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There’s a ton going on lately regarding the White House and abortion.  I have many opinions on the matter of abortion, planned parenthood, and the church regarding abortion.  I believe they are common sense ideas and hope some will hear me on this.

This isn’t a cut and dry issue.  This is one that I’ve looked into statistics of many issues surrounding abortion and planned parenthood and hope that people can take a little something from all I’m about to share.

Another thing I wish to state is that I experienced PP first-hand in the last 5 years when I had my own “hard case” procedure (abortion) done.  I’ll briefly explain that, but lemme start by saying, as a Christian, it was one of the hardest choices I had to make, and it was one of the hardest tests to endure.  It was my life be saved, or me and the child die and leave my husband and other 2 daughters behind.   I was 7 weeks along when mine was completed because I didn’t want it to go any further than that.  (would have had it done sooner if PP wasn’t so backed up).

It was something that took me a good year, year and a half to forgive myself for.  It was something that created health problems in me regarding my reproductive system that are still afflicting me.  I’m not alone in this because most women endure emotional and physical problems after abortions.  I can come out about this now because I’ve accepted Christ’s forgiveness, and my own and I’m comfortable in my own skin again about it all.

I’m going to give you a lot to take in, so sit tight, and lets move on.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD – Yes, I had to go there as it is the ONLY place in our area that provides this procedure.  I hated every minute of it.  I had to deal with my own brothers and sisters in Christ shoving posters and pamphlets in my face and in my hands regarding what I was about to go through.  Little did they know, I used to be just like them until then.  “MURDER” is a common word used by them and there’s nothing worse than watching your own, who are supposed to be compassionate and loving calling you a murderer when you know they just don’t get it.  I believe Christ will use my experience for His Glory because I hope to now see a change in the church’s actions regarding abortion.  But back to PP – just briefly – they were eager to perform the procedure and offered me no other services.  NONE.  The abortion was fairly expensive, and because of our income at the time, I received a “subsidy” from the government to lower the cost.  Yes, your taxpayer dollars (and our own) helped fund my procedure.  It saved my life for awhile longer, if that’s any consolation?

This Planned Parenthood had high security, they are very secretive, and very cold and unsocial.  A few of the nurses I dealt with there WERE kind and compassionate – but mostly – cold and callous.  Despite what their proponents say – my impression was that it IS a baby killing mill.  There were VERY long waits, and virtually no one really talked to anyone else and if they did, it was basically in a whisper.  It sickens me to this day to think about that experience in that cold, old, wore out building that smelled like an old library or schoolhouse. It was a nightmare!

I actually met another “patient” there – a young black woman – who had no qualms telling my husband and I that she had been there 6 times in one year.  I could have cried.   I couldn’t say much though because heck, I would have been the biggest hypocrite at that moment.

The reason I’m telling of my experience is because I hope it gives some validity to the rest  that I have to say.  Many who speak out against it never experienced any part of it and I can guarantee you, if they did, they would be a LOT more humble in how they approach others on the matter instead of sitting in their high and mighty “holier than thou” stances.  Did I mention – I’m a Jesus following born again believer?

And to the skeptics out there?  Yeah, I COULD have prayed, and put all my faith in the Lord to carry me through 7.5 more months with stroke level, uncontrollable blood pressure.  I could also be 6 feet under right now – or in heaven with my Lord, not sharing this with any of you.  I would prefer heaven instead of taking 5 pills a day, dealing with all the side effects, along with numerous supplements, but I still have work to do here.

APPROXIMATE ABORTION STATISTICS:  I say approximate because I can’t seem to find any solid statistics ANYWHERE;
*Approximately 95% of all abortions in the US are “elective” abortions (approximately 95,000 annually).
*The 2 highest reasons for abortion in this country that are elective abortions are “I’m too young to have a baby” and “I’m too poor to have a baby”.
*Approximately 5% of abortions are because of the mothers’ health, including rape and incest cases where the mother’s ‘mental’ health may be at risk.  (approximately 5,000 annually)
*There are almost just as many miscarriages in the world every year as there are abortions worldwide.  BOTH are aborted fetuses – one is natural, one is man induced.

All in all, in the US alone, we are losing approximately just under 2 million babies per year, including miscarriages.  Gee… think we have a “sex” problem in this country?

GETTING RID OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD:  I’m thinking back to the movie “Dirty Dancing” that takes place back in the 50’s/early 60’s where a character in the movie gets pregnant, is unwed, and has to set up an “underground” abortion appointment with a non-certified person to perform the procedure.  Within hours she is afflicted with pain, bleeding, and an infection in which the main character then has to “out” the girl so her doctor dad can help her.

THIS is one of the reasons why abortions were legalized.  Women were dying from dirty utensils used to extract a fetus and people that didn’t always know what they were doing.  This wasn’t anything new because abortion has been going on since early Egyptian days – PRE-JESUS.

If we did get rid of planned parenthood – it may cut down elective abortion, but it won’t stop them.  Planned Parenthood is the TAIL of the snake, the end of the sin, the end of the line in this whole process.  So, with this said, is the church REALLY fighting the right fight?

I wish to add that I don’t believe PP should be taxpayer funded….I believe that if churches need to raise their own funds, so should these mills.  Asking Christians to put their taxes towards this organization is like asking an atheist to fund churches with their taxes.

