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Why God Created Satan

My daughter asked me THE QUESTION today and I had to come up with an answer to something that is hard to understand for all of us:

“Mom.  Why did God create Satan when He knew Satan would do all these bad things?”

I mustered through it, telling her the story of Job and how Job was allowed by God to suffer at Satan’s hand and how God responded to Job by telling Job of His power in all of creation and more.  He TESTED Job’s loyalty through all of this, and because Job didn’t stray from his faith, God rewarded him greatly.

And then I had to think a bit deeper and get to a REAL understanding of why DID God create Satan?  Here’s what I came up with:

Grab any material thing next to you; a glass, a remote, a pillow, a book……grab it and tell it “Love me!”

Is it going to?  No it is not.  Why won’t that material thing love you?  Because it can’t….it has no EMOTION.

God wanted to be loved.  He was all alone before He created the angels and wanted to feel loved.  He didn’t NEED IT…..but He wanted it.

He HAD to create something with emotions….not just material things.  Along with these emotions comes free will.  Free will to love, to hate, to envy, to feel joy and happiness, etc.  You cannot have anything positive without something negative to show you that it IS positive, right?

COULD God have created the angels to solely love Him?  I suppose He could have….but what fun is there in that?  If your creation only knows how to do ONE THING….LOVE….can it REALLY be felt by the receiver as GENUINE, or is it just because you made it to be that way?  And would even we, as humans, be happy with that?  Knowing that another loves us simply because they were MADE to love and only love?  I know I wouldn’t be happy with that, nor do I think God would have been.

In a nutshell, because God wanted love, He had to create the angels, AND mankind with free will, because that free will gives us the emotions necessary to love, genuinely, and whole-hearted – otherwise, we’d all simply be robots; emotionless, and just all doing what we were told or what was instilled in us.  There’s little satisfaction in that.  We’d all simply be TOOLS.

God created the angels and mankind to have a RELATIONSHIP with Him….and we either choose to, or we choose not to.  Satan chose not to, and took a third of the other angels with him.  Much of mankind chooses not to love God, and just like Satan, they too will be destroyed in the end.

LOVE…..it’s what God wanted, it’s what He commands of us towards Him, it’s what He commands of us towards each other.  Anything outside of that is based on our pride and envy.

So when someone asks you WHY God created an evil angel, tell them it’s not that He wanted to, it’s just part of His plan to achieve His glory.  He will use that evil, and always has, FOR His glory and His alone.  It’s not to harm us because we do that ourselves by our choices.  It’s not to kill us because all of mankind achieves that well enough on it’s own.

FREE WILL:  to love, to hate, to accept, to deny.  Without free will, we are merely robotic tools.

Be thankful for the grace and mercy He shows you by letting this planet to continue on, and for the breath he allows you every moment of every day.  Amen?

And always remember – it is appointed man ONCE to die, and after that comes the judgement.  (If there’s one thing guaranteed in life, it’s death.)

Doesn’t matter how we die, or at who’s hand….we all have a time – whether it’s in some accident, by illness, or simply old age.  No sense in blaming God for that.  Truthfully, He created us immortal, until Satan destroyed all that….that’s when DEATH entered into the scene.  God didn’t cause that, we and Satan did….so stop blaming God.  Amen?

Peace to you all, today and every day.

One thought on “Why God Created Satan

  1. I prefer the term, often used in scripture, Prove, Proven.


    demonstrate the truth or existence of (something) by evidence or argument:
    “the concept is difficult to prove” · [more]
    synonyms: show (to be true) · demonstrate (the truth of) · show beyond doubt · [more]

    In conjunction with the “thought” proving the quality of a metal with fire, it opens a whole new map for thought. I never cared much for tests … justthe 60’s rebel in me.

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