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First, I would like to say Happy 4th of July to EVERYONE!

Today we are celebrating our freedoms.  Freedoms granted to us by God in this nation by the blood, sweat and tears of our founders who had a vision of a free society. Those men wanted freedom from tyranny and oppression. God granted this nation that freedom and helped make this nation a beacon of light for the rest of the world, for a very long time. We must thank Him for that.

I know our freedoms in this once great nation are becoming less, but we still have a great many today that we are still truly blessed for.  The fact that I can write this blog alone is evidence of an amazing freedom that still stands.  One that allows us to communicate freely and openly without suppression.  In some nations, citizens cannot even discuss openly their religion, unless it’s one the government of that nation approves of.  I for one am so very grateful for our freedom of speech law here.  I know it may not last forever, so while it’s here, I’m using it to it’s fullest!  😉

Galatians 5:1 [ Christian Liberty ] Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

We as Christian Americans have been given the best of both worlds. Not only do we live in a free country, but we have freedom in Christ. We become free when we receive Him, believe in Him, and give our lives to Him.

Sin is often described as bondage, chains, or something to the effect that weighs us down and/or imprisons us. There’s a good reason for that. Sin left unaccounted for, ignored, and even denied will weigh us down and hold us back.

Sin gives us a guilty conscience. Many of the very prideful will not agree with this, but it’s true. Why else are so many getting so offended today over truths being spoken and why in this nation are we being forced to believe we have to be “politically correct”? So as not to offend anyone?

I don’t know about you, but my logic says if people weren’t already feeling guilty inside over something they were doing in their lives, why in the world would they be offended by people speaking truth? (Truth is not subjective – there is no “your” truth and “my” truth).

The point is, while we still lug around those heavy chains and stone of sin, it makes us unable to grow, unable to have confidence in all we do in life, and unable to live freely and wholly; giving to others without second guessing, extending love and a helping hand to anyone around us without question.

Repenting of our sins and giving our lives to Jesus also gives us another freedom: freedom from worrying about what’s after this life when we die. Salvation and the promise of heaven is something that gives Christians something to look forward to when they pass on. It gives us the hope of seeing loved ones again after they’ve passed if they too have accepted Jesus….either during their life, or at their very last breath. The weight of any worry or doubt is gone when we become a child of God.

There are so many beneficial reasons to give your life to Christ. He frees you from your chains and puts light in an ever darkening world. He frees our hearts and minds from guilt, and gives us an eternity to look forward to. I truly don’t understand WHY so many are afraid of this, and why so many rebel against it.

Matthew 11:30
For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Why don’t you let Freedom ring today – in your heart and mind. Accept the fact that Jesus died for your sins and has the ability to set you free. Repent to Him in your sins and watch Him change your life.

This is the kind of freedom NO ONE can take away! So let it ring! Accept Him today. All it takes is a simple prayer to Him, asking Him to forgive your sins….you KNOW what those are. If you’re not sure, post a comment here (it must be approved for moderation so won’t be posted immediately unless I approve it.) and I will walk you through your initial steps to Christ. Or you can go to a trusted Christian friend, or a local church. If not today, at the latest tomorrow. Isn’t now the best time to shed those chains? Why not celebrate Independence Day to it’s FULLEST, and give yourself a NEW reason to celebrate July 4th?

God bless us…one and all. Be thankful today for the freedoms we still have in this nation, and the immense freedoms He offers us individually. Let His loving grace and mercy on all SHINE!

Be safe today during our nation’s festivities!

Peace to you all today and every day.

What are your thoughts?

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