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I had quite a situation on my hands last night. As many of you know, I home-school my 13 year old daughter, and in our neighborhood she has several friends that go to public school. My daughter also spends time online with others that she meets through sites, games, etc. I had a feeling this situation was going to arise…I could just sense it coming. I know her local friends pretty well and one in particular I just had a feeling that something was coming.

I was right. I was having a conversation sitting outside with my daughter and a few of her friends yesterday. The one friend I had sensed something was coming from decided to bare her soul to me and tell me she is “pansexual”. Never having heard this term before, she explained to me that it’s not based on any gender thing, that it’s based entirely on personality. In other words, it doesn’t matter what sex a person is, if there is love between the personalities, gender doesn’t matter. It was clear she learned this term in school.

She then coerced my daughter to tell me “something”…and my 13 year old then informs me she’s “bisexual”. During this “revealing” to me, my daughter’s friend asks me “How could God call something a sin when He makes people born this way?” Oh Lord, here we go.

I’m having issues with my blood pressure and as a Christian mom this was the last thing I needed to hear.

I knew this was coming from her friend eventually. I could tell by the way she dresses; by the way she cares for herself. Let’s just say she’s not a “girly girl”. She COULD be. My daughter has been following suit with this friend and another who tends to like looking like a boy; short haircuts, black baggy clothes, etc. All 3 of them have been screaming “I am a rebel” in the ways they present themselves.

My daughter’s friend suddenly had to leave to go eat dinner but I made her promise me she’d come back so I could answer her question about God and “being born that way”.

These are 13 year old girls. After having a discussion with them later in the evening, they confirmed they don’t even THINK about having “sex” with people. As we all know, most girls don’t gain real interest in the actual act for a few years yet. When I spoke to my daughter privately about this matter, I asked her WHY she felt she was bisexual. She informed me that it was because she was “crushing” on a girl she had met online; that she felt as though she wanted to be in a relationship with this girl as she would a boy. I had to explain to her that we can love those of the same sex, but it doesn’t mean we are gay in any way…especially since she confirmed that she had no sexual desires towards this girl whatsoever. (Thankfully the “relationship” between these two ended. We know as parents it would have never gone anywhere to begin with.)

If these kids aren’t even considering sex at all yet, why are they labeling themselves with terms like this to define their sexuality, and at such a young age? I find this absolutely absurd and ridiculous, and I know EXACTLY where this garbage is coming from.

This indoctrination is coming from TV…..Disney Channel, movies, cartoons, etc. It’s coming from music. It’s coming from the public schools and their liberal teachers. Why don’t people understand that this would have been like teachers in our generation handing us a buffet of drugs on a silver platter to choose from? That was the “sin” of our time – the 80’s…but teachers weren’t promoting that. Frankly, they were doing the opposite with the “Just say NO” campaigns, etc. Why are they promoting this new sin/immorality fad of questionable sexuality to our children? Why are they ALLOWED to? These kids get mixed messages: “don’t have sex, but OK, think about your sexuality – are you attracted to girls? Boys? Or both? Do you want to be a boy or girl, because it’s OK if you want to be what you’re not?” Is it no wonder so much of our youth are “experimenting” with so many different partners of both sexes?

I don’t have to tell you the dangers of this…the diseases. And then of course with the confusion more than likely comes drug use, rape, etc. It’s a vicious cycle.

My friend in Kentucky told me there are SO MANY gay kids at her daughter’s high school that she would have to go to another town to find a decent boy to date. Welcome to Pandora’s Box; the one the liberals have wanted to open for decades. The one they opened with the huge help of Ellen DeGeneres in the 90’s. They’ve finally succeeded. They (the entire 4% of gays in the nation) are celebrating this, while most of the rest of the nation is cringing, gagging, disgusted, and trying to find a way to cope with it all. I don’t have homophobia; I’m not fearful of homosexuality. I LOATHE it; I loathe the immorality that’s being shoved down all our throats, and our children’s throats on a constant daily basis.

We NEVER had to think about this stuff the way kids do today. We just knew that boys and girls dated (the opposite sex), went out, made out, and that’s just how it worked. Kids today are dealing with a whole gamut of “choices” and temptations, and it’s horrifying for me as a mom who loves her children dearly and wants them to know the love of Christ more than anything.

“Experimenting” in my generations’ day was with drugs. It seems every generation is being taunted by Satan to “pick your poison”, and he is using every tool possible to tempt our kids.

I’ve found those that are most confused about their sexuality are those that have a low self-image – for whatever reason. Just these 2 examples alone repeat the ongoing pattern of those who most often end up “gay”.

