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I’m sorry – another political blog.  Actually NO – I DON’T apologize – this is IMPORTANT to every Christian American….

I’m watching these primary vote totals…..I’m disturbed by the numbers.  I’m annoyed, I’m irritated.  And then I remembered the solution to this Trump dilemma….and then Rubio did something that dropped my jaw…..with a smile.

Ok so first – the solution to our obnoxious Trump dilemma: watching the total vote numbers showed me one thing – Trump, in many states, only got like 30-40% of the GOP votes in most.  Yes, Cruz and Rubio got less than him, but TOGETHER?  Over 50% in most cases.  We need to see a JOINT CRUZ/RUBIO OR RUBIO/CRUZ Ticket.  This is the ONLY solution at this point to banishing Trump from this election….well, along with Kasich and Carson dropping out.  Face it Ben and John, you just aren’t cutting the mustard.

Ok, the next thing – Marco Rubio paused his rally in Minnesota to say a prayer for a woman in the audience who was unwell and escorted out of the room.   (long pause).

Let me repeat that:  Marco Rubio paused his rally in Minnesota to say a prayer for a woman in the audience who was unwell and escorted out of the room……..

Who else do you know has done this?  I mean earlier today I heard how the Don dismissed many out of his Kentucky rally.  I don’t care the reason, there are better ways to handle those opposing you.  Maybe you should have heard those people?  Maybe you should have addressed their opposition – kindly?  Instead of tossing them out of the rally with your security?  Trump continues to show his horns, yet so many conservatives AND Christians are NOT seeing them.  Someone PLEASE explain this to me?

Anyway – back to Rubio’s prayer.  Not only should we take heed that he prayed for this woman, but also the CONTENT OF THIS PRAYER spoke volumes:

“Lord, may your will be upon her and give her the strength Lord to overcome whatever she is facing.”

Someone who is NOT a Christian would not invoke the Lord’s will in a prayer, because most non-Christians don’t understand the Lord’s will over their own.

Someone who is NOT a Christian would not call God “Lord” – TWICE in such a short prayer, acknowledging His power and authority.

This to me was a HUGE statement, though Marco probably didn’t even consider the impact this might have to those who actually THINK about it.  Someone in the rally hollered out after the prayer “CLASS ACT, MARCO!”  I would have to most certainly agree…..class act Marco…..

Speaking of prayer – let’s say one:  Father, we know You are the one in control of all things.  We pray Your will be done for our nation, for this election, and thank You for the mercy You continue to show the world in your never-ending patience.  We seek You in these dark times and ask for Your guidance and wisdom in our election cycle.  We ask this in Your Holy Name Lord, Amen.

Thank you for praying that prayer with me.

I’m sure there will be more to come.  Stay tuned.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


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