Tomorrow, I’m going to go 40 over the speed limit until I get pulled over.  Then when I get pulled over, I’m gonna say to the officer “But officer, I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to go that fast.” and then, I’m gonna expect to get let off with a warning.  Why?  Because that is EXACTLY how the feds just handled Hitlery’s email scandal.  Her “intent” wasn’t “ill” so therefore, she gets off with no punishment whatsoever.  I think this country is no longer a nation of laws, therefore, none should apply to us anymore. 

I won’t REALLY drive 40 over the speed limit – that was simply an example I used of the chaos we saw today.  Some people might see my speeding as a minor offense that should be let go – just as some see Hitlery’s email scandal is a minor offense.  Tell the mother who’s child was run over by someone who was speeding it’s a minor offense, you will see the exact same outrage the right is seeing about this today.

Because of this corruption today, I have to bite the bullet now and vote for Trump.  I just feel I have to.  Consider it my last ditch effort to save this nation from complete disastrous monarchy takeover by insane and senseless liberals.  I know that God’s will is gonna be done anyhow – and I have been preaching for quite some time that this nation is under God’s judgment.  Despite this, I’m still compelled now to go vote – because this corruption, this greed, this insanity is too much.  I threw my gloves down today.  I can’t take it anymore.

Voting Trump is like a box of chocolates; you never what you’re gonna get.  However, I’d rather throw the dice on that than accept a box of turds disguised as chocolate.  Yes, this is how passionate I am over this today.

For those of you who believe Hitlery had no ill intent, or that she didn’t really “KNOW” she wasn’t supposed to use those servers for her email, I’d like to remind everyone of when she stated publicly – “well I’m not the ONLY one who does this.”  She KNEW what she was doing was wrong, she DID have intent – intent to undermine the laws of our nation.  She openly admitted since the other kids were kicking sand in the eyes of others, that it was OK for her to do also.

This is what the left has done….this is complete dishonesty, it’s complete incompetence, and this has just now become a much LARGER scandal than ever before.  How much did Comey get paid for this?  What was REALLY said between Bill and Loretta Lynch(mob)?  What role did Obama play in all of this?

This situation caused more division in this country than we had yesterday – Independence day of all things – where our founding fathers fought to get away from the same garbage we are seeing happening in America today.

I hope you all are outraged.  I hope you all are looking into this story very closely.  I hope you all are considering the implications of a vote for Hitlery.  She has become untouchable and if we can’t hold our officials responsible – THE PEOPLE WE TAXPAYERS PAY – then we all deserve to sink with this Titanic.  We all deserve what we get.

Open your eyes my fellow American’s.  The countdown is on.  Do what you must, but do it wisely.

Father – we pray for this sinking and falling nation.  We pray for Your guidance, Your mercy, Your comfort in these darkening days.  I pray for more saved in Your Holy Name Jesus – Amen.

Peace to you all and may the Lord guide us all to His will and let our hearts be focused on Him.  Jesus is gonna be around long after this nation has gone – make sure your priorities are in the right place.

‘Nuff said.


  1. She said exactly what millions of us who witnessed this total display of corruption in our government are feeling. May God help us all.

      1. What does that have to do with anything we are discussing today Judith? This is a woman running for President…do you want someone SO DISHONEST to run your country? WAKE UP sister.

      2. Deleting emails, and putting top secret emails on a server that could easily be hacked by our enemies are two totally different things. That you can excuse the acts of this murderous criminal because you hate Bush so much shows you’re either brain dead, or so full of hate for a man who hasn’t led this country since 2007? I’m not sure, but it’s time for you to open your eyes and take a look at the events going on in 2016.

      3. Hi Judy, were any of those emails marked Top Secret or Classified? No? Then shut up and sit down. This woman has placed this country and our operatives overseas in hostile areas at risk. When you can show that happened with Bush, then we can talk.

      4. Judith, since when does another person’s crimes justify the crimes of another? What I see with Hillary lovers is that they don’t care at all about character — corruption is just fine as long as they support your personal agenda. Good Grief. I am more troubled by the Hillary faithful than I am troubled by Corrupt Hillary.