My daughter’s friend who declared she was a “pansexual”??? Her mother died when she was 4 years from a blood clot, her father has anger management and drinking issues, and she has a step mother who is less than loving towards her with 2 half-sisters. You can see and feel the pain in this girl’s young life.

My daughter is a tad bit overweight, and has a low self-image for various reasons…despite my efforts to help her feel confident in herself. We too have a broken family and her father’s house is far different than ours. His life is now far different than ours here and she visits him every other weekend. Not to mention, in the past 2 years she has had to endure the death of my mother, and her 22 year old sister (her father’s older daughter). I don’t know if she will end up bi, my thought is not. She has always been attracted to boys. I believe this is a passing fad for her…she so desperately wants to fit in with those around her. She struggles with following Jesus, versus following the world. All I can do is guide her, lead her, and pray for her continually at this point.

As Christian parents, we now have to battle the entire world it seems to save our children. We fight against the internet, the media (in all forms), peer pressure, the school systems, etc. It’s wearisome trying to shield our children from this…and frankly, I got a slap in the face yesterday that I simply cannot shield her from this junk. This has gotten far too big, far too popular, far too cumbersome. But I will keep on keepin’ on, sharing truth with her and her friends, and praying for them. If you have children, or grandchildren, I would suggest doing the same. It’s getting rough for us followers of Christ guys…in so many ways.

Trust in Him, and understand we simply cannot control the world…but He is most certainly in control. It’s getting close to that time where we will have nothing left BUT our faith to lean on. Amen?

Peace to you all, today and every day.

8 thoughts on “THE WAR ON OUR KIDS

  1. Your judgement of these people sickens me and I feel compelled to respond. Just hear me out – In the 2nd grade, I found I liked girls. I was raised in a Christian home and went to a Christian school. Didn’t know what the word gay meant. I thought it meant stupid or gross, since that’s what everyone around me told me. Later in my life I found that I had a fascination with girls. How pretty they were. I would unintentionally find myself staring at some of them who I really liked. I couldn’t approach them since my heart beat too fast. Whenever I talked to them, I’d stutter. And then I realised I wasn’t like my friends. I just didn’t understand how they could be so obsessed with boys when there were GIRLS…and that’s when I realised I was gay. It felt good to come to terms with how I felt.

    But nobody was accepting of it. I’ve been called every colorful name under the sun, been told to kill myself, been told I’d burn in hell for eternity and that they’d be so joyous standing in heaven watching me suffer in eternal agony for a simple predisposition. While you question the intentions of gay people, just think – why would we choose to be this way? If I could be straight and not endure these degrading remarks by Christians, I would! Why would we choose to be disowned and hated?

    There is NO such thing as the homosexual agenda. I’d never heard of it until I started hearing the backlash from Christians…all we want is acceptance and equality. We aren’t recruiting people omg! I don’t think it’s too much to ask for that you treat us like HUMAN BEINGS. But it appears to be. I’ve received nothing but insults and judgment from Christians. Saying I’m an abomination, perverted, disgusting, simply for being attracted to girls. I don’t like opening up to random people on the internet but this brings me to my next point – I’ve wanted to commit suicide ever since I found out how non accepting people are of me. I’ve been very close. I hated feeling like a second class citizen. That I wasn’t good enough, that nobody loved me. Your bigotry is taking people out of this world. Treat us fairly, PLEASE. All we want is to feel just as human as everyone else. Hearing pastors saying we should be put in concentration camps, that we should be killed, etc really doesn’t help with that. So what your daughter is attracted to other girls? That’s who she is! It’s not a taught behavior! Don’t make her feel less of herself. Be accepting. Because there’s nothing you can do to change how she feels. All you’ll end up doing is make her feel like she’s not good enough for you, that God hates her, and that she’s less of a person for liking someone of the same gender. I know this from experience. Don’t scare her into submission, because your relationship will only suffer from it. Maybe this won’t sink in until you find her one night after she decided to end her life because her own parents didn’t accept her and made her feel like God above hated who she was.

    This was quite a novel of a comment lol! If you read this all the way to the end, I thank you for wasting your time on me X-D Have a great day!


    1. First of all Kria, I’m so sorry “Christians” have treated you with such a lack of love. In defense of true believers, I would venture to guess their lack of compassion was due to their lack of the Holy Spirit – which means they aren’t really truly followers of Christ, not born again. There IS a difference.

      My daughter is well aware of God’s love for her and that NO trespass against Him is unforgivable….except if one denies Him.

      The sins of sexual immorality are not limited to homosexuality, nor are they different from murder. Scripture assures us of this, that no sin is greater than the other. If you’ve lied, stolen, or used His Name in vain, it’s no different and no more or less offensive to Him than your physical relations with those of the same sex.

