My husband and I watched the movie “13 HOURS” last night and let me tell ya, it opened our eyes to things about the Benghazi events that I personally never knew.  I’m gonna stick a plug in here for that movie, because it moved me to anger, it moved me to tears, and it made me realize the very real danger this nation is in, the very real danger our military is in, and just how corrupt and evil our government really is.  So I’m telling EVERYONE, left, right, black, white – GO WATCH IT.  It will shake you to your core, I promise.  If it doesn’t, then there’s just something wrong with your soul.

I thought Benghazi ended with the Libyan embassy and that’s where 4 people got killed, but the killing didn’t end at the embassy.  This movie brought to light what really happened over there and let me tell ya – it’s an eye opener.

Basically, for those who don’t know, what happened over there (and I’ll try to shorten this up as much as possible – spoiler alert) is that first the embassy was attacked – where Ambassador Chris Stevens died and an IT tech of ours.

We also had a secret base over there, not far from the embassy – that most of the citizens of Libya didn’t know about.  Parts of our military didn’t even know about it.  In this base were stationed special ops people….top military personnel and more.  It was in a well walled facility and very low key.

When the embassy was under attack, the military men at this secret location were getting very frustrated watching their fellow citizens under attack with no help from the military or the government.  They took matters into their own hands after being told to stand down numerous times, and they went to try and help.  Sadly Chris Stevens had already died along with the IT person.  The embassy was engulfed in flames and it’s shown in the movie that Chris died from smoke inhalation – although I remember seeing pictures on the web of how Chris had endured 7 hours of torture over there – from sodomy to beatings and more.  I don’t know the truth in all that, but I do recall seeing photos.  Frankly the torture and sodomy and beatings wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  But that’s another story.

Anyway – these military men compromised the location of the secret site they were at and had to endure an ENTIRE NIGHT of ongoing attacks as the rest of our military sat with their hands tied.  Hillary Clinton – secretary of state at the time, was home, comfortable and sound asleep in her bed – while these guys were fighting for their very lives, and protecting the lives of the other Americans at that location.  Two of our finest died on those rooftops that night; a man who loved this country, and had just had a young baby with his wife.  All while Hillary dreamed of fame and fortune in her bed, these guys were in hell – for 13 straight hours.

And do you know who finally came to help them and get them out of there?  Libyan citizens.  That’s the cherry on the sundae of this whole story.  It wasn’t our military at all…..it was “the friendlies” in Libya.

When I say Hillary has blood on her hands this is why.  When we on the right say we want her in prison, this is why.

Another reason is for WEEKS, our government LIED to the American people saying this all stemmed from an anti-Mohammad YouTube video.  They went so far as to even ARREST someone in California for this.

There was never any Libyan protest….not one.  They knew this – yet used this propaganda for weeks, lying to us over and over again and why?  Because they had blood on their hands.  They let 4 people die over there in their carelessness.   Heaven forbid they admit ANY WRONGS to the American public or the world.  Heaven forbid they shun Islamic terrorism and call it what it is.  Heaven forbid they tell any kind of truth – EVER.

I’m so tired of this administration – you have NO IDEA.  As Christians, we are not supposed to hate others but let me tell you something, I sure HATE what they’ve been doing and what they’ve stood for and continue to.  It’s just plain evil.

Why nothing has been done about Benghazi is beyond me as I’m sure many of you are also puzzled.  Congress held a dog and pony show in which we all know Hillary’s famous line “what difference, at this point, does it make?” originated from.  What difference does it make?!  Ask the children of those who’s daddy was killed over there.  Ask the wives of who’s husband was killed over there.  Ask them, as you blatantly lied about the entire night to the world.  God forbid Hillary it was your daughter and your grand daughter over there you cold-hearted wicked heathen.  There’s a good ad-hominem for ya.

What if it had been your brother, your father, your dad?

THIS is why Benghazi must NEVER be forgotten.  This is why the conservatives and patriots in this country won’t let this die (for you on the left that hate this nation and can’t see beyond your own noses).  This is why Hillary must be imprisoned.  This is why we MUST start holding our elected officials accountable.  This is why Hillary must NOT be elected.  There is not a single ounce of justice with this administration.  There is nothing but scandal over scandal, and people are getting off with not even a slap on the wrist.

I’m outraged.  At the same time, I realize they are going to have to face their judgment one day, whether here or after they are dead and gone.  They will stand before the Lord with blood stained hands and a lying mouth and have to stand and answer for it.  JUSTICE will be served….one way or another.

Still, lets do our part America.  REMEMBER Benghazi.  REMEMBER ALL that this wicked administration has done and continues to as you head to the polls.  It’s time we take our nation back from these wicked, evil, heartless, selfish, lying people who absolutely HATE this nation.  It’s time we stand up for our military – who has so often stood up for all of us and gave their lives so courageously and selflessly.  If the government won’t take these greedy, lying, American hating fools down, we must at the polls.

Peace to you all, today and everyday….and may the Lord forgive them and bring them to their knees.  May we find solace in His righteous judgment.

God bless those survivors of the fallen.  My heart goes out to all of them.  (welp).

What are your thoughts?

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