world:

1 John 2:15
[ Do Not Love the World ] Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

1 John 3:1
Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.

This Interfaith movement is huge. I dare you to search for the word itself on Google and see what pops. Then check out the Tony Blair Faith Foundation – which is a huge central hub of this movement.

This movement is designed to deceive. It is being promoted greatly by (of all people) the Pope and the Catholic Church. My hope is that this blog starts it’s readers down a path of education on the greatest religious deception to come to the world. It is turning our Christianity into a folly. It is turning Christians into jelly, which won’t benefit them on judgment day.

I could go on and on about all I know about this movement, but I would have to write a book…which isn’t entirely out of the question at this point. But in the meantime, I urge all of you reading this to investigate this.

One of the greatest resources on this movement is to read “Religious Trojan Horse” by Brannon Howse. It’s $25.00 and worth the read if you’d like to be able to save and help your fellow believers. Be A TRUE FOLLOWER of Christ, and not just a believer. Sow the seeds of good faith, and warn of this great deception that is weakening us all AND this nation. Be prepared though – anyone who believes their faith is the only way to heaven is today considered a radical extremist. Persecution will come to those who don’t sway from truth but we should accept this in strength, just as Christ did.

Stay strong, and join the rest of us in the GOOD FIGHT of faith. The world needs you. The Beacon of light in the world known as America NEEDS YOU. Our children and grandchildren need this fight to rage on, so be strong and courageous for Him – and for all the lost souls we see deceived all around us.

John 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Peace to you all, today and every day.

5 thoughts on “INTERFAITH; the Abomination Rises

  1. Terri Steffy Gookenbarger Revelation 17:1-2 speaks of the great whore that sits on many waters…many have been taught the rapture doctrine and that the great whore is the Pope and the Vatican. I do NOT believe this. The USA is the great Whore, Babylon. We are surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and if you consider Alaska, which is a US state, the bodies of water that surround it are Arctic Ocean, Baltic Sea and the Bering Sea! That pretty much sums up a lot of waters. There are three bodies of water that surround Italy. The Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. There you have it: 3 bodies of water as opposed to 7. All the countries I mentioned is prophesied to go after ISRAEL. The US would never allow that. We would fight. In my opinion we will nuked. We will be destroyed within “1” hour. We have legally taken the lives of 55 plus million babies since Roe vs Wade and they cry out to God for vengeance. The US is redefining marriage with corruption and lewdness, the POTUS has armed our enemies and they are coming. Some may believe me to be defined by the news and all wrapped up and that I don’t enjoy life while I speak the truth. Trust me those who know me personally can attest I laugh and enjoy almost every minute of life. I thank God for allowing me to share His Word and the gift of love. I love you where you are at and I pray each and every day for those I love. God bless you.

    I posted the above on my FB wall today. I’ve been friends with William Findlay for a few years. FB has suspended my account again and I can’t respond to your message. I can accept friend request. Thats all I can do. God bless you. Beautiful blog.

    1. TY Terri….I also have pondered the US being Babylon….I have racked my brain on prophecy for so long and realized there’s much duality to it. Thank you for your comment and the share. I appreciate it 😉

  2. Hi Terri and Brandy…..I too have pondered the identity of Revelation’s Whore…..considering the language, could Jesus have been referring to the false church that we see rising in this unholy interfaith movement?

    1. That is precisely who the whore is Bill – and it stems from the Catholic Church/Vatican. The whore rides on the back of beast….question is, who or what is the beast….something that should be seriously considered. Could it be America? Could it be Islam? Some suggest the EU. Time will tell us all and reveal truth…. Thank you so much for your participation in sharing my bold and brazen posts lol 😉

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