A thought came to me earlier today while having a conversation with the hubster.  I have to ask and pose this thought to all of you because I really think it’s something we ALL should seriously consider and ponder on a bit.

Hubster (my husband) tells me today how he heard on a radio talk show that the NFL is starting to see some decline in viewers because of the “sitting down” during the anthem antics.  I knew this was going to happen.  When I first heard of the Kaepernick incident, I HOPED it would happen.  My thought was “The NFL NEEDS to lose fans and viewers if they are going to allow this kind of disrespect!”.  I’m sure many of you agree, some may not.

To give you some background to me, and my opinion on this matter:  My father served in the army in Vietnam.  He passed away in 1998 with cancer.  My ex father-in-law was a POW in Nam.  My current FIL was in the navy during WW2.  I respect these men.  I respect ALL of our military.  I respect them because they go off to a foreign land – sometimes for years – and fight for justice, freedom, and more all while risking their very own lives – so ALL of us Americans can maintain the freedoms we get to lavish ourselves in today.  They fight AGAINST oppressors.  They fight AGAINST injustice, evil and more.  THAT takes courage beyond my comprehension.  That takes a heart bigger than most.  That takes sheer selflessness that most people don’t understand.  And I thank and am so grateful for them all, with my deepest sincerity;  ALL military personnel – past, present, and future.

I was 31 and 5 months pregnant when 9/11 happened.  I saw police and firefighters go above and beyond during that time.  I remember for at least a good 6 months after that fateful day, many of us would stop to thank a firefighter or a police officer for what they do and sacrifice for all of us every day.  What happened to that?

Not to mention – what other nation in the world has people like those we are discussing?  I mean look at Iran; hanging people in the streets.  Look at ISIS; beheading, raping, torturing, and enslaving others simply because they don’t have the same beliefs in Islam.  Syria:  people dealing with chemical weapons and wars every single day.  Are there decent people in other nations who sacrifice for others?  Yes….but truthfully, most lack the COURAGE needed, and SEEN as we see here in America.

I still greatly respect our law men and firefighters.  They sacrifice their safety and lives for us every day.  Just because there are a few corrupt officers scattered about doesn’t mean they are ALL GUILTY.  99% of our officers around the nation are great, honorable and moral people who love the communities they serve and those living within them.

Pukes like Kaepernick probably have no idea, nor concern for the sacrifices made for him.  He was raised by white people who took over for his black parents who didn’t want him enough to raise him on their own.  SACRIFICE.  He was given a great life and career by many along the way and now makes millions.  SACRIFICE.  He wouldn’t dare disrespect them would he?  So what gives him the right to disrespect the others who have sacrificed for him?

For him to sit out on the anthem shows his selfishness, his immaturity, his lack of respect, and his disdain for this nation and those who fought to give him all that he has.  Yep, he’s a PUKE.

Furthermore, I’m so very tired of people like the media, and Tim Tebow making excuses for Kaepernick’s disrespect – stating “he has that right, that’s his right with freedom of speech.”


Freedom of speech gives us the right to free speech – does that include ACTION as well?  Because to me, sitting down during a national anthem is not speech, it’s ACTION.  It’s a disrespectful and ungrateful action at that.

If Freedom of speech umbrellas his despicable act during games, where does it stop?  For example, do we start allowing burning of the American flag for those that claim to hate America, citing “freedom of speech”?  I mean wouldn’t that be a similar thing?  That doesn’t really physically harm another, right?  Do we…. allow people to fly Nazi or Islamic flags because they consider themselves Nazi’s or Muslims?  It’s “not harming” another person physically, so wouldn’t that also fall under the same lines?  Could KKK members walk around in white hoods if they so desired?  After all, they also have freedom of speech rights and aren’t really hurting another????

Are you kidding me?  These people would be ARRESTED, questioned, assaulted and more.  Talk about BIAS.

The actions of the hood wearing, the Nazi or Muslim flag flying, the burning of the flag:  ALL VERY OFFENSIVE – right?  But not much different from sitting out on the anthem since it’s not physically harming anyone – RIGHT?  It’s a PUBLIC VISUAL ACTION.  Well WHY OH WHY (!) is it OK to offend patriots and our military by sitting out during the anthem, but not the others?????

ALL of these represent offense to one group or another – yet one is OK, the others are not.  Makes sense to me…..NOT.

I brought this up because I started to think about the left’s lines drawn vs others.  SOME freedom of speech is condoned, as long as it offends the right, but not the left?  Is that really what we are seeing here?  I’m guessing…..YES.  “heaven forbid we tell a poor black man who had to be adopted by white folk that he can’t react and do disrespectful things….even though he makes millions and does NOTHING to help his fellow black man.”

Shame on you Tim Tebow.  You hurt your fan base by condoning the deplorable act of national disrespect.  By condoning it, you, my friend, are also guilty of it.  And shame on all the rest of you that CONDONE this.  You can all call yourselves “Pontius Pilate” from now on….good for you.

For those of you who consider me racist – think on THIS for a moment:  I love Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clark, Allen West and many other blacks who DON’T have a chip on their shoulder, who DON’T stir trouble, who DON’T cry “victim” every chance they get, and those who have enough self respect to NOT act like an animal and scream and holler “you’re a racist and I’m a victim!” and judge others before knowing all the facts.   Yeah, you a victim alright….a victim of ignorance.

Just some thoughts.

Peace to you all, today and every day.



  1. Again, you put into words what I’m thinking and felling. I’d like to add, the Puke can just go find himself another job in another county if he dislikes the way he’s treated! Jerk bait!

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