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Last night, my family and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a pub like dinner.  While we were there – the place was PACKED; full of people wearing football jerseys.  I realized quickly it must have had something to do with a football pool.  Parties filled the restaurant with 25 TV’s all around, airing different sports – from rodeo, to football, to volleyball and hockey.

If you know anything about Wisconsinites – you are almost REQUIRED to be a Packer fan here. I have a Jersey – my husband has a jersey, but it’s only left overs of our “past life”. Most men here are such huge fans, I can tell you that we – at one point – had a bathroom all decked out in Packer stuff. My brother is such a huge fan, he has his whole finished basement done in Packer stuff. Bar stools, pool table balls and more. Just as a side note:

“The Packers said that, after operations, the team made $54.3 million in profit on $308 million in total revenue (in the 2012/2013 season).”

Football is a multi-million dollar industry. Look at how much money is just spent on ONE team. We have children starving all over the world without clean water to drink. We have homeless people right here in our own towns and cities. There are catastrophes that happen all around us every day – people in need, people dying. Yet for some reason – we believe that our time and hard earned money should be spent in this fashion (this being one of many). Have we become useful idiots? I believe so.

Football is just one faction of the entire sports industry.

We’ve been taught through this industry that to root for a team is cool. We’ve been taught that sports is a necessity in life. The ancient Roman empire taught this as well in their gladiator games and such. It is called bread and circuses; feed the people and entertain them, so they don’t watch what the government is doing, nor are concerned with important things going on around them; the things that AFFECT THEM.

Our sports entertainment is part of social engineering. We are taught to believe that sports actually MEAN SOMETHING in our every day lives. We encourage our children to be part of them so they can feel what it’s like to WIN and BE PART OF A TEAM. This continues on into our adult lives with our careers and more. But what does it all mean in the end? Really?

It means absolutely NOTHING. It’s another distraction from God, and things that are affecting us that are happening all around us, and sports teaches us how to be glued to our TV’s when our favorite team is playing. It promotes drinking and sexy cheerleaders.  It promotes sin.  It plays off our emotions. For at least 3 hours a week – we are consumed by sports. You may think 3 hours a week isn’t bad, but when you look at that over a lifetime of sports enthusiasm, and the money that is spent on sports apparel, tickets, betting and more – it’s nothing but a sheer waste. We could be doing so much more in the world – for our future, for others’ futures, and for our very salvation.

We worship our teams when we support them financially. We worship our teams when we devote our heart and minds to them – even if only for 3 hours a week. Most people I know worship football more than God.  I know about football team worship. I was a huge fan of the Packers when Brett Favre was our quarterback. But over time, little by little, God started to show me the evil in this sports stuff and my husband and I pulled away from it. Baseball, football, even boxing has gone to the wayside. We don’t concern ourselves with it anymore. It’s not what (temporarily) fulfills our hearts anymore.

It’s funny – as I sit here and think about the bible, I realize there was nothing to do with sports in the bible. Jesus didn’t say “Sit and watch these guys run back and forth in a stadium with a ball and cheer them on, and then praise them all week long when they’ve won and be angry if they’ve lost.” Jesus instead said “sell all you have, give to the poor and follow Me.” In other words, He tells us over and over to give up our loves in this life – our loves of the world – and instead follow Him.  After all, it’s for our own good.

God isn’t up in heaven concerning Himself with teams winning or losing. He is concerning Himself with each one of us, individually, and what’s in our hearts. He sees our hearts – more often better than we see them ourselves. He sees whether or not you are guilty of idolatry with your sports idols. You might want to think about that the next time you hook up with your buddies to watch a game and drink.

Can sports celebrities save your soul and ensure your eternity is a good one? NO. But God can. Decide today who you will worship – financially, emotionally, spiritually; God……or man.

I love you all – peace to you all today and every day!


What are your thoughts?

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