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America: the Revived Roman Empire?

I’ve been doing some research on the ancient Roman Empire. You see, I’ve been wondering for about 3 years now if America IS the prophesied “Babylon” of the last days. I’ve been suspecting we ARE the revived Roman Empire.

I gotta say – the more I look at this – the more I think my suspicions are right.

It’s kinda funny because so many people have asked over the years: Why isn’t America listed in the Bible? Guess what? I think we are – but not at all in a positive light.

My suspicions all started when I kept hearing in different places on the news, etc. that America had similarities to the old Roman Empire and more than likely we will collapse, just as they did. These comparisons got my wheels turning so I started looking into the history of the Roman Empire, our history, and what the bible says about this “Babylon” that will be destroyed in one hour per prophecy.

If you are a true patriot, and have a hard time with busted bubbles, you may want to stop reading as this blog may not appeal to you. But, if you are a strong Christian, and put America behind Jesus instead of in front of – you may find this intriguing.

Let’s look at some interesting parallels:
1. Both Ancient Rome and America were superpowers in the world. Both dominated the world on many avenues.
2. Both AR and the US have been known for their military strength and might. Even the Bible suggests that the fourth “beast” worships a god of ‘war’.
3. Both AR and the US have been known for adhering to a “rule of law”. Ancient Rome was a republic at one point, and had a legal system and set of laws very similar to America’s.
4. Ancient Rome had a stable currency that the people could rely on, much like America did for a long time.
5. Ancient Rome built beautiful buildings and structures. They built waterway systems and roads for travel.
6. The Ancient Romans created art and literature.
7. Rome flourished for more than 200 years in relative peace and prosperity. We have had our troubles in this nation, but we too have flourished and lived in relative peace and prosperity for about 250 years.

STILL NOT CONVINCED that America is like the ancient Roman Empire? One must look at HOW Rome fell to see the similarities all come together:
1. Political leaders in Rome grabbed hold of the power in that nation that turned many into tyrants.
They indulged in debauchery (Indulgence in sensual pleasures; scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition.) and corruption.
They raised taxes on the citizens and increased regulation.
When the masses complained about the government in Rome, the corrupt leaders tried to please them with free hand outs.

SOUND FAMILIAR? Let’s keep going….

2. the rulers in Rome started performing unconstitutional acts; they started breaking their own laws and ignoring the ones they didn’t care about – much like our government today. Today our government is run more by “executive order” than the constitution.
3. Ancient Rome built up high debt.
4. the leaders had continual high spending on their lavish lifestyles and agendas.

5. Ancient Rome started DEVALUING THEIR CURRENCY. Much like how we keep printing more money, making it more and more worthless – Rome’s governments did that as well over time. Their silver coins started out with 98 plus percent silver in them. By the time they collapsed – there was (maybe) 2% silver in the coins issued by the government and those very coins were no longer acceptable by the government for payment of taxes! (The people had to give over their goods to pay their taxes.)

6. ANCIENT ROME HAD A WELFARE STATE. Yes, believe it or not, we aren’t the first to create this abomination of “free handouts” and entitlements. It started out with subsidized grain for the poor where they only had to pay 1/2 price for it. Eventually it became FREE WHEAT for the masses. Political leaders even started running on the promise of free handouts, would be voted in, and the lavish handouts grew and grew, right along with the taxes to pay for it all. Sound familiar yet?

7. Late in the reign of the ancient Roman Empire (about 250 BC), public schools were started. Much of the success of Roman Empire early on was because most of Rome’s children were home-schooled. When public schools started, more dependence on the government was instilled.

8. Taxation in ancient Rome started as a simple tax and then grew into things such as a death tax, property taxes and income taxes, taxing the people literally to death because if they didn’t pay their taxes, they would either be enslaved, or killed. The IRS isn’t into killing people as of yet, but they don’t hesitate to make your life a living hell (much like ancient Rome) if you don’t pay your taxes.

9. THE HIDDEN TAX OF INFLATION. Being 43, I have witnessed this inflation garbage and cannot believe how much money we pay for gas, food, clothing, etc today compared to even just 20 years ago. Ancient Rome was no different. In 200 AD – a bushel of wheat cost about 8 Roman dollars. By 300 AD, that same bushel of wheat cost 120,000 Roman dollars. The Bible describes this “inflation” in the last days prophesies in the book of Revelation – the third seal:

5 When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”

A DENARIUS IN John’s time was a WEEK’S WAGES – a week’s wages for a loaf of bread in other words.

10. The empire kept expanding it’s government, growing bigger and bigger, much like we all complain about the American government today. Everywhere you turn, the government has it’s hands in every aspect of our lives, and some government employee is handling every aspect of our lives.

