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Pagan, Pagan, Pagan! UGH.

Here we are again, approaching Easter and what word is flying around again?  PAGAN.  It seems every year around Christmas, Easter, and Halloween we get to hear this word over and over and over again.  Just the other day I heard a radio pastor stating how he refuses to use the word “Easter” because it’s a pagan word in which the root word of it is “Ishtar”.  Ishtar was the “goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality” worshiped mainly in northern Mesopotamia, at the Assyrian cities of Nineveh, Ashur and Arbela (Erbil).  This would represent where the Easter “egg” comes from as well.


I’m not denying the word Easter and the egg stem from pagan origins because they do.  But as I said regarding the pagan “Christmas Tree” in a long past blog (which I’m not even sure is on this blog site or not), as long as you aren’t praying TO any of these things, or WORSHIPING them, your soul is safe.

I will repeat this as well:

  • if you wear makeup, you are doing something pagan
  • if you wear jewelry, you are doing something pagan
  • if you use the American calendar – again, pagan (since it’s based on Solar instead of Lunar cycles)

These are just a few examples of the VERY COMMON pagan things done in this nation.  The truth is – America IS a pagan nation.  MUCH of our culture is based on pagan traditions and we simply cannot escape paganism.  I guess that’s why I have such a hard time accepting those Christians who thump their bibles on the 3 holidays listed screaming about the pagan origins of those holidays – all as they very conveniently ignore the pagan calendar they have in their homes, or the pagan makeup they put on, or the pagan jewelry they don, including their wedding ring(s).

Listen my dear ones….the Lord searches the heart.  He’s not into our works, but our faith more than anything.  Scripture tells us faith without works is dead, but those works don’t involve making others feel shameful or “less of a believer” because they celebrate a holiday that some don’t feel should be celebrated.  If Christians wish to keep thumping their bibles over this stuff, then I suggest they include ALL OF IT.  Take off your jewelry, take down your calendars, buy a Jewish one instead.  And stop wearing the makeup, and the fabrics made up of multiple different materials.  The rest of us will understand God’s love and sacrifice for what it is, knowing that we are not committing idolatry by these things unless we are worshiping and praying to these pagan things.  Can we be real here?

If you hear someone so much as utter the word pagan in a finger pointing fashion, you might want to point these other pagan things out to them that they are missing.  If they wish to be part of a ritualistic religion based more on works than faith, then remind them of the other pagan things mentioned in this blog that they are guilty of taking part in.  If they argue, well, I guess the word hypocrite comes to mind.  Put up or shut up I say.  If you can’t walk the walk, then don’t talk the talk.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

It’s OK to discuss these things having pagan origins, but if you are “warning” people about them, trying to sway them to your beliefs in that these holidays should not be celebrated, acknowledged, or spoken of for fear of damnation, then you are going to turn more people away from Christ than anything – AND you are representing Christ falsely, which I would be VERY leery of.  Those who bible thump this junk are creating a different God for themselves (and others) than what is in scripture – and that’s just WRONG.  Pretty hypocritical as well.

I don’t agree with making a huge deal out of Easter, Christmas, or Halloween.  NOTHING should EVER take more precedence in our lives over Christ.  If we have Jesus at the center of EVERYTHING in our lives and we are FOCUSED on Him, His Truth, and His Word, we have little to worry about regarding idolatry.

Do you REALLY know Him?

Peace to you all, today and everyday.

What are your thoughts?

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