I, like many others, have lots to say about this NFL thing.  It’s a passionate debate we are having about this but I wanna just touch on a couple of things that at least half the nation is feeling about all this.

First, at what exact moment has the left lost their minds?  I can’t pinpoint it, but the insane rhetoric coming from them is beyond any of the right’s understanding.  They don’t make a lick of sense anymore.  Every day I hear much of what they are saying and it just leaves me scratching my head over and over again.

Let me address one point:  THEY ARE SAYING THAT TRUMP IS THE ONE CAUSING ALL THIS DIVISION.  I don’t know if they’ve been sleeping the last 8 or so years that they didn’t see what was going on with their “messiah’s” (Obama) administration?  I mean how could they have missed all the chaos HE caused?  Did all these protests start in the Trump administration?  NO.  They started with Treyvon Martin in 2012.  Every major riot aired from that point until (and after) Trump was elected was all Obama.  So how can these people say that TRUMP is “causing” all this division?  Are they blind, stupid, or just plain nuts?

People want to say that what Trump said was “divisive”.   So truth is now divisive?

The people in this nation cannot handle the POTUS saying “SOB” but they can watch movies all the time with constant cussing, and they walk around saying far more offensive words in their daily lives?  They can be “so offended” by one of Trump’s statements when they themselves are often daily FAR MORE OFFENSIVE to those that oppose them?  Stop.  Just STOP.

THE NFL:  Let me just give them a strong warning:  Trump won the election because at least half the nation couldn’t handle seeing one more term from an insane administration, destroying this nation from within.  That means that at least half the nation STILL SUPPORT HIM.  You (NFL) stand against HIM – YOU STAND AGAINST US.

Y’all wanna say (at first) that this was about “innocent blacks being killed by cops”.  What in the world does that have to do with the NATIONAL ANTHEM?  You got an issue with your local cops, you take it up with them – you DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON THE VERY HANDS THAT FEED YOU my greedy overgrown egomaniacal helmet wearers.  At least half your fans that are financially supporting your sorry butts are Trump supporters.  At least half your fans – that are financially supporting your sorry butts – have veteran or military family members.  HOW DARE YOU insult them by kneeling to our flag.

You say this is “not about the nation”.  What the heck is the “national” anthem FOR?  Is it solely for cops?  Does it not have the word ‘NATIONAL” in it?  Are ya stupid or somethin’?

How DARE YOU raise yourselves above our military or our national flag.  You are not some great band of gods or anything.  Let me tell you all something:  If I had to choose between giving my money to a man or a woman that fights to ensure that I sleep in peace at night versus giving my money to some greedy over-masculated, overgrown, and overpaid children who just want to give those who put food on their tables the finger because they “have freedom of speech” – I’ll choose the military.  And you know what?  There’s a whole lot of others who feel JUST LIKE I do.

You spit on the very flag that gives you the RIGHT to play ball, that gives you the ability to be rich, that gives you EVERYTHING you have.  You spit on every veteran and their family by doing what you’re doing.  You spit on the very people and nation that gave you the RIGHT to take that knee.

I don’t care if that’s how you see it or not – that IS what you are doing.  I don’t care if that’s how you FEEL or not – your “feelings” do not concern us.

You are PAID TO ENTERTAIN.  That’s it.  Now either do your jobs RESPECTFULLY, or get off the field.

Wrong place, wrong platform, wrong message.

Trump had all the same rights saying what he said about the NFL as these yahoos feel they have about kneeling.  He was speaking for the silent majority, and he was speaking for our beloved military.

And just like the left felt with the election, the NFL will also feel the pains of their actions with a dying revenue, lessening fans, and receiving the same disrespect they have handed the nation.  We just simply will not tolerate this garbage any longer.  It’s time to grow up.

Very good then….that’s all.  Have a nice day.



8 thoughts on “TRUMP IS RIGHT. AGAIN.