      Even those of us who have been washed by the blood of Christ still sin. NO ONE escapes it. The difference between those of us who are born again, and those who are not is that on the day of Judgment, we followers will be given the redemptive Grace before God that others won’t receive because they didn’t believe. I hope that makes sense to you.

      Furthermore, I’m sorry you found my words judgmental and offensive. Truth is, the act of homosexuality is truly offensive to us Christians…it really is. The reason that we are offended by it is because with the Holy Spirit we learn to HATE sin….it’s not the person, it’s the act of the sin. So while you find yourself offended by my words, remember, it’s a two way street.

      My daughter has reacted to this just as I thought she would….she was saying these things to fit in. We discussed it further and she told me she really does like boys and always has. The problem was – and frankly the reason for this post – was to EXPOSE the media’s influence on this matter, and how it is NOT welcomed by us who are trying to raise our children with Christ. It wasn’t to bash you or any other homosexual….it’s simply to bash the programming of it now that’s making more and more children confused.

      She knows I love her and that would never stop….no matter what – just as God’s love for us never stops. With that said, I’m going to warn her before she sticks her hand in a flame that she will get burned BECAUSE I love her; just as God has done for us.

      Coexist with Christians and Jews. God bless you.

      1. Ok, fair enough. But I must ask – why do you feel the need to take away other people’s rights because you don’t agree with them? I wish people would just get over same sex marriage already and stop trying to find a workaround for it.

        Another thing I don’t understand is how it is a sin. Just because you find it weird, you think that you know exactly what God thinks about it? Remember the Bible was written by man, for men living thousands of years ago. There were crazy rituals and rules the Jews had to abide by. Like they couldn’t mix 2 blends of fabric. Is that an abomination? I don’t see Christians protesting that. Nor do I see them protesting places that sell shellfish and other “unclean” foods. Stop cherry picking. Homosexuality can be explained by science. It is natural, and it occurs in other animals. (I’m sure you’ve heard that argument before lol)

        If the basis of denying them marriage is that they are incapable of reproducing, then you must also deny marriage to heterosexual couples who don’t reproduce or can’t reproduce, if you care so much about reproduction. 2 people who love each other more than anyone else in the world is such a beautiful sight. People can love each other and vow to spend the rest of their lives with each other regardless of gender. It’s only right to offer same sex couples the same benefits heterosexual couples have. Even if you don’t like homosexuality.

        I don’t think it’s right that your daughter just said that to fit in. (Where I live, that would NOT be fitting in anyways…) But as a 13 year old, I did anything to go along with the latest trends.

        Let me make this clear – homosexuality is NOT a trend. It has existed for years and will continue to exist. It’s only seen as a trend now because it’s being brought to the public’s attention more. The Supreme Court decision, pride parades, etc. They are not for recruiting. They are trying to convey the message of love and acceptance for those who are a little different. The only reason you are seeing more homosexuals today is that people are more open and accepting, therefore it’s easier to talk about it. Obviously it wasn’t always this way, and most people who were homosexual just hid their feelings; that is not healthy. And we should not go back to that system.

        Because of all this attention, there are bound to be those who jump on the bandwagon and call themselves gay for the attention. But once the attention dies down (and it will, once people stop fighting to limit our rights), the attention seekers won’t have enough attention. They’ll stop. They’ll realise who they’re really attracted to. And then there are those of us like myself who really are gay. We can be open about it and live in peace.

        I promise you it gets better 🙂 Just as you tell me to coexist with religious folk, I ask of you to coexist with us. Your daughter may not actually be bisexual. I don’t know that, I’m just a random person on the internet lol! But don’t talk her friends or other people out of how they feel. It is their life, and it is not your place to shame them and degrade them or take away their rights simply because you don’t think the same way they do.

        Thanks again,

        – Kria

      2. I have never opposed gay rights. Frankly, I don’t know anything about them. If you are putting me into a box with others, that’s not quite fair – isn’t that exactly what you complain of?

        Your facts on scripture are completely inaccurate. With you being a lost soul, I could spend hours explaining scripture to you, but without the Holy Spirit, you simply will not understand, let alone accept it. However, to be fair, I will explain briefly the bible and the old testament laws:
        Scripture was written by 40 different men over a period of over 1500 years with the influence of the Holy Spirit. ALL of scripture coincides and shares the exact same message throughout, despite the time period in which it was written (over a span of 1500 years), and those 40 men who came from all walks of life, different countries, etc. The complete message never diverted from itself, which in itself is a miracle.

