Christian Responsibilities


The reason that I called this blog site “Your True Christian Journey” is because I wanted to share with others my walk, my experiences being a follower of Christ, and to also help others understand the different stages of a Christian walk. Unfortunately, world events have taken hold as I watch prophecy unfold in them and have been a “watchman on the wall” so to speak, warning to things that need warning. I know my blogs are not for the most part uplifting, and it was not my intention to share just prophetic events unfolding, however, it’s been difficult to stay from that with all that has been happening all around us.

With this particular blog though, I would like to share these thoughts because it is my belief that many Christians today are in a stagnant place in their Christian Journey.

We know Jesus had many followers during His 3 years of teaching, but by the time He was being sought by the Pharisees for “blasphemy”, many of His followers had dropped off. Jesus, in His day, was like a celebrity to many. We can speculate that many (more than likely) followed Him to be entertained….to see what He would do that day in the form of a miracle or radical teaching or whatever. And when they had their “entertainment vessel” filled, they dropped off.

I believe many Christians today are the same. A couple years ago when prophecy seemed to be going crazy and every one was jumping on the bandwagon watching events unfold, talking about all these prophetic events that were going on, many people’s attention was grabbed. But during the past 6-12 months, I’m seeing a serious drop off of activity, leaving only a few newcomers still hanging on, strengthening themselves in Him, while the others have dropped off, back into the world and it’s “things” like football, hobbies, life. If this convicts you, there’s a reason for it.

I have had a long journey in my walk and am continually growing and being molded by the Lord. The Lord has called me to teaching, and prophecy, and I get tired. I get burnt out. End times prophecy is a tough thing to deal with. It’s one of those “dirty jobs” where everyone is a critic, and most don’t even want to hear it because it bursts their “bubble” of “fun” and joy and peace in this life. I do it because I’m called to it. I do it because it was good enough for Daniel, Isaiah, John, and others, so it’s good enough for me. The Lord WANTS us to know what is to come, yet few of us are willing and able to really take prophecy study and teaching to the extreme. Let’s face it – it’s a tough subject to understand, and an even harder one to swallow. But we STILL need to know about it, otherwise God wouldn’t have provided the information about future events to us.

I have short spurts here and there where I feel I need a mental break from the chaos of the world and my intense studies where I will watch some really old movies, play some online games, spend time with others, or bake. I need a little dose of the “familiar” from time to time; a dose of what I used to be comfortable with. It’s funny though because in my walk, all that is changing. I find MORE comfort in God’s Word these days than anything this world has to offer. Let’s face it – this world is getting to be a downright ugly place. We find comfort where we can as needed. I would like to however suggest here that if you are backsliding back into your old life, you may want to stop and reconnect. Now is not the time to delve back into the things of this world. Maybe in little bits, but I wouldn’t advise staying away from God too long.

Where are YOU in your walk with Him? Do you know what He has called you for? Are you placing Him first in your life, or your life before Him? Are you running the race of faith, or the rat race?

We can have two alter egos; that which we invent ourselves to be, and that which we are in Him.

Days like these can make us want to go to the past, back to a place that makes us feel comfortable and safe. It can give us a (false) sense of “normalcy” in a world of chaos. We can hide ourselves from the world for a time, but it never stops turning, God never stops watching and working, and we should never stop for too long on our path, because there are wolves and other dangers that can snare us if we don’t keep moving.

So where are you TODAY in Christ? Have you turned from Him to find comfort and peace in an uncomfortable and peace-less world, hiding in your corner of this place, hoping it doesn’t find you? Or are you seeking strength, comfort and peace in Him?

Think about it.

Find out what HE wants from you today, this very minute. Pray, seek His counsel and guidance. Ask Him what you can do for Him, not what He can do for you.

Lord, I ask that you bless all who read this. Fill them with Your Spirit and get people motivated and moving as we know time is running short. Tell them Lord to get up, and RUN! Run the race of faith! Show them boldly Father what their gifts are in You, and what You have called them for. In Your Holy Name I pray – AMEN.

Peace to all, today and every day. 😉

What are your thoughts?

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