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The Election Campaign Struggle

Hi guys.  Just wanted to share some thoughts about what we are seeing with the candidates who are running for president and what followers of Christ are struggling with.

First – if you are confused and still up in the air about this election, you are not alone.  ALL the candidates seem to have SOMETHING wrong with them; either they are too establishment, have changed course on their views over time, their faith is questionable, their citizenship is questionable, they lie (what’s new there, right?), or are just flat out wrong for this nation and what it stands for.  I’m not here to judge or voice my opinion about any one of them because frankly, we all have our opinions on each candidate and we can debate that all day long.  This blog isn’t about that though – it’s to speak to every Christian heart out there who is struggling with this, because I know I am, and I know many strong followers of Christ who are as well.  We just simply haven’t a clue which person to pick.

I’ve seen just about every thought and opinion on every candidate, on the right and left….and I just gotta say – no matter what we feel about any of these candidates – God’s will is going to be done – end of story.  We still need to vote, but in the end, know that it’s God who places men in power THROUGH our votes.  He lives in us, He works through us, He moves the world with us and our prayers.  Many Christians don’t think about this and become very fickle whenever there’s an election.  I can’t tell you how many stayed home in 2012 because they “couldn’t in good conscience vote for a Mormon.”, but I saw far too many Christians saying that in 2011/2012 and I know many who never voted.  Do people think they will go to hell because they vote for someone?  I just don’t get that type of thinking because that’s not the Jesus I know.

And this is where I get confused: I know – without a shadow of a doubt – that God is and has placed this nation under His Almighty judgment.  It started in the 60’s with the sexual revolution and has continually gotten worse.  Since then we have legalized abortion, gay marriage, and all sorts of crazy stuff and His judgment always starts with the allowance of sexual immorality in the law.  If you question whether I’m right in that biblical assessment – all one needs to do is read Jeremiah 6 about the judgement of Israel.  SEE the similarities of what happened then and what is happening now in this nation.  His judgment isn’t coming folks – it’s already here and reaching a fever pitch; Obama’s 2 terms made that very obvious – or should have.

That’s what confuses me about this election also.  If we ARE in fact under God’s judgment – what difference does it make which candidate gets elected?  They won’t be able to stop the mountain of a snowball rolling all over this nation with the word embedded on it “JUDGEMENT”.  He has let us over to our sins….that is why we are seeing all the insanity we are seeing today and for the past who knows how many years.  It’s gotten a ton worse over the last 7 hasn’t it?  As Jesus put it in Matthew 24 – we are in the “beginning of sorrows” – which I also believe coincides with the seals of Revelation.

So it seems no matter what we do as followers of Christ, it is with a meager hope of redemption….of salvation of the nation we once thought we knew – which we really shouldn’t desire so immensely honestly, it’s just hard to let go.

For some reason – it seems wrong to not go and vote (to me).  Call it my lingering patriotism for the land I grew up in, for the land I want my children to see continue to prosper, for the beauty that is left in this nation to be seen by them.  I know it’s nothing compared to our real home, but I don’t want His judgment on this nation.  I don’t want to admit that America is falling and falling hard…..but it IS the inevitable truth.  And the rest of the world will follow after us.  In the meantime however, I do believe the world will mourn the fall of America when it does happen – aka: the fall of Babylon.

I’m seeing both parties, left and right – pushing REALLY HARD for a NEW WORLD ORDER.  Both sides are at the same place – somewhere between moderate and far left…..there is no “right” anymore.  No conservatism, no more republican, no more capitalism…no more constitution.  You know it, and I know it.

So what do we do?

I’m sorry I don’t have some bright shiny “light bulb over the head” answer for you there.  I guess my only suggestion is to pray, pray, and pray some more.  Ask the Lord to give you understanding and wisdom for this election.  Ask Him to lead you in your voting.  Ask Him to guide you and show you the way.  Honestly, as someone called to prophecy, and someone who knows scripture as I do – I just have no answers other than to simply TRUST IN HIM.  It’s really about all we can do these days.

I’m sure I will be writing again on this topic, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, God bless you all and lets pray together for this nation, for the harvest that is still going on thanks to His mercy and grace, and be grateful for the opportunities and freedoms we still have.

Peace to you all, today and every day.

What are your thoughts?

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