Pretending to be someone else as a career must do something to people’s brains.  I’m guessing the biggest handicap “acting” gives someone is the inability to live within the realm of REALITY – aka – in the REAL world.

I’m watching all these rich and famous people spouting off and shooting off their mouths, sticking their noses in politics, disrespecting the very people who made them wealthy by insulting the people’s choice in politics.

It’s EXACTLY these types of people that is sinking the democratic party.

For those of you in Hollywood, I would like to share a few words with you in hopes that you’ll understand what it is that America wants from you, and why you too, along with the democratic party, are SINKING.

First of all, Hillary did win the “popular” vote, but ONLY because of the weirdos in California.  If California weren’t involved, Hillary would have lost the popular vote.

By the way, California is FAILING under the weight of liberal politics there.   (More than 25,000 Californians from all walks of life have signed a petition urging Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a statewide emergency on homelessness.)…  Ironically, the wealthiest of the wealthy work there….and they shun US for not “sharing”.  REALLY????!  Meryl Streep alone has a net worth of 75 MILLION dollars….  how’s that for reality?

The electoral college (for those too dumb to understand it) was put in place precisely because of states like California.  The overpopulated areas, the coastal regions in the nation, have more people in them than those in plains of the US – the Midwest.  I am one of those people in the Midwest.  We too have a right to have our voices heard, because we are the ones that feed most of the nation.  I know it’s hard for the elite in Hollywood to actually understand that, but I do hope they at least TRY.

This Meryl Streep garbage that is headlining today is pathetic.  The woman’s time is DONE.  She is irrelevant at this point in time to the majority of Americans.  So why is she news?  Because she’s the butt of the joke today.  I hope she and the others who applauded her understand this.

Hollywood simply needs to sit down and SHUT UP.  We voters you keep snubbing don’t have a problem with boycotts, just an FYI.

Your guy had his time – for 8 years.  He has NOT helped America.  He has HURT America – in every way possible.  It figures that some rich clueless nut jobs in Hollywood who simply couldn’t live the way most of the rest of us do don’t get that.  They aren’t harmed by Obama’s policies like the rest of us are.

When you struggle to make 30,000 a year, and struggle to feed a family of 3 or 4 on that salary/income, then the rest of us might take your diatribe seriously.   When your health insurance goes away and you have to pay cash for every doctor appointment, and then get taxed for not having any to the tune of almost 2000.00 a year (and rising), while trying to live on 30K a year, then we can talk.  When you lose that job that was barely getting you by because the taxation of business is so bad in this nation that it’s cheaper to operate out of Mexico or China, and have to work 3 part time jobs to keep up, then we can talk.  You people are CLUELESS.  Don’t call this a lie because my family and I have lived it for the last 6 years.  Obama has just about turned the nation into a 3rd world country.
Now?  While you live in your mansions and have your limo drivers and collect your diamonds and pearls and gowns and tuxedos and have your chefs cook your meals and maids clean your mansions and handle your laundry, you GOT NOTHING TO SAY that’s of any importance regarding politics to the rest of the nation.  NOTHING.

Let it be HEARD…..THE PEOPLE….the BACKBONE of this nation HAVE SPOKEN.  We tried the whiny, snively, liberal way – and it has FAILED….miserably.

Meryl – please go away.  Your kind is no longer wanted in this nation.  You do not speak for the rest of us and frankly are simply embarrassing yourself terribly.  GO AWAY.  Just….go….away.

“nuff said”.


    1. You are true American. I too struggle to get by and have a job in which I’m on the frontline of keeping our country chugging along gracefully and unnoticed by annoying fascists like most of Hollywood. It’s classic projection tactics… they call their enemy the very thing they are themselves. Hollywood is nothing but a bunch of communists who want us to suffer while they live lavishly when we are the ones who pay their bills. It’s pathetic. I wish the whole country would boycott All TV, All Movies, All Music… and buy Nothing that these idiots endorse. I’d sooner learn how to make my own hair and skin care products and clothing than to buy the crap with their faces next to them. We could literally “burn down” this entire den of idols just as our great grandfather Abraham did by simply resisting. We don’t have to buy their crap, watch their garbage, or acknowledge them At All. They are literally NO ONE. They do nothing for humanity except leach. Why should they get awards for being on TV and in Movies. The REAL HEROS of this world are our Firefighters, Military, Police, Paramedics, Loving Mothers, Great Fathers, etc…. THEY deserve they’re own award show.

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