1.  the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

2.  language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.

I’m writing this in hopes to stop the emotional puppetry our media and politicians are playing on us.  If we can recognize what I’m about to discuss here – it may alter some of the effects the media and government are having on us.

The reason I posted the definition of the word “rhetoric” is because I want people to understand that the games that are being played in the world and on the American public are intentional.  You notice in that definition, it expresses an INTENTIONAL ART (of speaking or writing) DESIGNED TO PERSUADE AND IMPRESS.  I like to call it “creative writing or speaking” because that’s what it is.  Some may also call this “propaganda”.  Now before you discard this blog as “boring”, let me explain because you might find this really interesting.

The reason you might find this interesting is because the descriptive and strong words that are used by others are used to PREY ON YOUR EMOTIONS.  (the word PREY there is a type of rhetoric).  Strong words that are used to stir up your emotions on the subject matter at hand may not always be factually descriptive.  This is why I referred to this as “puppetry”.

Oftentimes we react based on our emotions.  Someone says something that we find extremely offensive, our first emotional response would be that out of anger.  We hear words of love and kindness, we want to go hug the person saying them based on the emotion of joy and love.  Certain words can invoke fear in us, which leads to hatred and anger.

Examples of this are:  Anti-abortionists will call abortion MURDER.  The definition of murder is:

1.  the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
2.  kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation.

Using this specific word “murder” is to imply that the person hatefully and unlawfully kills another.  It’s calling those who get abortions “murderers”.  Jesus himself even said that to hate another is the same as murder – so I ask, are those calling others murderers guiltless?  Do they have the right to judge others in such a harsh fashion?   Why not use the word “kill”?  The definition of kill is far different:

1. to cause the death of (a person, animal, or plant) : to end the life of (someone or something)
2.  to cause the end of (something)
3.  to turn (something) off with a switch

Do you see the difference?  One word points a harsh judgmental finger, accusing someone of evil and insinuating something about them.  The other is more factual (according to the definition) and far less harsh.  Is it no wonder Christians and those who use such harsh words draw hate to themselves?

Another (rhetorical) word used today is “ISLAMOPHOBIA”.  This word tends to demonize those against the Muslim ideology.  It implies that those against Sharia, or Jihad, Islamic terrorism, or Muslim special treatment are AFRAID OF MUSLIMS and/or their religion.  Phobia means an intense, almost crippling fear of (that in itself is a type of rhetoric) and Islam-o obviously means related to Islam.  How are those people who are AGAINST the ideologies within Islam classified as “intensely afraid of” Islam?  It makes no sense and is a way (again) to DEMONIZE those who will not stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims.  We could say the same thing about “homophobia”.

There are many more examples that I could use.  ALL are a type of the artful, skillful way of communicating with others to invoke an emotional response.  The ways in which we speak and communicate with each other can be very powerful indeed.

I myself have learned through these very blogs how powerful rhetoric can be.  The more powerfully emotional words I use, the more impassioned I am, the more readers I attract, the more my blogs get shared, the more popular I become.   Is it no wonder so many are using it?  Fame and fortune sometimes comes from using rhetoric.

Sadly it’s things like rhetoric that have raised up and fueled  groups like Black Lives Matter, which ultimately, is leading to the death (or should I say VICIOUS MURDERS) of those who serve and protect, and may lead to worse – such as having NO POLICE force in the future.  And think – it all started from – you guessed it – WORDS.



We are seeing this nation fall completely apart because of the rhetoric that is being used on all sides – online, on our TV’s, in music, all forms of media, etc.  It is being used by politicians, media personnel, and many more.  It is divisive, it is intentional, it is deadly.  Words MEAN SOMETHING.  And if you get to the right person with the right words at the right time, it could mean the loss of life that never needed to be lost.

I’m asking each and every one of you out there – be AWARE of this and make others aware of this also.  Too many of us are being controlled emotionally with words and it’s wreaking havoc on families, relationships, this nation and the world.  It is evil to the core.  It is meant to DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  Do you think it’s working?

Don’t let words get you riled.  When you feel emotion is when you need to step back and breathe.  Take back the control of yourselves out there and stop letting your hearts rule the mind.  Be smarter than those in power – don’t play their game.  Free  yourself.  Maybe, just maybe, we can stop the senseless breakdown of our otherwise loving and giving society in America.

Thanks for listening.  Share if you feel so compelled.  And please – be at peace out there, today and every day.

What are your thoughts?

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