Let this be a formal plea to all the anarchists and liberals out there:  PLEASE – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – STOP EMBARRASSING OUR NATION!

The photos of the women protesters these past few days that have been going viral in mockery of them have thrown me over the edge.  I have done so many face palms I have 2 black and blue eyes now. 

Kidding, but seriously, come on ladies.


When you dress yourselves up as va-jay-jay’s, how can you possibly expect ANYONE to take you seriously?

When you have women dressing like 2 bit whores for attention, who will take you seriously?  Seriously, I couldn’t tell if one picture was women, or men trying to dress as women in bras and panties.

When you have overly obese women wearing clothes way too tight, showing off every bulge and every bit of cottage cheese from their toes to their cheeks, making their bellies look like their behinds, and wearing t-shirts that say “don’t touch my P*$$y”, how in the world do you expect anyone to take you seriously?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who shudders at that whole imagery thing going on there.

When you have MADONNA of all people, as a spokesperson for you, the plastic surgery queen herself, trying to be the next Michael Jackson, who is an absolute HAS BEEN at this point (since she ruined her career with all her smutty movies and songs back in the 80’s) stating she wants to blow up the white house and then starts singing – when clearly she can’t anymore – how in the world do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

The woman called Obama a MUSLIM at her shows….yet you all denied that claim for 8 years….now suddenly she’s a sane person?  Please explain that to me.

When many of you refer to Trump as Hitler when YOU are the ones calling for the genocide of approximately one million fetuses per year  – half of which ARE female – how in the world can anyone take you seriously?

When we on the right know some of you are getting paid LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY to disrupt life in cities and be a nuisance – how can you be taken seriously?

You guys sure all made the Trump women look amazing.  Thanks for that at least.  Really, they were very stunning and beautiful and classy….a far cry from what y’all displayed.  Again, thank you for showing so many the difference between women on the right and those on the left.

Take it from we “chicks on the right” – you aren’t showing A SHRED OF CLASS whatsoever.  You are being laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, and discredited by the entire world, outside of the minority of you that went out and embarrassed this nation and yourselves.  You should be ashamed.

You don’t speak for me.  You don’t speak for over half the women in this nation.  All you speak for is the few useful idiot media puppets who walked along side you, embarrassing yourselves.  Though your lying media outlets are lauding you few as “heroes”, lemme tell you – you are a complete laughing stock to the rest of the nation and the world.

I pray this blog goes viral so you can see just how dishonorable, how disgusting, how deplorable, and how classless you have all shown yourselves – in so many different ways.

Now, as a woman, I will tell you – these things, these displays of disgrace and hate?  THIS is why your party lost and will continue to fall apart.  THIS is why so many are leaving the dark side and coming to the right.  THIS is why you will never be taken seriously.

Don’t you have husbands or children to tend to?

How about JOBS?  How about doing something POSITIVE FOR YOUR COMMUNITIES instead of wasting days/weeks – just to make donkey’s out of yourselves and “vent your ‘hateful’ feelings” in a world that simply does not care how you feel about Trump or your own private parts?

OK enough….again – please – STOP EMBARRASSING yourselves, this nation, and other women who you make ashamed to be one by your actions.  Grow up, go home, BE A REAL WOMAN and suck it up buttercups.  Trump ain’t going nowhere and it’s time to deal with it.

Time to pull up the big girl panties and instead of complaining and whining, DO SOMETHING to make your family and local community a better place.

For the record?  We on the right had to endure and suffer through big eared O Dumb dumb for 8 GRUELING, very, VERY long years.  Try to have the same couth and class as we did through it all.

What a disgrace.  Shameful.  Disgusting.

Sorry, but it had to be said.

One thought on “PLEASE STOP….

  1. hey, this is what happens when you let you let walmart take over a country.

    its been in the works for a decade or more– you cant expect people to simply have pride all of a sudden.

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