MEN ARE THE MOST OUTSPOKEN ABOUT THIS MATTER WITHIN THE CHURCH, NOT WOMEN.  Why is that?  And does their opinion on the matter really hold any weight?  My thought is – no, not really.

This is a WOMAN’S issue, that should be handled by WOMEN in the church.  It is a delicate issue and it’s my opinion that men from the church should not be running around, pointing fingers, calling ANY woman a murderer.  It’s wrong, it doesn’t help the cause, and it’s destructive for the church.  A man’s lack of knowledge and experience in pregnancy, or being on the receiving end of a rape or incest, causes their ignorance and lack of empathy on the matter.  Again, I ask, why aren’t MORE WOMEN from the church trying to help other women in this predicament?

I’ll tell you why:  because we have become WEAK and too liberal in our faith.  Women in the church are afraid of “political correctness” and don’t want the conflict – going head to head with liberals in this nation and their pro-choice movement.  The Christian female friends I have UNDERSTOOD what I was going through and couldn’t judge me – they KNEW what an awful predicament I was in while the men continued to call me a murderer.  Sad.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN WITH ABORTION:  I think abortion should ONLY be a medical emergency, and the last possible resort.  I think the sooner it can be done, if it needs to be, the better.  I believe these need official, life SAVING doctor approvals, just like any other surgery.  I believe these abortion procedure providers should work in certified hospitals, so if anything DOES go wrong, all resources are at their disposal to save both mother and child, if feasible.  I believe if the mother cannot care for the child if the child is save-able, in cases of incest or rape, then volunteer surrogate homes need to be provided for the child until adoption can happen.  If the child can be saved and the mother with it, and the mother wants the child, then unity continues.

Little do most people think about this, but abortion type procedures happen quite often in hospitals/Dr. offices with ectopic pregnancies; where the egg is fertilized in the Fallopian tube instead of the uterus.  When this happens, a woman can be given a shot to terminate the pregnancy and let it pass, or through laparoscopic surgery.  That’s to save a mother’s life, right?

THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE:  I have a hard time understanding why the church is so in an uproar on this matter when they don’t even touch where this sin begins:  the premarital and irresponsible sexual practices in this nation.  I don’t see them standing with their signs in front of high schools, warning kids of pregnancy/abortion if they have sex.  I only see them picketing abortion clinics.

I don’t see them holding rallies for kids.  I don’t see them going to schools and speaking about sex.  I don’t see them publicly doing ANYTHING to nip this problem in the bud.  WHY IS THAT????  Are we not presenting ourselves as fools, going after Planned Parenthood instead of the source of the problem?  I told you above the 2 main reasons for elective abortion – one being “I’m too young”.  What does that tell us?

Roe vs Wade will NOT be turned around – and with reason.  Sexual immorality is so rampant in this nation that I feel we would have to go back to the old days where orphan homes were plentiful without abortion.  And who would pay for those kids?  Would there be enough people to adopt?  Where would the facilities be and who would help them all in those facilities?  Who would feed them?  I mean – 95,000 KIDS A YEAR….!

We, as a nation, AND THE CHURCH, HAVE to think about ALL THINGS INVOLVED…. not just run around calling people MURDERERS because it makes us feel better in our faith because we aren’t standing for anything else when we should be.  I know I sure don’t appreciate my fellow Christians calling ME a murderer, especially when they don’t know my walk, and they certainly don’t have a clue about me or my experiences on this matter, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

My fellow Christians, please think about all these things.  Use your RHETORIC WISELY.  Note to all of you:  the words KILL and MURDER are EXTREMELY offensive and abrasive.  I know many wish to “point out the sin” – but are you TRULY fighting the RIGHT BATTLE?  We must remember a plank in our own eye, vs the stick in others.  Jesus did tell us that to commit one sin is equal to committing them all; let us remember this as we point fingers with accusations.  We just never know how our words may affect a woman who had this procedure done.  What if we knew our words caused a suicide after an abortion?  How do we know they haven’t?  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

END PREMARITAL SEX – SAVE THOUSANDS OF BABIES annually…..makes sense no?  ‘Nuff said.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


  1. I agree with much of this post, but I have to speak up concerning one comment you made. You say that a man’s opinion on abortion doesn’t hold any weight. Really? Just because a man can never have an abortion? In my opinion, shutting out the half of the population that supposedly is the church leadership (you may disagree with that, but it’s biblical), is dangerous. Isolating women trying to deal with such a huge issue as abortion from Godly men who can be a source of support is a terrible idea. I believe, as you do, that men should be a source of encouragement rather than derision. So rather than telling men to mind their own business because some are cruel, why not allow those who want to be positive and helpful do just that?

    1. I agree with you Tom. Unfortunately – MOST “Christian” men (and I used that term loosely) in this nation run around, flailing their arms, pointing fingers at women, screaming “MURDERER!”. It’s very discouraging and heartbreaking that they cannot see the plank in their eye while trying to pick the stick out of other’s. Women have abortions for all sorts of reasons, and we don’t need to be condemning them to hell – that’s God’s job. I just fear the message that THOSE Christians are giving. I don’t believe they should be so hostile, sitting outside of planned parenthood with horrific pictures, trying to make a point. If they wish to stand outside of planned parenthood and hand out anything, it should be phone numbers and pamphlets of other life-saving resources, and lovingly approaching people. I understand WHY they do it….they want to grab someone’s heart, but you can catch more bees with honey, you know?

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