      5. No reason to even waste good common sense on these people. They just can’t see past their own noses. Seriously. SMH

      6. I agree with you, but he is long know and has been , Obama has turned this nation into something I never thought I would see in my life time, Focus on the now, we are heading for a disaster, our nation needs to be saved, Donald isn’t much better, but I’ve seen this women lie and deceive the American people who she claims ,and I qoute, I’ve always been level with the people , iv’e tried to always tell the truth, and so many things she has lied about, what else is she capable of doing to this country, and telling a widow that we need to get over this , it’s time to move on, would you feel that way if it was your husband, son,brother, uncle, that’s disgraceful. Those families will never get over it , and move on, they will live it every day, and for all the lies told to the FBI, if that was you or I we would be under the jail

      7. Well Judith,
        Here is the problem…..bad behavior is bad behavior….
        No matter from who….don’t cast aspersions on people you nothing about……I will tell you my friends would disavow bad behavior whereever it came from….it is bothersome more, the people that try to defend such immoral, deceitful and corrupt behavior, more so than the morally bankrupt Hillary…I’m sure your parents, as well as most responsible parents raising the children, instilled basic values, such as don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat and instilled the importance of good moral values. And, wouldn’t be happy with the lack of those basic values…
        But, it is disappointing, at best to see some totally ignore what we wouldn’t tolerate from our own… and accept and defend that bad behavior from our politicians….and defend such horrifically corrupt and valueless activity of this woman hillary……just because of her political affiliation….. Why would anyone defend any politician who is morally and ethically lacking the values that we wouldn’t accept from our own family members…that is more disappointing than the actual perpetrator of the bad behavior, hillary.

  2. God will handle it! Hilliary wil pay the piper, it’s already heading into the binjo,toilet,sewer, for the lies she has committed! Now you know the credibility of Government! We The People need to clean out the House! God Bless America, not Islam!

  3. America will get the president America deserves. We have a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That God mercifully still gives us a choice in our leadership is astounding; that we have the leadership we have, should tell us volumes about ourselves. True repentance from our sin, and turning in humility to Almighty God, has always been – and remains – our only hope.

    1. FBI director is an embarrassment to America, to his family (wouldn’t you just hate to say he is part of your family)😩 And to himself. It must have been something really big to make him agree to make himself look like such a moron in front of the entire world! Of course it is the Clintons…… He might be afraid they will have him killed like so many of their other enemies 😱…… They certainly believe the law doesn’t apply to them!😡

  4. The only hope this nation has at this point is the God we put our trust in. Unfortunately whether right or left politicians have their own interests at heart and not those of the nation. We need to come before our Heavenly Father on vended knees and ask for forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our nation and pray for forgiveness for our nation and its leaders.

    1. I am not thrilled by Donald Trump either but to not vote would be a vote for Hillary and nothing could be worse for our nation than her. I am disgusted with our Republican leadership but can’t imagine how much worse it would be with Clinton. I do have some hope because I am encouraged by the people Trump is turning to for advice.

  5. Clinton is part of this “New World Order” and people are getting fed up with one rule for the elite and another for everyone else. Excellent post!

    1. You are correct and there are many on both sides of the isle that are “One World Order” in their agenda. All of the Bushes are in that group, Bush one spoke of it often. Scary to think it is in both parties. Only difference is one is pushing it harder and faster than the other. We need to be praying and watching and doing all we can to combat it. Call your reps often and tell them where you want they to stand and hold their feet to the fire. I pray for the Saviors return because until then it is going to just get worst and the closer to His return the faster the evil will grow.

    2. The sad part is that everybody here seems to think this is going to be a fair election… Obama is flying Hillary around in Air Force One, she and he have gotten away with so much corruption already. If you think there won’t be voter fraud, you are misguided.
      She has already won, the American people just don’t know it yet.
      I will continue to pray- and every God believing person should pray with me.. Because America has been in trouble for 8 yrs already/

  6. Well said. And even though a Trump presidency is unsettling to me, I will vote for him also. That is because I KNOW what a Hillary presidency will do to my grandchildren’s future.

