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Hate speech….bullying….people talking to each other so horribly these days in America, that I don’t know whether we are American’s or animals.  Are we Americans or weasels hiding behind our computers shooting off our thoughts and mouths, avoiding the punch in the face we would get if we said those things face to face?

It reminds me of the term “beer muscles”, you know, when people drink too much and they think they are invincible?

As an example, I was on Senator Ted Cruz’ page this morning after his terrible loss in New York last night, and it was a Facebook post donning his awesome speech last night.  It broke my heart to see what Trumpsters were saying to him; calling him names, telling him to drop out, etc.

This isn’t the only example.  Another situation I have recently heard was a woman in a church, using the church’s money and resources to benefit her own family, then turning around and stating that a new pastor was needed and the church needed a full overhaul.  And I know that this church is one of the last good ones in America – one of the last that is still actually teaching the TRUTH of the gospel.

Y’all are making me ashamed to live in this nation.

What is happening to us?  I’ll tell you what it is – people are scared.  People are broke, they are scared, they are losing homes, vehicles, jobs, medical care and more.  They are acting out on Facebook and other social media because that’s the last remaining thing they feel they have control over.

Scripture tells us so many things about speaking and how we should tame our tongues and that it’s not what goes in the mouth, but what comes out that makes or breaks us in faith and righteousness.  If that’s the case, America is in serious trouble.

I understand American’s are angry.  We have a president who has set out to conquer and has succeeded in tearing down this nation.  I understand their frustration and fear.  But that is no reason to act out so horribly to others.  This is the time we need to be pulling together and relying more and more on Christ Himself.  A house divided cannot stand – I’ve said this many times before.  Sadly, I don’t see an end in sight.

I honestly believe the ONLY thing that is going to shake people out of their selfish, evil, ugly mindsets is destruction at this point.  We have gotten fat and happy and now that things are being removed from us bit by bit, we are acting like insolent, spoiled children, throwing tantrums and fits and smarting off to every Tom, Dick and Harry that opposes our ideas, our thoughts, our beliefs.  There is no love for one another…..there is only greed.  And it’s my belief that this is just the beginning of those trying to hold on to any last little bit of earthly hope this place has to offer.  Next it will be riots, killings, and more.  We, as a nation, are on the brink…and without strong leadership, a revolt is coming – from all sides.  I find it so sad and heartbreaking.

Jesus is the hope that we all need.  With Jesus in our hearts and His teachings within us, we can remain steady, secure, calm, with hope and peace unlike anything this world has to offer.  It’s my hope that more seek Him.  It’s my prayer that He can calm the raging and roaring waters within all of us before we self destruct – if it’s not too late already.

As my dad used to say – go slow out there.  Be slow to anger, slow to speak, and treat others as you’d be treated.  Don’t be saying things to people that would hurt your own feelings if you were in their shoes.  Show some respect instead of selfishness.  Stop breaking hearts, start helping one another.  Pray.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


What are your thoughts?

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