Trump Wins…now what?

Whew!  What a night.  This morning I find myself cautiously hopeful.  Barack Obama still has 6 weeks to put this nation into absolute chaos.  And let’s face it, we REALLY don’t know what kind of a president the Don is going to be.

Cautiously Optimistic…. 

We’ve been burned for so long (the past 8 years), kicked around, beaten down, told to “shut up and sit down” by the liberals, it’s hard to stand tall and gloat today – as much as we’d like to.  We Christian conservatives have taken a bad beating for years.  It’s like a prisoner being locked away in solitary, and finally being let out into the yard; the sunlight will take some getting used to.

I believe God heard our prayers yesterday.  I believe He has lifted up Donald Trump to be potus.  I believe Donald is about to embark on his last great business venture…the cherry on his sundae…..his last and greatest accolade – being President of the United States.

I understand his entrepreneurial mind.  He feels he’s done all else, he’s built an empire.  There was one last worldly position to conquer so he set out to do it, and he won.  I can so respect that.  And I KNOW….this will be such a great and humbling learning experience for him.  I’m already seeing it in him.  He’s moving from being a selfish billionaire, to actually being a man who wants to work with many to build the greatest thing a man could ever build – a legacy of repairing a sinking titanic known as America.  It’s a big task ahead of him – repairing all the damage done in the previous 8 years.  But the Don is like a pitbull – he will stop at nothing and exhaust all avenues to achieve what’s he has set out to if I’m reading him right – and I believe I am.  Winning the election was only the first step to a much larger endeavor.

This is why I voted for him.  I have the insight to see these things about him.  The left – does not.

Calm your liberal friends today – unite with them.  Their media has them so freaked out right now and they aren’t seeing things for what they are because of the hateful rhetoric and propaganda sold to them by the left media.  Hold hands with them today as they heal from what they perceive as a sucker punch.  Hug them – after all – WE KNOW EXACTLY what they are feeling.  We felt the exact same things in November 2012 when Barack won a second term.  We also cried and felt the sky was falling (and it really has been).

We need to PRAY….now more than ever….for our leadership.  We need to hold them to their words.  We need to lift them in prayer and keep them focused on God and us.  Hillary said all the time we are “stronger together”.  She wasn’t wrong.

I’m asking all of you today to not gloat, to thank God for a bit more time, and to continuously pray for our leaders.  God needs to guide them as they move forward and we need to restore this nation – TOGETHER.  Don’t become complacent and selfish.  Love God first and your neighbor.  We have been given mercy and grace at this time and shouldn’t squander it.  Reach others in love.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


4 thoughts on “Trump Wins…now what?

    1. Mike Pence sealed the deal for me Richard. I think u are correct, the Lord WILL use everyone given power last night. MANY of us prayed so hard yesterday. This country needs its light switched back on.

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