  7. “So the law is paralyzed, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; so justice goes forth perverted. “Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”
    Habakkuk 1:4-5 ESV

    In light of the news I found peace in these verses. It shows that God controls the political scene and uses nations for His own purposes. I may not fully understand but I have learned to rely totally on the wisdom and justice of God.

    I am going to trust and I’m going to praise God no matter what others do.

  8. I can understand how you came to that decision… but please write in Ben Carson.. He’s really the only one that has a brain and the knowledge to know who to ask what he doesn’t know…

      1. Please people, any write-in would be a vote for Hilary! Please America, wake up!!! We have to stick together and vote for Donald Trump. He is our only chance of we the people not becoming a Socialist party with Hilary as Queen Bee!!!

    1. I love Ben Carson, he was my first choice, but if he couldn’t get enough votes to win the nomination, how can anyone reasonably think he could get enough write-ins to win the Presidency? He can’t! The only difference in voting for Hitlery and a write in, will be that you can smugly say, “I was too holy to vote for her or Trump,” while she pushes the handle to continue to flush our freedoms down the toilet.

    2. He won’t win, so if you use your vote to write so one in on a presidential election you have just voted for the side you say you’re against. Bens a good man who was in the race but this time around lost.

    3. Writing names in will sink the ship. I would love someone else, too, which is different than yours. Imagine if the majority did that, but they are all different names. Wicked Hilary will win and we are all doomed! So, Lee, reconsider, please. I’m pretty sure Trump will have a post in his line-up & he stays in contact with him, I read.

    4. Ben Carson was my first choice as well, but I will not waste my vote by writing him in. I am hopeful that Trump will surround himself with good knowegeable people in his cabinet. Ben Carson being top on the list. Carly Fiorina as well!

    5. Though I love Ben Carson & he was my 1st choice, any write-in vote is a vote for Hillary. Please reconsider.

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment.
    However, I do not agree that the only alternative is Trump. (If you support him, go ahead, I am not attacking him or you) There areore than 2 parties involved in this election regardless of what the media chooses to present.

    1. I’ll tell you a story Cora….When I voted for the very first time, it was Bill Clinton, Ross Perot (I), and George HW Bush…..I loved Ross….what he spoke resonated with me as a youngster (I was 22 at the time). Voting 3rd party never works….especially when the majority isn’t on board. I gave my vote at that time to Bill Clinton, something I sorely regretted… and vowed I would never do again. But you go girl.

  10. A vote for someone not running, or for a write in, or for a third party, is not a vote for Hillary. It is a vote against a corrupt 2 party system. By the time a candidate has enough clout to win their party’s nomination they have kissed so many babies, taken so much PAC money, sold their soul and more than a few favors for funds and endorsements that they aren’t free to represent the average American citizen. “Well, that person “X” isn’t going to win and you’re just throwing your vote away.” So what? It’s my vote and rather than choose the lesser of 2 evils (cat poop vs. dog poop) I’d like to use my vote to make the point to the Republicans and the Democrats that many Americans are tired of having no real choice; is dishonesty, corruption, and entitlement actually better or worse than racism, megalomania, misogyny, and racism? I don’t claim to know the actual answer. I do know, however, that neither of them seem like the sort of person I’d enjoy spending time getting to know, much less having them represent me.

  11. Vote for Trump! Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND! Is Hillary perfect? No of course not. None of us are. But you are opening up one hell of a can of worms if Trump gets into office.

    1. Either way Patricia – we are opening up one hell of a can of worms….These are our choices….You vote for the liar….I’ll roll the dice and vote for a businessman who has contributed to society. At least Trump doesn’t have blood on his hands.

      1. So true! I’m not voting for a preacher or a perfect person, but I’m voting for someone who loves this country and its people and someone who tells it like it is—Donald Trump. Am I voting for the Republican or the Democratic Party? NO I am not! After the way the two parties have done I will probably never vote for the party again. Killary is a lying, murdering witch that I think should have gone to jail. Also, if you people who can’t vote for Trump because he’s not perfect enough for you, then you may never get to vote again in this life time. Just remember if you don’t vote you have no right to say anything!!! Ever!! Donald Trump all the way!!!