        The old testament laws you mentioned (such as mixing fabrics) were before Christ. The Messiah was promised to the Jews and He indeed came – fulfilling hundreds of prophecies of the old testament writings. Christ came here to FULFILL those laws, and give us new ones – to love God first and foremost, then to love each other as ourselves. These are THE NEW COMMANDMENTS under Christ….as His birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection fulfilled God’s promise to the Jews. Lucky for the Gentiles, we were adopted in to the new plan (being non-Jews) and thus ALL can now accept His saving grace. I have studied scripture for almost 20 years – I’m well versed in it. The old testament laws were created to show us we cannot escape sin.

        Homosexuality is a sin because God didn’t create sex for anything other than procreation. It is not to be used as a play thing, or to fulfill our lusts for each other. Sadly, society no longer understands this as sex is used as a pass time….a way to satisfy urges….and we use it today in ways it was never intended. I don’t need to explain to you how a penis fits into a vagina, but vagina’s don’t fit together – because that wasn’t part of His plan for mankind. Why don’t you ask why using His name in vain is a sin? Or lying? Or murder? I’m surprised you can’t understand that. What I find most sad is how the lost are quickly losing their morality compass. Next thing you know, bestiality and all sorts of other fornication will be acceptable to society the way we are going. All of this “freedom” stems from satan himself….Aleister Crowley pushed forth satan’s idea’s by stating “do what thou wilt”….thus today we live by “if it feels good, just do it” – with no accountability whatsoever.

        Your ideas of love regarding homosexuality have little to do with love as much as lust and rebellion. Yes – this is NOT a new concept as homosexuality has been around since biblical times….and those who committed that sin were greatly punished for it….and God has not changed since then so when a Christian says to you that you will rot in hell? Yeah, they ARE right, unless you REPENT and turn from that lifestyle.

        I and other Christians DO co-exist with you. To co-exist – it means to live with, to deal with, to be tolerant of. We are not out killing gay people (unlike what the Koran states), but we ARE trying to fight your ideas or the sake of our children and morality in this nation. If you haven’t noticed – gay people defile our crosses, our symbols, etc all the time. We ARE co-existing with gays, but also trying to tell you all that you will burn your hand should you put it in the fire. As far as I know, we still have that right in that nation.

        If your house was burning, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? I bet you would. Always remember – an atheist stays an atheist until their plane starts going down. Find the REAL Jesus before it’s too late my friend. God bless.

      3. Apologies that I have jumped to that conclusion. I made the assumption based on your post content. It was wrong of me.

        Completely inaccurate? How so? Did Jesus mention homosexuality even once? If the old testament laws are fulfilled then why are we still hung up on homosexuality?

        Sex is not for anything but procreation? Well then why did God make it pleasurable? If two men were not supposed to have sex, why can they find pleasure in it? And what is wrong with having sex other than procreation? You may know a lot about the bible, but you don’t take it into context. It was written back when human population was nothing like it is now. Procreation was necessary for survival. Now the world is overpopulated and frankly, the world doesn’t need more people than it already has. Having sex for fun doesn’t harm anyone when people involved take proper precautions. And it’s none of your business to know what goes on behind closed doors anyways.

        Really? Lust and rebellion? Do you honestly think that a same sex relationship is ONLY about sex? Heck no! Ask most any heterosexual couples if their relationship was only for sex and their answer would be no as well! What genitals you have do not define what love is.

        Are you really ok with the fact that 90% of the world’s population is going to hell for eternity for some reason or another? I find the concept of hell to be disturbing. Punishment for stealing a candy bar is eternal torture. Sounds fair, right? I know you’re going to blame the human race for it, but really – God knows everything. He placed the forbidden fruit in the garden even though he knew the serpent would deceive Adam and Eve. Therefore he is ultimately responsible for our downfall, as he knew it was coming forever. What’s that? That’s not true? Then he must not be an all knowing god. Either that or he was a tyrannical monster who knew exactly what would happen.

        Oops I got off on a tangent there…do you know what you’re trying to do in that last paragraph? You’re pushing your religion on those who don’t want it. New flash – not everyone is a Christian. You may think what you’re doing is the right thing, but it’s not. How would you like it if someone of a different religion kept preaching to you personally and telling you that you are going to hell? You’d want them to shut up and leave you alone, right? That’s all we want.

        Yes, because we humans stick to such beliefs because we are afraid of the afterlife. That’s the basis for religion. Do this or else you won’t have a good afterlife. Be a certain way and you will be good in the eyes of God. We are fighting wars over something we cannot even prove exists! We are ending each other’s lives and wasting each other’s precious time in the one life we do know exists, just for the possibility that there is something beyond this life. It’s craziness.

