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I gotta tell ya, we Christians are sure feeling pressure these days aren’t we?  The heavy, thick air all around feels like it’s starting to suffocate….until we reach for Jesus.  With all that’s going on in the world, it’s hard NOT to feel this way.  People are losing hope, they are losing patience, they are losing in general all around it seems.  The spirit of Antichrist is heavy upon us and if you are feeling the weight of its oppression, you certainly aren’t alone.  Many of us are….and scripture told us this would happen:

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
Today is Thanksgiving in America however, and we still have much to be thankful for.  We still lavish ourselves in many remaining freedoms, despite wondering how long we will have them.  We can still speak our minds, our thoughts, spend time with family, still do many things we are accustomed to, and that is purely mercy and grace the Lord continues to extend for us.  If nothing else,  be thankful for THAT today.

He continues to allow us time; time to reach others with the gospel, with truth.  He continues to allow us growth, and the continued refining of ourselves which only He can grant.  He does this all, in His love and mercy for us.  That, in itself, is SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Don’t let the world’s pressure wear you down today my beloved friends and readers.  Remember who is in control….and today – like all others – BE GRATEFUL; for food, friends, family, and His everlasting mercy.

Peace to you all, today and everyday.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving my fellow Americans!  And to those of you around the world, remember, every day should be Thanksgiving unto the Lord.  God bless.

What are your thoughts?

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