11. Often times, the leaders of the Ancient Roman government would blame “greed” on the nation’s financial woes. How much have we heard THAT here in America???

12. BREAD AND CIRCUSES: The ancient Roman empire spent big money for entertainment venues to keep the people happy as to not think about the problems the government was causing. Then it was chariot races, gladiators, and stadiums to display those in. Today in America it’s football stadiums…and we all know how American’s LOVE football. Yes, our government is placating you, just like the Romans did, to disguise their corruption and tyranny and make you forget about it while you watch, worship and discuss football. Or how about our TV’s? Music, movies, reality shows….HOLLYWOOD. Bread, and circuses. People are ALWAYS willing to give up freedoms and rights as long as they’re “entertained”.

13. The arrogance of the Roman leaders eventually got out of control. They started spending and spending on more luxurious things for themselves – to a point of not even trying to hide it. One of the leaders of Rome was known for never wearing the same clothes twice….while Barack Obama takes billion dollar vacations at least twice a year….oh yeah, and don’t forget the golf!

There’s much more to this story than I can fit in this blog. The point is – while many prophecy teachers are waiting and watching for a “revived” Roman Empire, are they so dense to miss THIS revived Roman Empire???? Or are they just that deceptive?

Sadly, it is HIGHLY possible at this stage in the game that America will end up just like the ancient Roman Empire; in ruins, desolate, broken down, diminished. We ARE following all the same steps of the RE, and will follow them right into our own destruction, just like Rome.

Isn’t it time to wake up America? Get yourself right with Christ. That’s the ONLY thing that truly matters anymore!

Peace to you all, today and every day.


13 thoughts on “America: the Revived Roman Empire?

  1. Funny, I have been thinking a lot about this lately too. The more I learn about Ancient Rome, the more similarities I see with America! Obvious things like our football stadiums sure look a lot like their coliseums. Their Entertainment consisted of glorifying violence & sex just like our movies, tv shows, and video games do. They idoled their gladiators as we idol our athletes & actors. They enjoyed leisure, luxury, self-gratification, and a “if it feels good do it” mentality. They had little to no value for human life. I could go on. Just think about it. Maybe the Holy Spirit is revealing this wisdom to us now…

  2. Ah, not so quick. You can take the Kings of Isreal and make the same types of arguments. So you have to go back to the bible and its references to determine the truth. Out of the Roman Empire grows an east and a west empire with 10 rulers. That truly implies more then just one country. So who is the beast and who is the image of the beast.
    Another quick statement – read George Washington’s vision for this nation.

    1. True – and the revived Roman Empire aka the USA helped Israel get to where they are, along with other nations. I don’t think however George Washington has ANYTHING to do with prophecy fulfillment. If you read the prophecies about mystery babylon….about the beast in the last days – all the traits of it – it fits America – more than even I’d like to admit. AND they fit America more than any other nation. We have corrupted the world….we have lulled the world with our hollywood and music and sorceries known as pharmaceuticals, we are the largest manufacturer of products that the world buys, etc etc. I do agree that not just one nation is part of the beast system in the end….however, who is at the helm? The UN is leading the march to America’s (as we know it) destruction….along with the EU which is dying off financially and otherwise…and now Islam added into the mix. It’s like Hitler and the Nazi’s all over again….I don’t know if you’re aware, but our current administration is destroying the relationship with Israel…and that prophecy is too being fulfilled – that ALL NATIONS will turn from her in the end (Meaning Israel). It’s crazy to watch all this unfold….and so quickly.

      1. Thank you for the insight. What about the east arm of the revived Roman Empire? Will Russia fall into this fold some how? What is the image of the beast who carries out the beasts request (if I can phrase it this way)?

      2. When looking at prophecy Paul, we must look at ALL of prophecy. Also, we must look at the events of the world with a skeptic eye because much of what we are being told about this nation and it’s “partners” is not truth. Don’t you wonder why Obama has done nothing – or very little – to stop Putin from his antics? Don’t you wonder what he meant when he told the Russian authority before his re-election “I will have more flexibility after I’m re-elected.”??? Yes, Russia is involved in the whole system. Russia is involved with Iran and the Muslim world. Russia is involved with America and the UN in all that is happening. We all know the part in which Russia will play with regards to Israel, and even Jesus himself. All is not as it appears. Keep an open mind with things that are unfolding. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in knowing the signs. God bless 😉

      3. Yes, it’s fairly obvious to me what you said. Good to know I’m not the only one who sees this.

        I think what prompted my questions for thought …I was reading about the beast that has the mouth of the lion, the feet of the bear, something about a leopard and dragon (sorry for the shorten super breavated version). Maybe that is why I asked about the other arm of the revived Roman Empire.

