how-to-walk-with-godThere are two accounts in scripture where it tells us someone walked with God; Enoch and Noah (Genesis 5 and 6). Both of these men had very special relationships with God and the Lord entrusted them greatly with 2 tasks – Enoch was shown many things about heaven and hell and the last days, and Noah was to build the Ark that saved people from the flood – which otherwise none of us would be here today. That’s a pretty huge undertaking and would require so much faith that would scare most believers today. And Enoch? He was one of the two in scripture that were taken BEFORE he died – which tells me God has a huge plan for him still:

Genesis 5:24
And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.

What does it mean to “walk with God”? I guess the best way to describe it would be to imagine yourself walking with a friend, or a loved one. It’s talking, walking, sharing, and being with one another – as much as you possible can because you WANT to. In Noah and Enoch’s case, it was pretty much a constant thing – and look what happened with them; they were used by God for VERY big things!

Walking with God is COMMUNICATION with the Lord – trusting Him, sharing with Him and being open for Him to communicate with you often. For some of us it’s many times throughout every day.

I know how hard this can be in our busy lives. I don’t walk with God as much as I’d like to, with all the busy-ness in our lives. For me it’s the housework, and the cooking, and taking time for friends, making time for friends, kids, husband, yes even the cat, etc. But in many of my alone moments, I communicate with Him….sometimes just very brief encounters, but I’ve experienced these encounters at many times throughout my life. He’s given me dreams of things to come…including my firstborn daughter, the morning of 9/11 hours before it happened He had given me a dream about it, and there are many others as well. But that’s not the only way He can communicate with us. Here’s an example of something that just happened to me an hour ago:

I was closing up the patio and I have these 2 flowering plants that I hang on hooks out on our deck. They hang below an eave so they don’t get watered if it rains. I had no idea it was going to rain at all when I was closing things up for the night. I usually will put those plants on the deck somewhere if I know it’s going to rain so they can get a drink. As I was closing the door to lock it up I heard the words – “Put them out, I’m going to give them a good soak.” I stopped, opened the door back up and said “Yes Lord”. Sure enough – a heavy downpour came only minutes later. My plants got a good soaking – just as He had said.

Little things like this can happen often to us IF we are open to hearing Him. If we trust in Him enough, if we are less self-centered and more God centered – you’d be amazed at how much He will tell us. Maybe you’ve already experienced this, maybe you haven’t. Sometimes they can be little things like watering your plants (I really got a kick out of that one tonight) – or even warnings to things….or a sudden urge to move with no rhyme or reason why – a movement that can save a life – you hear stories about this kind of communication all the time from people that narrowly missed something that could have easily killed them.

I guess I wanted to write this tonight because I know of SO MANY believers that don’t know HOW to hear from God. I can’t tell them how they can hear from God, I can only tell them why they can’t – it’s because they don’t trust Him enough to care for them. It’s because they trust more in self than the supernatural power of God (2 Timothy 3: 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power.) and sadly, that’s the stuff that keeps them FROM Walking with God. This cannot be taught to anyone. You either trust Him, love Him, and are willing to submit to Him, or you’re not. If you never hear from Him, you might want to check your pride, as that is the most likely culprit to your problem.

There is nothing more exhilarating and awesome than when He communicates with us. It can strengthen our faith, bring us closer to Him, and remind us in times of doubt or despair that He is still with us. My little thing with Him tonight just put such a huge smile in my heart because He reminded me that in even the smallest of things, He cares about us and the desires of our hearts. It also showed me that in this frantic crazy and ugly world we live in today, I could almost hear Him smiling and at complete peace in those words about the plants and it was a reminder that He is in control, and not at all worried. What an amazing Father we have. And isn’t it so sad for those that deny Him? They will NEVER get to experience this kind of stuff….the joy it brings, the peace, the love. I would rather feel that than walking around feeling paranoid that I might be “crazy” or a “loon” if that happens to me – thus the pride of atheists will never allow them to experience these supernatural experiences with the Holy Spirit. We KNOW when it’s Him and when it’s not, don’t we? We know when it’s our own minds and when it’s from the Holy Spirit because it’s THAT discernable. So awesome. ❤

Anyway – I hope whoever is reading this either 1) knows what it's like to walk with God or 2) will earnestly seek that by letting go of self to open yourself up more to hearing him. Don't fool yourself by telling yourself that your own thoughts are from Him (yes I see this almost daily sadly – when it's more than likely Satan's temptations you are hearing). There is a clear distinction and something we should all be striving to learn. Learn to WALK with Him – as Enoch and Noah did, as many today still do, and see the amazing and sometimes simplistically loving things He will show you. My prayer is that you all get to experience a "watering of the plants" moment with Him.

Peace to you all, today and every day. ❤


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