Dallas had another scare today.  Someone was in the Dallas police garage and that prompted a search for IED’s or bombs or something. 

This is getting insane guys.

This is what I see:  I see a bunch of young ignorant fools seeking anarchy.  A bunch of young, idiotic, under informed fools seeking to disrupt the entire country out of selfishness.

What they don’t realize is that what they seek will only add to their problems.  It’s a well known fact to the intelligent society that Anarchy only lasts a very short while before a single leader rises up into a monarchy – and typically it’s a tyrannical monarch.

Is THAT really what these fools want?  Losing their freedoms of speech, being ruled under a reign of a single tyrant and having to live under a socialist state where the hopes of individual success are squashed?  Where rations eventually get handed to everyone under strict rule and authority?  Talk about oppression….talk about slavery.  And then all the rich people’s money runs out.  Then what?

Today as I was watching the Dallas story unfold, the first thing myself and others thought was “Martial Law”.  I can almost see it coming.

What’s crazy about this – is many of us Christians have felt since before the 2012 election that Obama was going to get a third term as President.  We can just feel it in our bones and have for several years now.  How would he achieve that?  A state of martial law.  And the blacks and left are being used by his administration as we speak to cause such chaos in this country – it’s almost as if they are PLANNING this.

Obama and his henchmen/women have been spewing rhetoric, fueling the black anger, FUELING division – in every human being in this country.  They’ve been doing this for years and it’s now reaching a fever pitch.  And it WON’T STOP until we have REAL LEADERSHIP back in the white house.

To give you an example of Obama’s sympathy and basic approval of these protests:  His speech from the Poland summit today – he mentioned the names of the 2 dead black guys killed by cops during the past week or so….but never ONCE mentioned the names of the officers killed in Dallas.  This shows CLEARLY he’s with the thugs in this country, wreaking all this havoc and chaos.

He’s also invited Black Lives Matter to the White House.  The very same people who urged the chanting of “What do we want?  Dead Cops!  When do we want it?  Now!”  and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”.  He never invited any police force to the white house…..

What kind of evil did we allow to be put as head of this country?  I’d say it’s an evil beyond what we’ve seen since Hitler.

Yes, Obama ABSOLUTELY CAN get a third term should this nation fall under martial law.  This is why I tell people to STOP acting off their emotions, and start THINKING before acting.  We know we can’t count on the youth to do this.  The rest of us must maintain our stamina through this insanity, while we watch them chew away at our patience, at our defense system in every city against crime (the police that they call PIGS), and at every system in place right now that doesn’t serve them personally.  THEY ARE SELF RIGHTEOUS ONLY and that never helps anyone.

That’s what I’m seeing.  ANARCHY….will lead to martial law…..will lead to more deaths….will lead to TYRANNY.

This nation better start checking itself before it wrecks itself.  The inmates are running the asylum.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER……the oldest trick in the book.

Ugh.  Lord help us.


  1. Brandy, I’ve also been saying this for years. And yes, the “useful idiots” are being used to accomplish it and they’re clueless. Blacks are murdering police officers and Muslims are going after everyone else, but mostly Christians. There will soon be nobody left to stand in his way. Only evil and the powerless will remain.

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