I’ve been watching the RNC pretty closely.  I’ve heard what the left media is saying about everything and I’m disgusted.  I have 2 things to say to them:

  • Shame on you
  • Can we all just grow up already?

I, like everyone else, have been pretty impressed by what those who KNOW Donald Trump personally have been saying about him.  Let’s face it – he doesn’t come off a warm cuddly teddy bear.  But what people have been saying about him is pretty impressive (to me). 

When I look at people like Donald and Hillary, I try to imagine myself in their shoes.  I try to imagine life in the day of them.  I understand one thing – the way the Trump kids talk about their dad after going through divorces and all the baggage that those bring, Don’s kids are well spoken, confident, and don’t appear to have any issues with negativity that stems from divorces.  That tells me either that they are really good at hiding the ugly, or Don and his ex’s handled things very well with those kids.  The fact that they are all seemingly extremely proud and supportive of their dad tells me they are all closely knit, tight, and a good family unit.  My husband said it reminds him of a family like the Kennedy’s.  As for me, I’m more impressed the more I learn about the Don – from Giuliani, Ben Carson and more.  At first I judged him on his outward appearances – but now that I look deeper, he gets more respectful every day.

Let’s move on to Hillary – cause I need to share some thoughts (besides emails and Benghazi and being a flat out liar).

Bill cheated on Hillary when he was President.  He PUBLICLY humiliated and betrayed her in the worst way possible for a woman and frankly – I don’t think she’s ever taken the time to heal from that.  I still see that anger, that spite, that vengeance, that hate in her eyes.  She is a jaded woman.  She is a man hater.  I know this – because I too was once jaded by a man’s infidelity.  What that does to a woman is SO destructive, you have no idea unless you’ve gone through it.  It destroys a place within a woman – especially when she really loves the man – that is SO HARD to regain.  And being in the public eye like they were?  Oh my gosh, I can only imagine what emotions and thoughts she’s had to push down  over the years.  I can so plainly see that it’s never gone away.  I can HEAR it and SEE it in her.  Do we WANT someone in that emotional place to run our nation?

Hillary claimed she visits and speaks with Eleanor Roosevelt.  If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin.  Look it up.  Bill even publicly declared it (it’s on vid out there).  If she truly believes this, she’s either off her rocker completely – or is involved in some sort of demonic rituals.  Seriously – this is more than bizarre.

Hillary’s mentor and greatest role model in her college years was Saul Alinsky.  Saul wrote “Rules for Radicals” and he dedicated it to Satan himself.  I’m so glad that Ben Carson brought that up at the RNC tonight as it inspired me to write this blog.  I knew this, but it’s one of those files of information that falls to the wayside after a time.  I’m sorry, but if you can call a man who worships Satan your “role model”, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with you.  And then I have to ask, does this tie in with the whole Eleanor thing?

Hillary wears $12,000.00 + suits while pandering to the poor.  This woman is the BIGGEST hypocrite I’ve ever seen on TV.  “Down with the rich, down with big banks and the elite!” she screams to her audiences.  Um…..hello?  You gotta be pretty darn deaf, dumb AND blind to believe this woman.

Next week at the DNC, they plan on using Michael Brown’s mother as a speaker.  Because this won’t add fuel to BLM’s fire right?  The Democrats are using lies of victimization (YET AGAIN) to gain votes and support for their “completely destroy the USA” agenda.  I mean seriously?  This is insane.  Of course, the RNC DID HAVE Pat Smith, the mother of the IT Specialist that died in Benghazi speak there.  The only difference is – NO ONE IS PROTESTING AND KILLING OTHERS OVER BENGHAZI.  But they certainly are over Michael Brown and other false “victims” aren’t they?  Again media on the left – SHAME ON YOU, AND GROW UP.

That’s all I have for now.  For the record, I think it would be really cool to have a woman as president.  But not this one.  Can you imagine Bill running around the White House AGAIN – full of fresh young interns?  And then already-jaded Hillary has her finger on the Nuke button?  With Eleanor Roosevelt in her ear holding a pitchfork?


Far too scary a thought for me.

Hopefully for you too.

Just my 2 cents.


One thought on “WHY NEVER HILLARY

  1. You hit the nail on the head! I was talking with my husband about the way she looks. It changed at some point and I couldn’t figure out when. I too see that hate and it scares me that others don’t.

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