I wonder how the left would have perceived the right had we held massive protests when Obama won.  I wonder how the left would have perceived the right had we threatened ANARCHY when Obama won.  I wonder how the left would have felt if we on the right were burning LGBT flags when Obama won.  I wonder how the left would have perceived the right had we threatened abortion clinics, simply because Obama won.  I wonder how the left would have felt had we told them EXACTLY how we felt about their candidate (Obama) with no couth or tact or maturity whatsoever (because trust me, we SERIOUSLY BIT OUR TONGUES).  I wonder how the left would have felt had we on the right waged war on them, simply because of who they elected for POTUS.  I wonder how they would have felt had we decided to just continuously call them and their candidate every offensive name we could think of.

We are better than those childish and destructive behaviors, but apparently, acting mature and civil are too much for the left.

What an embarrassment to their party; I mean seriously.

Fear breeds hate.  Hate breeds division.  A house divided cannot stand says the Lord.  Don’t be afraid and we can all get along again – it’s that simple.

We can thank Barack, Hillary, and the MSM for all this crap we see from the left today.  Like puppets on a string, Democratic voters have been played.  Boy oh boy have they been played.  I actually feel kinda sorry for them.

I have heard and seen so much garbage the last few days and let me tell ya something – and I’m not the only one to say this – but I am REALLY, REALLY tired of being called a racist, a bigot, a fascist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, xenophobe and more – simply because I voted for a candidate other than the one THEY WANTED.  I have been demonized so much, because I refuse to agree with liberals and their policies/ideas.

I want to say this loud and clear and maybe….just maybe if we repeat it enough, it might actually sink in:

We voted not based on skin color, not based on sex, but on policy and principle.  We voted for Israel, not against it (that’s what enemies of freedom do).  We voted for the unborn, not against them.  We voted for our economy and the future of our nation – not as part of a socialistic New World Order – but as a sovereign nation.  We voted for our children and grandchildren and their futures.  We voted for ALL AMERICANS (yes, even the ungrateful hateful ones)…to have a better life financially, morally, and with security.  Our votes had NOTHING to do with sexism or any of the other heinous and ridiculous things the left is spewing.  Our votes were not shallow and unhinged….they were carefully contemplated by many of us – and for many of us, it WAS a struggle. 

I wonder, what does the left think they are achieving by all this name calling to more than half the nation that elected a republican candidate?  What do they think they are gaining?  Do they believe they can change the results of what most Americans have chosen?

I’m going to say to them what Nancy Pelosi told all the rest of us years ago:  “WE WON.  DEAL WITH IT.”  And then I’ll add, pull up your big boy/girl panties and grow a backbone.  Lord knows we’ve had to…..for 8…… long…..LONG…..years.

Name calling, protests, whining, crying aren’t going to get ANYTHING DONE – except cause more division in this nation.  Is that REALLY what they want?  Do they REALLY want to tear down the very nation that has given them all these freedoms and material things they have been blessed with?  Do they really wish to continue down this path of destruction, biting all the hands that feed them?

I have seen many of them spread horrible lies about election results and more.  They want a socialist New World Order.  They look solely at genitalia, and skin color, claiming they want what’s best for America and the people in it.  Genitalia and skin color doesn’t put food on your table.  Those things don’t stop terrorism.  Those things don’t make anyone’s life better.  Those things CAN’T HELP YOU.

They spit in the very faces of those that serve and protect them.  They slap the faces of everyone paying their food stamps, allowing them Obama phones, giving them healthcare, and providing them jobs.  They kick in the guts every one and everything that gives them the very blessed lives they have.  They can practice their beliefs (even atheists) freely and not have to worry about being tortured, raped, enslaved or killed.  They can be with their homosexual buddies and not worry about being thrown off tall buildings to their deaths.  They can find jobs, create businesses, go to college and for Pete’s sake even EAT and drink CLEAN WATER!!!  Why?  Because ALL OF THOSE THINGS have been bought and paid for by others.

I’d love to ship all these America-hating fools over to Iran or North Africa and let them see how life is for others around the world.  They’d be crying (for real) then, begging, clawing to get back here.  Maybe THEN…..they might actually appreciate every aspect of their spoiled lives here in America.  I guess that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives.  Conservatives know what it’s like to REALLY SUFFER, or at least understand it and have compassion and empathy for suffering.  Liberals only THINK they do.

These people are so lost, so uneducated, so misled, so deceived, so uninformed.

And for the record – as cruel as this may sound, it’s absolute truth:  there is such a term the wealthy liberals are well acquainted with – it’s called “USEFUL IDIOT” (look it up).  What this is is using the ignorant, the uneducated, the youth who have no life experience, and the non-thinking to promote their agenda by feeding them false information and playing on their emotions.  These people are brainwashed, propagandized, and used for the Democratic party’s power; for votes and more.