      2. Oh be careful Hollie….Elijah (another comment0r) will say that “Killary” is an ad hominem attack and that your comments can now be ignored rofl ;P

    2. He may be an unknown but she is a thug a liar and a felon who if she weren’t a Clinton would already be in prison. Satan has blinded you and many others to the truth.

  12. The money she received from foreign governments under the guise of speeches was Paola for U.S. classified information. This woman is an attorney she knew what she was doing. She set up a system whereby they could retrieve the information without her ever verbalizing it or having to pass it over to them in a way that appeared intentional. Although be it that was exactly what happened!

  13. It still won’t matter. It’s all scripted and it will all work out the way the cabal wants it too. We sit clues to the tv watching the hearings just they way they want us to. We yell in anger at the cops for the 2 murders in 2 days of people who didn’t deserve to die, just the way they planned , to start riots and chaos. I wonder what they are up to while they have us distracted. I guess we’ll find out. Trump is all part of the show and it’s all going to come to a grand finale before the election. Mark my words.

    1. I agree Sharon, with everything, except I’m not yelling at any cops. I see a bunch of black people resisting arrest and doing questionable things that normal people would simply not do. Anyone who blames cops must consider them SO EVIL, that they actually GET OFF shooting other human beings. This is not the case. It is very difficult emotionally and other wise for those cops when they shoot someone. We say those “poor innocent people didn’t deserve to die”. I know both of those 2 you are speaking about had weapons on them – DEADLY weapons. They were considered armed and dangerous at that moment. One was also pirating cd’s – which also is against the law. Be careful which side you are rooting for. One will harm you, the other tries to protect you – when you are obeying the law. Hillary we know has not done this. These black men had issues which got them to where they are now. Whoever’s fault it is no longer matters. What matters now is how WE, as a society, are duped, or not duped.

      1. Yeah, and now tonight 10 officers got SHOT in Dallas, 3 of them MURDERED and possibly more – does that make you happy? Vengeance? Does that please you? A new blog coming for that too and again, the gloves will be off.

  14. Not a fan of either candidate ,but to reduce your comment to ad hominem allows me to dismiss your views. Hitlery?

    1. Let’s talk about ad hominem Jay. Let’s talk about the ad hominem’s that go on in every aspect of speech today – from politics, to religion, to whatever floats your boat. If that’s the best argument you have against this blog or my comments, I’ve done my job. God bless….and take your micro-aggression somewhere else please. Bahahaha! 😛

  15. I am from a land down under, but I used to live in the USA, I have worked for and with Americans for the best part of my life, some of my best friends are from and are Americans. Over the years I have gained vast respect for what America is and the values it stands for. It makes me very sad and angry to see what is happening in the USA, I can feel the pain and the embarestment of my friend when they tell me about the latest unjust antics of Obama and now the embaresment of this Clinton woman. How can any American endorse what these two are doing to the country, every thing they do is against all what is American and stands for, how can anyone that is AMERICAN consider voting for this trash, in truth they should be locked up. And if you think what she is doing now wait till she is in the White House, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. I believe that in the end good will rule over evil and their day is soon to come. In the meantime from a part time Mississippi boy, to all Americans, no mater what, in God we trust, stand tall and pledge legion to the flag, the stars and bars and the rebel flag no matter what any one says. God bless America.

    1. We need to get the trash out of the white house. Get some new blood in there. I am giving Trump a chance. Can’t
      possibly be as bad as Hillery.

  16. Considering the Clintons, They might have been paid but I think they are quite capable of using threats, job loss and threats against Comey and Lynch’s families. Lynch said they talked about grandchildren. It makes me sick. I believe you’ve voiced how so many Christians feel. Thank You.

  17. Not voting for Clinton doesn’t have to translate into a vote for Trump. There are many others to choose from.

    1. I heard a wise man recently say, “a vote for one is like tapping the brakes (Trump), while a vote for the other is putting the pedal to the metal (Clinton).” Which option are you more satisfied with?