    1. A concept to the US and being the revised Roman Empire is in Ecclesiasties 3:15
      Solomon is quite clear that history repeats it’s self. So the US was formed as a republic just as ancient Rome a second part/party was made in Rome same for the US. The power of ancient Rome shifted it’s power as it fell to France Spain and to England which then came birth the colonies and from it the US birthed. The US in its history is following ancient Rome /parallel but it also has parallels to ancient Egypt and Israel and yet the repeat of the tower of babel being birthed to through it. And ancient Romes power also split to the east and west directions same is happening to the US. China has the biggest gobble up of the US debt ancient Rome was in debt to germanic tribes at the time they collapsed and the borrower is always servant to the lender. Also to note the US is also repeating what Germany did to prior to WW2 where their leaders decisions in printing paper money caused Hyper inflation and a dictator rise to power.

  3. Well … here we are in 2017 and I still believe that America is the revived Roman Empire and the Mystery Babylon that is mentioned in Revelation 17. Babylon has two components … a spiritual and a secular. The apostate church is the false prophet pointing people towards the beast. The Name of Trump comes from the word “trumpet.” Trumpets in the bible always brought warnings and judgment. As I observe the times before us and prayed about whether God has brought blessing or judgment to America in this name. I’ve come across some interesting facts about the people who surround President Trump. One of them being his son in law Jared Kushner whose office resides in a building he and Trump own on 666 fifth ave. A building Jared fault vigorously to overbid and win. It is actually the highest amount of money ever paid for one building in history. $1.8 Billion and from what I read he did that because the address 666 was so desirable because of its mystique. It used to be the Watch Tower building owned by the Jehovah Witness Org.

    Jared has become senior political adviser for Trump. Some call him the “mind” of Trump. His name means “6th generational descendant from Adam.” He will become the international negotiator and eventually broker a mid-east “peace treaty” with Israel. He is waiting in the wings, probably being groomed for presidency at this moment. America is the one lone super power in the world … “who is able to make war with the beast?”

  4. Hi, I was reading your article and I agree that the US is revived Rome just in the form of a republic again. But it will soon be an empire I believe and is the beast of revelation and the book of Daniel. I do not believe that the US is the mystery Babylon though. I believe NYC is the mystery Babylon and is the deadly wound that happens to the US in the future (the US will survive the attack and still be the world superpower). Revelation 17 & 18 is a description of NYC and the Statue of Liberty (which is the Roman goddess libertas I might add) and says mystery Babylon will be destroyed completely by fire (I believe either nuclear terrorism or an attack by another country). The bible says the mother of harlots rides the beast and also says she sits on 7 mountains which also symbolizes she is a city on the revived Roman Empires soil. NYC also use to be the capital of the United States and one of the cities suburbs is called Babylon about 29 miles from Manhattan NYC. In Washington DC, Capitol Hill is named after capitolline hill which is one of the seven hills the city of Rome was built on. DC stands for “district of the goddess of freedom”. Columbia is the name the founding fathers gave to the Roman goddess libertas. Libertas is also the same false deity called Ishtar and the “mother of harlots” in Assyrian and Babylonion mythology. The bible even describes the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty called the new colossus, and refers to liberty as “the mother of exiles”. Anyway, I have believed this as well since 2005 and found from studying, that America is completely pagan in culture and symbolism that is identical to Ancient Rome. Marvel and DC comics are full of false deities like Thor, Poseidon (Aqua-man), Diana of Ephesians (Wonder Woman) etc. movie theaters are pagan temples where false deities are worshiped and praised through entertainment, and every wicked and sinful thing God hates is shown in them. Anyway, there is so much obvious clues to the US being the beast and it even came to be because of the dividing of Rome and was formed because of land wars between France and Britain (which were both part of the western Roman Empire) setting colonies to create free trade routes. Rome migrated and became a republic again and is a superpower again just not a dictatorship yet, but it’s coming. I don’t understand how bible prophecy students don’t see this and say America is not in the bible when we are completely Greco-Roman in culture and law. The entire western world is the feet of iron and clay that Daniel saw in chapter 2 of Daniel. The ten toes of the statue and the ten horns of the beast have not happened yet but will during the seven year tribulation and will be led by the US I believe. America is even the one trying to bring peace in Israel with the Palestinians. Anyway, God bless you….


  5. Below is a link to my fb page where I wrote a teaching back in 2014 with great detail from scripture and history on the fact America is the new Rome and NYC is the Mystery Babylon of the book of Revelation. I hope you take the time to read and send me a friend request if you want as well. Jesus is coming sooner than we think!

  6. I think you are right because I have thought the same exact thing and have compared the things you have in your post. I have said almost word for word what you have said in that America is in the Bible however we are not called America but the Revived Roman Empire. If for no other reasons our architect and the fact that Rome pays our presidents to manage America, plus our tax dollars for the most part goes to the Vatican.

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