SIDE NOTE:  Isn’t it striking how Hillary is a millionaire, but yet she was bashing the wealthy in this nation?  Or she was bashing the “big banks” in this nation, when she was taking money and making deals with them?  And her followers fell for that?  How could they not connect the dots?


Liberals tell themselves they are FOR the less fortunate, the oppressed….that they are FOR the people who have suffered, but it’s a bit hypocritical when they stomp all over the rights and freedoms of those who came here legally, of the unborn, and of the rights and freedoms of all who disagree with them.  THEY DEMONIZE the rest of us without cause or even rationale.  What they should be doing instead of pointing fingers is look at the 3 pointing back at them.  What they should be doing is looking in their own mirrors.   And they should be thanking God Himself for the many blessings they have in this nation.  He can wipe out this nation and everyone in it at any moment He desires.  It’s only by His grace and mercy we are still here.

We have choices and make choices every day.  We can choose to be ungrateful sourpusses, spreading lies and hate and praying to a self made god for anarchy because we feel so oppressed, or we can choose to be thankful for every day the Lord blesses us with.

America made a choice on 11/8.  I’m sorry it wasn’t THEIR choice.  Is that a reason to be so destructive and hateful?

It’s done.  Nothing they do will change that now.  They can be like the rest of us and choke it down (like we had to with Obama), or continue being miserable and destructive through at least the next 4 years.  So Obama’s hope and change didn’t pan out in anyone‘s favor (EXCEPT Obama)…..let’s just all move on already and stop the insanity.

Peace to you all, today and every day.

8 thoughts on “WE WON, DEAL WITH IT.

  1. Based on the despicable way both candidates acted i would not say anyone won. It was a campaign by both based around who could be more vile and the greater bully. No policies discussed in depth not information given to the voters about what the vision would be. Democracy and decency was the biggest loser. Why don’t parties fight on policies anymore.

    1. And….how does this have ANYTHING to do with this blog? I’m speaking about whining, crying, rioting, protesting, childish liberals, and you wanna talk about candidate policies??? Although I agree with you to a degree (TO A DEGREE), I heard quite a bit on both sides about “policy”. Trump didn’t want to go into detail, which is a sign of any good businessman. You never show people all your cards. And Hillary – well she had no policies of her own, they were all Barack Obama 2.0. We on the right are going to hold Donald to his word more than anyone, and I think it’s possible that this nation may in fact regain some hope and change (back) to what we were when we were WINNING in the world…unlike handing the nation over to a bunch of socialist freaks hell bent on world domination (to put it bluntly). The indecency TRULY began when Obama was elected more or less solely based on the color of his skin. The indecency truly began with Benghazi. The indecency truly began with the email trouble. You can’t blame Donald for defending himself against the media, Hillary, Barack etc. Make sense?

      1. I merely wanted to highlight the fact that neither shone as a paragon of a good wholesome candidate. Russian hackers helped trump no end but what Clinton sponsored in Libya was unforgivable. Trump it is said has tax dodged for 18yrs that too is unforgivable. If found out that is true will he step down or allow all US citizens to avoid tax too? The US has far better people who would have been far better choices.

      2. Fauxcroft, do you take tax exemptions? If you could find ways to avoid paying your taxes, or even paying LESS taxes, would you? I don’t know too many Americans that would say NO to that.

        As far as the Russians, that hasn’t been proven.

        Sounds to me like you are going on a ton of “what if’s” and those aren’t facts….those are leaning opinions.

        You point to me a perfect person to run for President and we’ll talk. I liked Rubio, but I didn’t because he was left leaning on some things. I liked Cruz, but I didn’t because he was a bit of a loon. I didn’t like Bernie or Hillary so no comment there. I liked Ben Carson, but he also had a sketchy background with “temperament”. There is NO PERFECT PERSON – EVER. If Jesus had been on the ballot, I would have voted for Him, (wouldn’t have had to but bygones). I hear what you’re saying fully. But it’s not quite in full reality. You have your opinions – as we all do, and you are certainly entitled to them, as we all are. That’s the great thing about this nation. Thank God we still have one.

      3. Nope never taken tax exemptions. I appreciate and respect your views. Though I can not respect a man who speaks of women in such a way as he does and that did not even do anything for veterans day. When I said better people out there I meant people not currently wishing to be president. Great thinkers and minds. Trump does not buy into climate change despite the weight of evidence put forward by scientists such as Stephen Hawkins but I guess he knows better than them. Could he be worse than Bush snr and Bush jrn hope not for your sake. They tore the heart out of middle America.

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