I was talking to my youngest the other day about home ownership.

I explained to her that even when you own a home, even when the mortgage is completely paid off, you never REALLY own your home.  The reason being is because your home is placed on top of government owned land.  Home ownership requires annual “property tax” payments for the land your home sits on.  If you don’t pay those taxes – guess what?  BYE BYE HOME.  The government takes it to cover the tax lien, and there you go.  Now you have a foreclosure under your belt and who wins?  Not you, that’s for sure.

Yet we often hear that home ownership in this country is the “American Dream”.  Is it really?

Let’s next look at driving;  you cannot drive unless you have a PERMIT (or better known as a “license”) issued by the government.  This license must be updated periodically and paid for.  Oh, and to add to that, you must be issued a LICENSE PLATE – also given by the government, which requires a government issued annual “expiration sticker” – which also has to be paid for.  And don’t forget about auto insurance – now also a legal requirement** – paid for by you – the driver.  Without these 4 things, one simply cannot drive in this nation.

**Which States Do Not Require Car Insurance?

  • New Hampshire: Although car insurance is not mandatory in NH, you are still responsible for damages up to $50,000 for liability and $25,000 for property damage. Expect a suspended license and registration for not being able to pay for damages of an accident you or your vehicle caused.

  • Virginia: Don’t want to pay for car insurance in Virginia? You have the option to pay the state $500 annually but that would not provide any coverage. You would still be held liable if you caused an accident.

Health Insurance – the last free stand on earth – is now gone also.  If you don’t have it – you get to pay Uncle Sam a nice healthy fine/tax – thanks to the Obama Administration.

Wanna go fishing?  You better have a (state) government issued license and follow their laws!

Wanna go hunting?  You better have a state issued license and follow their laws!

Wanna do some updates on your home?  You better get a city issued permit, and follow their laws!

You wanna burn your fall leaves?  You better have a burn permit, and (all together now) FOLLOW THEIR LAWS!

You wanna shoot off some fireworks?  You better buy a fireworks permit and…… follow their laws!

Wanna own a gun?  You better get approved by the government and then issued a permit.

Wanna start a business?  Many careers need licensing and there are insurance requirements that have to be met – whether or not you have employees.  And don’t forget about those businesses that involve the FDA and EPA.

I could go on and on.

My question then falls to – what exactly is it that’s in our lives that the government DOESN’T have their greedy little hands in?

And how exactly are we FREE anymore?

Oh I know, I know…..we still have “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion”…..supposedly.  I mean, the left IS trying to shut down – in any way they can – those who say ANYTHING they disagree with.  Look how the pathetic pigs treat our President – that says a lot don’t you think?  Look how they treat police, and anyone else in authority they disagree with.  Actually, it doesn’t even have to be someone in “authority” that they try to shut down – all in the name of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Freedom of religion….ask the Christians who are being assaulted and harassed constantly by atheists and Jesus haters in this country if they are really free to worship where they wish and how they wish.   Many who aren’t Christ following believers will not see this as much as the rest of us, but trust me when I say the persecution of us in this country is growing greater by the day.

I’ll ask again, are we REALLY FREE anymore?  Or is it just those in the government who get away with lying, stealing and cheating the American taxpayer?  They must be the only real FREE people left in this country, cause I’m havin’ a hard time finding anyone else that’s really, truly FREE.

I don’t care who you are – red, black, white, yellow – we have ALL allowed ourselves to become slaves; slaves to the bloated and overreaching government.  They have taken control of just about all our lives.  Shoot, they even limit our choices to what we can eat or not eat by banning things they deem “bad for us”.  They even ban certain cleaning supplies for the sake of our water.

They’ve made it so we all pretty much HAVE to have internet – in order to conduct most business.  They’ve made it so all of us have to pay for cable TV – if we wish to watch anything.  I remember the days before cable tv, and I certainly remember the days before computers and internet.  Now we couldn’t live without them.  And how about cell phones?  Can you name ONE family you know who doesn’t have a single cell phone?  And who is monitoring ALL OF IT?????

We are NOT free my friends.  All of these things consume our money like I run my garbage disposal.

And people say we are headed for socialism?  No….it’s communism we are headed for my friends.  Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

God bless – and wishes for peace to you all, today and every day.


What are your thoughts?

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