How Liberals, the Media, and Anarchists Helped Trump Win

If you are part of the left, or one of these anarchists in the nation, and if you REALLY want to know why your chosen candidate lost this time around – pay attention.  I voted for Trump, and I, being on the other side, can tell you EXACTLY why you lost this time around, and why you will continue to if it (the following) continues.

When I was 19, a liberal once told me “Democrats are good for the economy.  Republicans are good for war.”  I was too young then to see the agenda behind this guys’ words, and just how wrong he was.  I’ve been reflecting on this for the past few days.

  1.  Obama has DESTROYED the economy.  He has spent us into oblivion, almost into complete and utter disaster. Why in the world would we choose to elect a Barack Obama Two-point-O?????
  2. Obama said he would get us out of war, yet what he did was make it far worse for us in the middle East.  Not to mention, Russia was getting ready to nuke us had Hillary won because Vladimir Putin feels about the left like we who voted for Trump do; that the lefts’ policies are just shy of complete global disaster.  If you know how the global economy works, and how America’s policies, both local and abroad, as the most powerful nation in the world, affects the rest of the world, you will understand Vladimir’s plight.

Not only did this election put off WW3 for a time, but it stopped this nation from completely sinking into financial and moral oblivion.

Now I know the left likes to blame capitalism and Bush for the economic crisis we currently face, but you can’t blame Bush forever.  Obama was POTUS for 8 years and he spent MORE than the previous 43 presidents combined; is the left REALLY going to try to tell us that he had absolutely NOTHING to do with it?  And then can we ask, is it fair game that we blame Obama for everything Trump does or doesn’t do?

3.  OBAMACARE was DESIGNED TO FAIL – to lead us straight into a single payer socialist health care system.  We on the right saw this plainly and have been saying it from the inception, but the left refuses to see this.  Many of us middle class folks have lost our health care and cannot afford any, yet, for the first time, we are being TAXED or PENALIZED for NOT buying something – healthcare.  This year my husband and I would be taxed around 1,600.00 for both of us not having insurance.  Had Obamacare NOT been put into place?  We would have that $1,600.00 instead of paying to fund those extreme poor who are now benefiting from the ACA – which is really only about 1.28 million people out of over 300 million (2015 estimate).

*I was recently quoted some insurance quotes – for me solely without my husband.  Obamacare would cost me approximately $5,400.00 in a year for JUST ME (and that doesn’t include the huge deductible).  I think I’ll take the $800.00 tax bill and take my chances.  This is how MOST middle class American’s are viewing their situation with their healthcare these days.  WE HATE THIS UNLAWFUL BILL – it was rammed down our throats and it’s breaking the back of the middle class – as all socialist agendas and policies do.   “The problem with socialism is you always run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Insurance rates have SKYROCKETED BECAUSE of Obamacare, not the other way around.  Obamacare has placed new rules and regulations on insurers, costing them more money through what they provide coverage for with their clients and the paperwork involved, and those costs (not surprisingly) trickle down to the consumer.   That’s economics 101.

4.  PROTESTS, UNREST, AND DIVISION.  We are sick and tired of seeing idiotic, unemployed, and under-educated and misinformed anarchists terrorizing people in our greatest cities; regarding cops, the election, wall street and more.  Many are paid agitators that many of us feel need to be shut down because they have gone from protesting – to terrorizing and destroying.  This tactic is STRAIGHT out of the Saul Alinsky book “Rules for Radicals”.  They act like spoiled babies and we on the right, some on the left, and even some libertarians are just absolutely fed up with it all.  A HOUSE DIVIDED WILL NOT STAND.  Obama, Hillary, and many others have NOT HELPED the situation with their own idiotic words and rhetoric, fueling the fires of these groups.  The media has NOT HELPED the situation by giving these scattered few the huge platform they have.  It’s ridiculous.

