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Remembering 9/11


15 years ago….hard to believe because in many ways, it still feels like yesterday.  It still gets me choked up.  It still brings tears to my eyes.

I realize much of our youth today has no clue what we all felt that day.  I realize that 9/11 was OUR Pearl Harbor, and just like we couldn’t empathize with those who experienced that, the youth cannot empathize with us on this event.  It WAS an experience.  An experience that FOREVER changed this nation, and our world.

The youth today doesn’t understand how one minute we were free and easy, seemingly untouchable, feeling secure in our nation.  The next minute, we were all terrified; the feelings of security suddenly gone, having no idea if another plane was going to hit somewhere else.  I was scared to leave my home,  5 months pregnant and I had to run to the store that morning.  I remember driving on completely dead streets in western Milwaukee County, in utter silence other than the news on the car radio, every few minutes looking up at the skies to make sure another plane wasn’t “coming for us”.  I was literally terrified as I drove to the store.  I had to ask myself honestly – “what am I doing bringing a child into this evil world?” as my hand lay on my belly, thinking somehow I could protect the child inside from evil monsters such as those that killed so many that day.  I wondered how many mothers-to-be died that day with their babies in their womb.

Each and every one of us has our own story to tell about where we were that day, how we felt, what we were doing, etc.  And every time someone tells you their story, you’ll see their complete humility.  You will see them lower their head as they speak, maybe get a bit choked up.  You will see their eyes glaze over briefly as they remember those moments.

THAT is how much it affected us all.  I wish for a moment I could give our youth a smidge of that experience; just a taste.  Maybe then today some of our youth wouldn’t be sitting as the pledge of Allegiance is being recited.  Maybe then, there wouldn’t be so many stating how much “America sucks” or how much they hate this nation.

We WERE, as a nation, completely and utterly united as a family that day.  We loved one another, no exceptions.

It’s sad it took such a tragedy to bring that out of us, isn’t it?  I guess that’s how it is.  We all need to be humbled and made to realize just how fragile we are, and just how fragile those things we stand for are.

My prayer is that God help us to SHOW our youth today that love, that tragedy that brought us all together, so that it is NEVER forgotten.  I know watching it doesn’t replace the EXPERIENCE.  I know watching it doesn’t give you the same feelings as we all had that day.  But I hope the youth can understand that if they become too complacent, as we were in 2001, and as the nation was when Pearl Harbor happened, that they too will also experience the horror of true evil in the world.

May the Lord give peace and His loving comfort to those still being greatly affected by this tragedy, 15 years ago today.

Peace to you all, today and every day.  ❤


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