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The Reality of our Situation

I’ve been doing a lot of online bantering with my brother in law.  He’s very liberal; a Trump loathing, self proclaimed Christian who doesn’t read his Bible.  I say this tongue in cheek because to me and most other Christians, the term “liberal Christian” is an oxymoron.  You cannot support homosexuality, abortion, and socialism/welfare programs and stand WITH Jesus.  That’s just not who He is.  If more people read their bibles, they would KNOW this.

Anyway – I wanted to address the great battle for our minds these days.

Black vs White
Christian vs Non-Christian
Right vs Left
Rich vs Poor
Truth vs. Lies, etal.

Our nation has never been more divided.

Through my bantering with my BIL, I realized the deep dark truth to all of it.

We on the right like our President.  We feel we are fighting to keep the light alive – the ONLY light left in the world.  We feel in many cases, we are fighting for our very lives, and our children’s, and grandchildren’s future.

You see, the left doesn’t understand the pain we felt during the Obama years – because we weren’t as loud about it as they are now.  We mourned quietly, in our own spaces.  We didn’t protest with a White Lives Matter group, or sue people when we didn’t get our way in our rebellious lifestyle choices.  We didn’t protest the liberals on mass scales and let our voices be heard….until the election came.  THAT was when they heard us, our thunderous roll, loud and clear, but they only looked to their own loss and not how we had suffered for 8 very long and stressful years.

We feel victorious now.  We feel safer now.  We have Trump.  We see him fighting so hard for us little people after 8 years of being pushed down and kicked in the guts.  We like our country right now.  We can again sleep at night.

Sadly, we will grow complacent in these safe feelings – just as they did under Obama.  We will become oblivious to the threat of the opposition, just like they did and the pendulum will again swing back the other way.  And we will mourn once more, just as they also do today.  It’s just the pattern in this nation – although never to this extreme degree.

Now, let’s look at what Prophecy says.  Prophecy says a man will arise.  It says that many will adore him and worship him.  It says that Socialism/Communism will be the world system.  It says that those who oppose this man will die, and those that support him will rejoice in this slaughter of the innocents.  It says that sin will grow rampant, that God will allow this antichrist’s followers to be “let over to their sins”.  It says that the world will be under great transgression (sin).  It says the people in this world will return to the same state they were in during Noah’s day while he was building the Ark.  They have scales on their eyes and are unable to see Truth.

So, looking at all this – we see that what we know as “the left” today will win the battles they wage today and receive what they are now striving for.  Trump will be gone, America as we know it will be no more – since we will be under a one-world-dictatorial system, and they will all be happy….for a time

Jesus is going to return.  He is going to return and destroy those who worship the man of sin – the lawless one as Scripture calls this leader.  They will feel His Wrath and wish for death, yet not find it.  They will try to hide from Jesus and won’t be able to.  They will find their gold and silver worthless.  They will find their leader weak.  They will see their own demise.  Their hateful reign won’t last long and their eyes will be opened to all they’ve done.  They will feel sorrow and remorse once they see the reality of their wishes and what they’ve battled for.

We are seeing this antichrist system already born and growing.  We can try like heck to wake those up that support it, to show them how wrong they are.  We can try to warn them of what they are doing – but with scales over one’s eyes – how can they SEE?  How can they understand?  If the Lord has given them over, how can we fight against that?

I’m not saying we can’t keep trying to wake them….but we also must understand this is a spiritual battle.  Let the Holy Spirit work through us to reach them.  Pray for them.  This isn’t a battle for us to save our nation per say – it’s a battle for their mind – and not for them to agree with us – but for their own salvation and eternity.  THAT is what we must set our mind to fight for; their salvation.

Make sure you are battling with others for the right reason.  Anything else is pointless and harmful to you.

Don’t be hateful towards them; have compassion for their condition.  Fight for their souls in love.  Don’t fall into their games of name calling and finger pointing.  Don’t repay evil for evil.  When they give you the finger, blow them a kiss.

They are going to win the battle we see today and gloat in it – but in the end, we win the war with Jesus at the helm.  Prophecy tells us so.  And it has never been wrong before.  Take solace in that, make sure you are following Him and not just being a fan.  Know His Word and the warnings to ALL OF US.

And remember, our battles are mostly fought on our knees.  Pray for our leader.  Pray for yourselves.  Pray for them.

Peace to you all, today and every day.

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