5.  THE MEDIA.  The media has not helped this nation at all.  There’s a ton of propaganda flying around. Lies and deception are rampant in the media and NO ONE in the media is really reporting any real news any more.  They’ve become like daytime trash talk shows – only spewing opinions, little more.  We are seeing this more and more.  We are seeing the media (ALL OF THEM) distort stories, slant them, and not even tell us about really important things that are happening in the world.  This group of destruction was helping the left, trying to hurt the right, (including some at FNC) but because they are part of the problem, and Donald pointed it out, he scored huge points with the not-so-blind public.

6.  ISRAEL.  Israel has been, still is, and should always be our greatest ally in the Middle East.  Not only are the Jews a very productive, very innovative, very blessed people, but we need them just as much as they need us.  All Obama and Obama 2.0 (Hillary) want to do is split up Israel for the Palestinians – who are merely opportunistic in nature.  Israel was Israel before it was Palestine, and became Israel again.  As a student of bible prophecy, America would be wise to remain as tight with Israel as we can because what has happened with them, and what is happening with them today was all foretold, thousands of years ago in the Bible.  I cannot stress enough how wise remaining tight with Israel is, for America.

7.  GLOBALIZATION.  Obama recently said while overseas that we who voted for Trump are “feeling left behind in globalization efforts.”  This is how out of touch this man is.  We don’t feel left behind…..WE DON’T WANT IT!  Hello?  America wasn’t broke before these “NWO” and “Agenda 21” efforts began, and as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.  GLOBALIZATION is a horrible idea, and anyone who signs up for it is completely moronic and blind.

8.  JOBS.  We want our companies back, we want our jobs back – PERIOD.

9.  IMMIGRATION.  Innocent American’s are being harmed by some of these folks.  They are taking jobs, they are committing crimes, and we have no clue how many of them are from terror cells.  The ONLY reason the gates were opened was for liberal votes and anyone who can’t see that is blind.  It’s pretty sad that a political party has to invite in strangers for votes….shows you just how INEFFECTIVE  and unpopular they really are in this nation.

10.  HYPOCRISY.  We see it oh so clearly, it’s just a shame the left cannot.  “NO BULLYING!” they scream, yet what are they all doing?  Have you guys seen the video of the black mother throwing her 8 year old son out of the house when he voted Trump in a mock elementary school vote?  They cry “Love Trumps Hate”, demonizing us in what?  What they call “LOVE”?.  Every single thing the left accuses the right of, they themselves are guilty of.  I could go on and on but frankly, it’s not worth my time.

11.  ABORTION.  I really wonder how the left missed this one, especially after the videos surfaced about PP selling baby parts for profit.  Not to mention, Hillary believes it’s BETTER to kill a fetus, 8 or even 9 months along to save the mother.  Umm…..at that point, the baby is more than viable and should be delivered by C-section if necessary.  I just cannot believe this just flew right over the heads of her supporters.  How heartless and cruel can people REALLY BE?  It’s very concerning honestly.  HORRIFYING.

12.  HILLARY’S NUMEROUS SCANDALS.    My gosh, where do I begin?  Benghazi?  Emails?  Cell phones?  Her health issues?  Her HUSBAND?  Their foundation?  Yeah…  ’nuff said.

There is much more – but these are the main things that denied Hillary her election.  She is simply unlikable.  She is a liar.  She is a crook.  That’s what we all saw and heard, day after day, year after year.  Not to mention, she is a jaded woman – a man hater.  For me it was clear to see and I’m sorry but I don’t feel safe with someone like HER having the nuclear codes, especially after hearing about her tirades with Bill and others who enraged her.  This doesn’t make me a misogynist.  This doesn’t make me a sexist.  It makes me a patriot, an American, and a realist.

Donald Trump was the best candidate for a terrible economy….I’ve said this from the get go.  With his experience in business, how can we lose?  The left likes to cry how he was given a million dollars from his daddy, but I would like to ask them, how many of THEM can take a million dollars and turn it into billions?  I bet many can’t even take 5.00 and turn it into 10.00.  Just sayin’.

Just my two cents….or 10.

I’d say “peace to you all, today and every day” as I usually do at the end of my blogs, but apparently, it’s not possible while the left is in power.


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