      4. I’m grateful for this back and forth.

        Warnings about homosexuality are all over the new testament…and Homosexuals activists are fond of arguing that Jesus never spoke a word against homosexuality. They are wrong.

        For starters, Jesus condemned the sin of “sexual immorality,” which is the English translation of the Greek word “porneia.” (Our word “pornography” is derived from this word.) The Louw-Nida Greek-English Lexicon tells us that the meaning of this term is not restricted to what we quaintly call “fornication” but instead refers to “sexual sin of a general kind, that includes many different behaviors.”

        For instance, in Mark 7:21, Jesus says, “For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery,” etc. The word translated “sexual immorality” (porneiai) here is in the plural in Greek, illustrating what the lexicons tell us, that it porneia is a generic word for sex outside the bounds of natural marriage. Paul, for instance, uses porneia to condemn an incestuous relationship in 1 Corinthians 5:1.

        In its earliest and original sense, porneia referred specifically to prostitution, of both the female and male kind. Thus from the beginning, even before being expanded in range, it was a term that included illicit sex whether of the heterosexual or homosexual kind.

        Other literary products of Judaism (e.g., the Testament of Benjamin, Testament of Levi, Testament of Naphtali, and Jubilees) during the period between the Testaments (from 400 BC to the time of Christ) also use porneia to refer to the sin of sodomy (man on man sex).

        Jude uses the verb form of porneia quite explicitly to refer to homosexuality when he connects the word to the behavior of Sodom and Gomorrah. “…Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire…” (Jude 7).

        So porneia, while it can be used in a narrower sense to refer to fornication, when used in a general sense it refers to every kind of illicit sexual intercourse, every kind of sexual intercourse outside the marriage relationship between one man and one woman. Homosexuality is included.

        So when Jesus condemned “sexual immorality,” and “porneia” is the word used in the biblical text, he was condemning every form of sex outside marriage, including that of the homosexual variety.

        Further, and just as importantly, Jesus himself also spoke directly against homosexuality through his apostles.

        So you see, once again your statements about scripture are wrong.

        You clearly have no understanding of Him or His Word, and for that I am sorry. Again, too much time right now that I don’t have. Maybe break your questions and comments down? Then we can work on one area at a time.

        I WAS one of those people others preached about hell to. ALL Christians were at one point my dear. It’s not like we were born Christians….we had to learn truth, just like you will have to.

        Scripture tells us “wide is the path to destruction and MANY go in by it” and that “narrow is the gate to life and there are FEW that find it” – so yes – many MORE are going to hell than are going to heaven sadly. Not because that’s what God wants, but that’s what man CHOOSES.

        fyi – Jeffery Dahmer also found pleasure in cutting up men and eating them….it sexually aroused him….Was THAT ok? Sexual stimulation and pleasure comes in many forms but always stems from the same place, lust – which is sin. Plain and simply.

        You say (and I find this completely outrageous) – that what goes on behind closed doors is NONE OF MY BUSINESS….yet YOU chose to share your story with me – publicly…Homosexuals want the world to know their business in their gay parades every year and at Disney World, etc….you must be kidding me right? Why do gays feel the need to FLAUNT it to the entire world??? I mean for REAL! I’ll tell you what – when gays KEEP IT behind closed doors, it won’t be our business anymore – RIGHT????

        You also say you want people to shut up and leave you alone – again, I refer you to the above paragraph. You didn’t HAVE to start this conversation, but you did. That’s on you dear.

        I’m ending this conversation now. I’m tired and have a life to tend to. I understand you’re very young and before I sleep tonight, I will be sure to pray for you. As you mature in this life, your ideas and beliefs WILL change – TRUST ME.

        God bless.

  2. Ms.Brandy, your argument against homosexuality is that it is sexually immoral. May I point out that you have been divorced twice, and you are young enough to have a thirteen year old daughter, to add. I do not intend to be judgmental, in fact if a marriage is making both people unhappy I believe they should be able to get a divorce; I am simply stating that the behaviors you disapprove of are, according to the reasons you explain, no worse that your own.

    1. Luna, you are absolutely irrefutably correct. I’m no less guilty of sexual immorality than homosexuals. I will be the first to admit it. This blog wasn’t to focus on sexual immorality as a whole though….only the issue at hand. I don’t think too many of us are guiltless of sexual immorality. The clear difference, however, between I and most homosexuals is I have been washed clean of those sins, while they lavish themselves in theirs, making gods for themselves that don’t exist. Thank you for your insight. God bless 🙂

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