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The Church is in BIG TROUBLE.

I had an experience on Facebook (again) today that blew my mind.  Yes that evil, pride raising, egomaniacal inducing social media venue.  

I had had this male friend for quite some time on there.  I didn’t pay a ton of attention to his posts, but some.  He clearly did not follow me at all because his activity on my page was non-existent.   I know this man has a retarded son (God bless his family), he has long stringy hair and an equally stringy beard – or something like it.  And I know (now) that he walks around, puffing himself up as if he’s some big renowned teacher of scripture, and that he has a TON of baby Christians following him and interacting with him on his profile and his posts.  I pray for them all to not be deceived by this man’s teachings…God’s will be done.

Today, he popped a post about the heavenly sign that the Christian world is talking about that’s going to happen on 9/23/17 regarding the constellation Virgo.  One of his followers posted via comment a video about the pre-tribulation rapture (PTRB) and how he believes this is supposed to happen because of this heavenly sign.

My followers know how I feel about this PTRB “theory”.  I can’t stand it.  It drives me batty….because it’s NOT biblical.  I cannot for the life of me fathom how so many can embrace this Satanic deception and it starts a churning in me every time I see/hear someone talking about it.  I’m in passionate defense at that point of God’s Word and I always feel compelled, at that moment, to pull that darned old soap box out and start teaching TRUTH.  It’s just a given.

That was a mistake today.  I once again walked away battered and bruised by the male ego, and angry as fire.  Father forgive me.

I tell you what – it was worse than throwing myself into a similar teaching position on an atheist page.  The wolves started circling.  The throwing off of tackles started almost immediately as I defended my stance.  I later asked myself; “why do I constantly have to DEFEND truth with these people that are SUPPOSED to KNOW IT!?”

I found out later, the owner of this profile, long stringy hair hippy dude, is an “amillennialist”.  Do you know what they believe?  They believe that there will be NO 1000 YEAR REIGN OF CHRIST.  Despite scripture saying this – he doesn’t believe this.  I was blown away.

I now understand why he was using $10.00 words with me, asking me to “label” my beliefs, and simply why he couldn’t GRASP every bit of truth and scripture I had shared in that 2 hour defense line.  The conversation ended (in usual form of a lost soul), with him COMPLETELY insulting me and my intelligence, basically telling me I am “NO ONE IMPORTANT”, and that (without outwardly saying it) scripture understanding is SUBJECTIVE – meaning that whatever truth we take out of that Book, well that’s OUR INDIVIDUAL TRUTH; it’s our individual “beliefs”.

Needless to say, he is no longer my friend on Facebook.

I bruised his ego and pride with scriptural truth so he naturally went on the attack.  This is what all lost souls without the Holy Spirit do.

Let me just say, if this is how most of the church feels (which I know much of it does), regarding the PTRB, or Amillenialism, or the Prosperity Gospel, or are part of the COEXIST MOVEMENT and that all religions lead to the same God, then the church is in HUGE trouble.  If the church is feeling that scripture’s truth is subjective, oh Lord have mercy!


They are deceiving themselves, creating an idol for themselves, and are quickly embracing a “lukewarm” stance.

Scripture tells us that wide is the gate to destruction, and many go in by that path.  It says that narrow is the way to life and few find it.

I’m not saying I’ve found it, but I do know this:  if I’m part of a very minor group within the faith that believes in dispensationalism (takes the bible literally), then you know what?  I must be doing something right.  If I’m being persecuted every time I turn around and open my mouth or get my fingers all over this keyboard, then I’m on the right path.

Man has been making erroneous judgments and creating idols since the beginning of time.  The world’s greatest scientists cannot even fathom the idea of chlorophyll in a plant or how it works, let alone the ways of God – but somehow men like this one I dealt with today seem to think they have all the answers and can be rude, crude, and obnoxious to ANYONE that comes along and tries to teach them scriptural truths.  I bet he’d be as rude to Jesus had Jesus come along and tried to tell him he was wrong.  And he goes by the name of “bible believing Christian”.

Say what?

This is the state of the church today my friends; RIGHT FIGHTERS.  Rebels, without causes.  Offensive lines to truth – trying to stop it at any opportunity because they “feel” it’s wrong.  May God have mercy on them.

Christian men out there – learn to shed that pride….SERIOUSLY….before it destroys you.  Stop being condescending to women, stop putting down those who try to correct you, because eventually, God WILL give you over to yourself.  You will rue that day, trust me.

As for me – it really makes me NOT enjoy sticking my neck out there, but then I remember the persecution Jesus and the disciples endured.  There is a bigger mission here besides my own hurt pride…and that’s continuing to teach truth, to whoever has ears to hear.

God help the church.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


What are your thoughts?

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