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I’m very somber today.

Does it concern anyone that  James Comey recently left the GOP party?  I don’t know if that matters to anyone regarding this email scandal, but to me, it seems to be a factor on this man’s abilities to process information in the right light.

Eh….to each his own.

But here’s the thing.  He was openly asked during this “probe” if someone under his employ would receive the same kind of treatment as Hitlery did.  He stated “if they continued in government employ” (or something to that effect).  In a nutshell – he stated that if someone less than Hitlery did what she did with classified information and remained in government employ, there WOULD be some sort of reprimand, such as removing security clearance, etc.  In other words – she gets special treatment….AGAIN.

DID HE MISS THE FACT THAT THIS WOMAN IS RUNNING FOR THE HIGHEST POSITION IN THE LAND?  Yet he stands by his statement that nothing should be done to reprimand her “carelessness”.  He stated she broke the law….’nuff said right?  NOPE.  Apparently, there’s LOOPHOLES involved here.  Apparently, there’s PRIVILEGE here.

There is no common sense in our government anymore.  I think I’ll go wrack my head against the wall now.  Watching this stuff is enough to push a sane adult into a corner, sucking their  thumb, rocking back and forth in a coma-like daze.  I never dreamed I’d see the day when our government “officials” portrayed themselves no better than high school cheerleaders and geeks.  I’m not proud to be an American watching this garbage….I’m ASHAMED.

What breaks my heart about all this, is the fact that our nation is under siege.  Our constitution is under siege.  Our economy is under siege. Our freedoms and liberties are under siege folks – by people we have no control over; by people that have a selfish agenda at heart.  And this PROBE is nothing more than a mere play the “officials” are putting on for the Americans; a dog and pony show; bread and circuses.

While we celebrated with Britain their “brexit” from the EU, even THEY will not escape what is happening all over the world; a takeover by an ideology that is only shared by a few – not the majority.  It’s called “globalism”.  A New World Order.  The take down of religiosity, nationalism, national laws, economic structures and everything else that doesn’t fit the “agenda”.

It’s alarming, it’s changing, and it’s unstoppable.  We’ve given them too much power.  We’ve given them too much money.  We’ve given them too much control.  And now it’s time to pay the piper.  Am I calling for revolt?  No….absolutely not.  That would only lead to anarchy and then monarchy.  What I am doing is warning what is coming for preparation – in whatever way necessary.

Don’t be too terribly dismayed by all of this.  There will be much more chaos to come as the leftists (ie the “progressives”) continue to tear down, bit by bit, the structures of everything good and free – in hopes of their “utopian” society and world.    I’m not here to destroy our hopes of keeping the America we know and love – only to let you all know there’s really not much we can do at this point anymore.  It may just be too late to do anything.  We can hope and vote and write our congressmen and women….but otherwise our hands are tied.  The only control we then have is our own “houses” so to speak.  It’s really, ULTIMATELY in God’s hands at this point.

Scripture told us all of this was coming.  That at some point – a one world government, a one world currency, a one world military was coming:

As Barack Obama himself stated – “the (global) economy is already here…..it’s here…..that’s done.”  And he further added “…and we are building an inclusive society, in which everybody’s got a clear shot.  That’s how we are gonna solve these problems…..so we are gonna keep pushing hard to shape an international order that works for our people.”

The only hope we have anymore is in Jesus Christ.  It’s not in our government.  Like I stated in my previous blog – Jesus is going to be our rock long after America is gone and we should be putting our proper priorities in place.  We should be preparing our hearts and souls for the rough roads ahead – roads being paved by evil beyond our understanding.

We are all going to be forced to make a choice in the future; to accept this new world order in all it’s chaos and non-sensibilities, or accept something that is FAR MORE than a pipe dream of utopia that has proven time and time and time again to fail.  Utopia fail was proven at the tower of babel.  It was proven with the first Roman Empire.  It was proven with Hitler and Stalin.  And it will be proven again now and in the future, whether by our hands, or Jesus Himself.

We are on the verge of something huge guys.  Change is coming – one way or another.  Are we at the end?  Only God knows that.  I can tell you, from studying prophecy – it sure seems we are….but I don’t know what His plans are.  All I know is that the world is in for some dark days and America is playing a huge role this time – on the dark side.  America is not going to be part of the good-guy-scenario this time.

Pray for His guidance in your life today.

Psalm 50:15
Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”
Nahum 1:7
The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; And He knows those who trust in Him.


  1. Brandy I read your blog via a friends facebook post. Your words are perfection. You put my frustration and anger into your blog so well. It is like you were sitting in my living room with me. How do I follow your blog? I have tried to find you through wordpress but can’t figure out how to find you! 😯 Can you help this 60 year old tech challenged grandma?!

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