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b8d6b4b8460d2d6d34dbf77b31e9c1c5I have noticed something disturbing within the church that I don’t think many ponder.  I’m hoping this blog wakes some of the church up to their own folly.

What do you do when you see a post about abortion on social media by a Christian or ministry group?  Do you avoid it?  Do you jump into the conversation?  What do you do?

Some (or all) of you may have recently viewed the latest video that has gone VIRAL about the young couple outside of a Planned Parenthood who are confronted by a Christian woman pleading with them not to abort their baby and all the biblical reasons as to why they shouldn’t.

I saw this video recently posted in a Christian article.  Per my usual dismay, Christians jumped on the article, and on the Facebook post, quoting scripture, thumping their bibles, judging the couple involved in various ways, and stating their personal opinions on the matter.  Never ONCE did I see an ounce of empathy, compassion, or love for this poor couple who felt they had to make this awful decision.

A friend and I were discussing this today which led to this blog because we came up with something that I’ve been wanting to say on this matter for years to those Christians but couldn’t quite get the right words.

The woman who took and posted this video I’m sure had very good intentions with this couple…..until she hit the UPLOAD button.  Think about it – not only did this young, scared, and unsure couple have to deal with the awful decision of abortion, but NOW they have to deal with the world judging them and their decision.  And that IS what the church IS doing – JUDGING THEM.  Not only did this article judge them in their title by placing quotes around the word ‘Christian’ when describing this couple, but the comments from others also.  Here’s an example of comments posted by other self-professing christians:

Tristan said:   They prayed to molech. Not to God! They’re one of MANY professing Christians today, that love sin.”

While Ryan N Cheresa said:  Hard hearted people. God have mercy on this generation.”

Adding insult to injury, Frank said:  don’t tell me “Christians” can’t go to hell- “I never knew you” !!”

And then I don’t know what prayer means to this couple but I get a sense that it was not prayer but trying to justify their actions having the baby murdered.”

And it goes on, and on, and on…….

Based on the reaction from the church, I think if I were a part of the couple in this video, I would want to go kill myself.   Seriously.

And the woman recording this?  She stumbled and failed with this couple when she mentioned the word ‘MURDER’.   Murder to ANYONE is an ugly word and many know there’s a difference between KILLING and MURDER according to scripture.  One is done out of perceived necessity, while the other is done with hate in one’s heart.

You can’t tell me this couple HATED the fetus in her womb.  I heard her say she didn’t want it….never ONCE did I hear she hated it.

The woman who placed this very personal dilemma recording out there is guilty of GOSSIP by hitting that UPLOAD button.  She placed herself in God’s own judgment seat when she said “MURDER”.  And every other “Christian” who followed suit in judging this couple with their hateful comments is also guilty.

Listen my fellow beloved… is NOT our business to judge others’ sins.  We can warn them, we can state what the bible says, but that is IT.  We love others by pointing out sin, as long as that’s ALL WE ARE DOING – pointing it out.  When we start beating them over the head with a bat, that’s where we cross the line.

Would you act the same towards a drunkard?  Or your friend who lies all the time?  Why aren’t Christians hanging out at bars in the evening talking THEM out of going in and drinking themselves into oblivion which could lead to all sorts of other ugly stuff?  Why aren’t Christians standing outside football stadiums warning of idol worship?  You get my point.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all this – it’s the fact that Christians focus SO MUCH on this issue because it’s the easiest target.  Most white American Christians have not experienced abortion, thus it’s easy to point the finger at.  They become so hateful and judgmental because it may help them feel better about their own sins – because THIS ONE most of the church is not guilty of.

I can GUARANTEE YOU…..if this video had been about a discussion on drunkenness, or infidelity, or fornication, or sleeping with people before marriage, or lying….the church wouldn’t even touch it.  WHY?  Because THOSE THINGS MOST Christians are guilty of and have nothing to say.  I wonder how they would feel if those of us who don’t drink spewed that garbage about them….or those of us who don’t lie or fornicate would spew that garbage?

This is precisely why Jesus first said “YOU HYPOCRITE” in the well known verse on removing the speck from your brother’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own.

My beloved…it is NOT OUR JOB to judge others unrighteously.  Especially when we don’t know people personally.  Scripture tells us to judge with RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT, not on outward appearances.  HE ALONE knows one’s heart, and all of our walks with Him are very different from each other.  He will convict whom He will convict and He will judge ALL on what He will judge.  It is not our job.

Jesus gave us TWO NEW COMMANDMENTS….you’d think they’d be very simple, but they just aren’t apparently.  Those are:
1.  Love God with your entire being – all of yourself.
2.  Love others as you’d be loved or as you love yourself.

It’s THAT SIMPLE.  If you were this young, scared and unsure couple, would YOU WANT the church talking about you the way many have?  If it were your own daughter or granddaughter, how would comments like the above make you feel?  Or worse yet, how would you feel if you were going through some horrid experience like this, and someone from the church recorded it and placed it on the web for it to go viral?  I might ponder a lawsuit actually.  That right there – NOBODY’S BUSINESS!

We must be going about our Father’s business.  Our business is NOT to slander or be hateful….our business is to simply LOVE ONE ANOTHER – as He loves us.  What would HE say to this couple?  What would He say BEFORE and AFTER they made their decision?

I am in NO WAY condoning abortion as a favorable sin.  Scripture tells us ALL SINS ARE EQUAL in offense to Him – other than homosexuality being an “abomination” to Him and then there’s the unpardonable sin of claiming something of Satan’s as from the Holy Spirit and vice versa.  But for the church to focus on and attack abortion the way they do is nothing shy of hypocrisy and I for one am ashamed of it, I’m embarrassed by it, and I’m pretty sure Jesus Himself frowns upon it.

If you aren’t helping these poor women in their choices by giving them SOLID and HUGE help and answers, then you are part of the problem and need to move out of the way.

Loving people who get abortions is offering them love, and support in carrying their babies to full term, and offering them SOLID SOLUTIONS to their financial and other issues.  And even after all that is done and they STILL decide on an abortion, then we must simply offer prayer in LOVE.  THAT IS OUR BUSINESS….pure and simply.

Free yourself from your eye-plank disease.

Disagree if you must, but this is the message of scripture.  If you choose otherwise, then you yourselves must review WHO YOUR GOD IS….is it YOU?  Or Jesus?

I choose Jesus.  ❤

Peace to you all, today and every day.


2 thoughts on “PLANKS AND SPECKS

  1. Girl!! That preaches!! I have to say, you have hit the nail on the head and I agree with you 100% The church needs to think before it opens it’s mouth and give solutions not comments! As a white, Christian women who has had an abortion, I found forgiveness in the arms of Jesus, not the church! I also now offer healing from abortions through a program called “Surrender the secret”. Thank you for your understanding heart.

    1. I know you wrote this like a year and 1/2 ago, but i just wanted to comment and let you know that because of your comment here, you have inspired me to like and be part of that FB page and i will often send angry pro-life Christians there to see how we are supposed to act regarding this heartbreaking subject. I too have experienced an abortion and it was the most terrifying, difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. Mine was for health reasons alone. As i hung my head in shame and handed that fetus over to the Lord with tears in my eyes, it severely woke me to the pain and shame many feel having an abortion. Not all do, i know…..but many do. God bless you friend, and thank you for all your support with this blog. ❤

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