  1. In some respects I agree with you entirely, but other things not so much. I have no problem with President Trump calling someone a SOB, but I do find it troubling that the President is pressuring the NFL to fire people. Effectively trying to take away someone’s livelihood because you don’t agree with their message isn’t right. It’s a silent protest – the players have the right to do it – and this feels like a way to censor them. Instead of bending the knee to a king, we have to put our hands over our hearts.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with their reasons for what they’re doing, but I think they should be able to do it until the NFL decides of their own accord to let them go. I don’t at all mind President Trump saying we should boycott. But the political pressure from the president to fire them, IMHO, was over the line.


    1. It’s amazing to me how little people understand Trump. He made some statements about how he felt about the matter. There was no pressuring of anyone to do anything. He was speaking at a rally, made the comment to the crowd, the crowd loved it, and the NFL went bizerk because they are a bunch of hypocritical entitled and pampered babies.

      The NFL isn’t even following their own rules at this point.

      Trump is a no nonsense kinda guy. He’s actually funny and warm and a very down to earth person. People don’t give him enough credit.

      1. Unfortunately, the link you included isn’t working. I agree that people and the media are always looking for something to hate him for. However…

        Trump’s tweets: The NFL has all sorts of rules and regulations. The only way out for them is to set a rule that you can’t kneel during our National Anthem!
        …should stand for the National Anthem. If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!

        There are many others in a similar vein. In my opinion, this is pressure. The President calling out the NFL repeatedly and saying what they should do is pressure. Saying the NFL should change the rules to fire these people is pressure.

        Again, there’s a difference in the sentiment of “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” and saying multiple times that a private company should fire people for doing something political.


      2. They already have that rule in the NFL waifu….Trump probably already knew that too. Don’t you think they should follow their own rules? Trump didn’t set forth any executive order on this, he made a STATEMENT….that the NFL should follow their own rules. They have become a tool of the left communist party, and they will fall because of it, sadly.

  2. Of course if there is already a rule then it should be enforced – a company should follow their own rules or they have no ethical standards. However, I was going based on what the President said that a new rule needed to be made. (I don’t watch football and am not going to pretend I know what the rules are.)

    Trump did not say the NFL should follow their own rules, he said they should “set a rule.” I think you’re being a little too charitable when you say he “probably already knew that.” His statement indicates that he didn’t and that he was not trying to get them to follow existing rules. He wanted a new rule to be made because he didn’t like what they were doing. He has also called the NFL boring, so it doesn’t sound like he regularly watched and would know the rules either.

    If Trump says something about what China should do, for instance, I think it is fair to say that is political pressure. Why is it not political pressure when he tells a private company what to do?


    1. Listen…if u got a problem with Trump, I cannot help you with that. I have great respect for him and as President of the most powerful nation in the world, and the most free…I think his accomplishments in his position, as well as all he’s achieved outside of the White House DESERVE respect. Have u done what he has been able to? I know I haven’t. I truly do not wish to engage in your micro managing semantics or opinions. I’m not trying to be rude, I just feel you are being too petty and it’s not worth my time anymore. Our society has become FAR too hypersensitive over WORDS and it’s absolutely ridiculous. People really need spines again…sticks and stones……

      1. It’s not a weak response. I read through some of your blogs and got a good picture of who you are as a person.

        You wanna talk about Pressure? Let’s talk about pressure. Pressure is when your boss tells you to follow the rules or you lose your contract and all the perks that go along with it.

        Pressure is when you’re a cop and you have a non-compliant black man trying to kill you and you have no choice but to kill first.

        Pressure is when you are on naval ship, heading to a land in which you do not know, fighting enemies that hate you for no good reason, and knowing inside you could come home in a casket.

        What Trump SAID is not PRESSURE my dear.

        The problem is the wussification of the youth in this nation. Do you know my father died because he served in ‘Nam? Do you know that back in the 40’s, my father in law – at 17 years old, lied about his age just to go fight the Germans? Who do you know at that age today would do that?

        Kids today would rather whine and cry about all they are lacking and instead of actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT – they cry, confounding the problem and then wonder why.

        I’ve been homeless, I’ve been physically and emotionally abused, I’ve been abandoned by all family members that were supposed to be there, and much more. I was on my own before I finished High school, homeless twice before then. Don’t you DARE talk to me about pressure, and don’t you DARE presume to lecture me about how “weak” my argument might be.

        It’s time this nation became a nation of warriors again, not whiners.

        God bless you.

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