  18. I am/was a Republican until now and I do believe Hillary the Liar escaped jail time by the beneficence of Mr. Coney and the FBI.

    I do however think your comparison of Hillary to a box of turds is useful. She absolutely is a box of turds and we all know what to expect. Donald Trump is also a box of turds. However, the contents of his box of turds is completely unknown and we won’t have an idea of the contents until he takes office.

    Given the choices, I would prefer to know exactly what turd we are getting. After all, one big turd is better than a four year case of diarrhea, which is what Donald Trump will be.

    1. I’m approving your comment just because it made me laugh so hard CS roflololol And to add that El Trumpo may just be rabbit turds….not necessarily diarrhea…..negative speculation can be considered, but opinion doesn’t make it so…..good one though roflol

  19. I admit I enjoyed reading about all the explodey heads after Comey’s statement, but it’s more because I’ve been on a lot of juries, and I have some idea how high a bar one has to get above to convict. James Comey isn’t remotely part of the left. What he is, is a very experienced prosecutor, and what he said was THIS case isn’t winnable. He was asked to make a judgment call based on what evidence the FBI was able to discover, and he made a call some folks deeply dislike. I have a lot more respect for a prosecutor who will say there’s not enough for charges, than a Congress that wastes my money holding hearings for years that go nowhere.

    Comey isn’t getting much credit for giving the GOP as much as he could, that she was extremely careless, and that it MIGHT have allowed hostiles access to the data.

  20. Brandy, I understand your thoughts completely. I personally am not a supporter of Hillary or Trump. I don’t like either. Many have said for years that voting for anyone in a different political party is a waste of a vote. I used to agree whole heartedly…until this year. I have been naive for so long and I’m done with that. I have been researching all the parties and all the candidates. I don’t agree 100% with any of them but then again I never have. One thing is for sure, I’m terrified for this country with either Hillary or Trump. Right now, I’ve been trying to tell people this year, forget our two “power house” parties. The time has come. People need to realize, everyone has thought that voting for some other party is a waste but get enough of us to understand that every single vote adds up, we can get someone else into office that isn’t democrat or republican. If people would take time to research and not just go with the status quo we could take our country back. I love your background, Walking With God. That’s exactly what we need in office. I’ve never seen your blog before but it looks like you have many followers. I encourage you, since you weren’t going to vote anyways, look into the other parties. Use your blog that is read by many to look at ALL candidates and to not be afraid of wasting a vote. If everyone thinks that way, votes truly are wasted. People need to start voting based on who they want in office, not just I am going to vote opposite just so this other person will not get in. If people vote for Hillary or Trump that is their decision, but please be informed of other candidates as well other than the two parties that have controlled this nation for longer than they should.

  21. “How much did Comey get paid for this? What was REALLY said between Bill and Loretta Lynch(mob)? What role did Obama play in all of this?”

    I doubt they got paid anything… they were probably told if they did at the Clintons want, then they and their families would live and not die at the hand of the Clintons. We already know how many people have died that went against them.

  22. Doubt she had intent to pass sensitive information. Surely what she did was reckless…so know we have 2 candidates who are both reckless… One of them will be elected and that scares me.

  23. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still voting for evil. Kills me how I keep hearing that I have to vote for Trump because he’s the only choice. There is always another choice even if you have to write it in. Personally I’m voting for a true conservative and constitutionalist. Darrell Castle http://www.constitutionparty.com

    1. Ok mooboy…just know it’s super easy to look you up on the web. Get off the weed man. Back away. It’s messing with your judgment. Anyone with any sort of intelligence KNOWS that anarchy only lasts a short time before a single leader takes over.

  24. We can all argue all day about which is the less of two evils. Personally, I at least trust Hillary to not get us into WWIII, which is more than I can say for Trump. That being said, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, actually seems like he would be a GOOD president. If all of us who are disgusted with Hillary and Trump went for Johnson instead, we could actually get a good president instead of someone we think might be “less evil.”

    1. “Gee FBI – I didn’t KNOW I wasn’t supposed to use those servers….”

      “Gee world – I didn’t KNOW I wasn’t supposed to hit that red button…”


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