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I had an incident happen to me this week that is downright shameful.  It was so shameful, a local radio personality just yesterday devoted a 1/2 hour segment on this incident – my personal story – in her 1 hour show.  I’m a radio star!  Who’d have thought?

It happened on no other than social media – Facebook to be exact.  Shocker right?  As a side note, Facebook has become the boxing ring of all – like myself – who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.  It’s a battlefield of war – a war of words amongst complete strangers.

It’s become an assault on our society – our culture.  It’s hateful, it’s mean, it’s unfeeling, and it’s a downright pitiful thing.  It brings out the worst in us.  I’ve touched on this subject so many times before – but I’m writing this to show you – my readers – just how bad it has gotten out there.  I’m in the trenches….deep in the trenches.  Most aren’t and don’t have a clue that this stuff is happening so I’m going to share my story with you.

Late last week, I ran into a story about a “viral video” about a foul mouthed teenager who worked at Walmart – you may have heard about this story.  This 17 year old was disgruntled with management at this Walmart (in Canada) and proceeded to get on the intercom during one of his shifts, grab his phone recording himself, and began telling all the customers and other employees what a horrible company Walmart is, what horrible management there was there and ended with “F*** Walmart, f*** management, f*** this job.  I quit!” over the intercom system.  He did this for every soul in that Walmart to hear.  Not concerning himself with the fact that there may have been young children in the store.  Not concerning himself with his future employability since his recording of this went viral.  Not concerning himself with the shame and embarrassment that may have befell him.  No respect, no concern, no foresight, no fear, and no brains.

I HAD to make a comment about this – being a mother of 2 kids.

I was on this kids actual page – HIS ACTUAL VIDEO POST….no public page, no nothing….  And this is what I said:

I also added how this kid and anyone supporting him may very well find themselves deemed “unemployable”…. I mean after all – who wants this kind of mess happening at their company?  Who wants a disrespectful entitled foul mouthed kid like this around their customers?

A few days later, out of the blue, I start receiving some really horrid messages on my FB messenger from people of which I had never spoken with prior.  Strangers were flooding my inbox with hate by the likes of which I had never seen before.  Kids mostly – teens, 20 somethings….all spewing their anger and hate right at me.

I was like – where in the world is this coming from?  How are all these snot-nosed good for nothings contacting me?

Turns out – the DAILY MAIL (amateur journalists) took my comment and pasted it in one of their stories about this kid and his video – giving my FULL FACEBOOK IDENTITY – sicing their sick dogs of no remorse and no couth on me – a parent, a Christian Conservative.  How dare I make such a comment?????

Legally, there was nothing I could do.  But trust me when I say if I could have, I would have sued the pants off the Daily Mail scumbags who put my name out there like that.

You see, it’s one thing to post on a personal page, it’s another when a widely viewed media organization just splashes your name out there for the world to come running after with bats and ropes in hand.

I received about a dozen or more VICIOUS messages with language in them I won’t dare repeat.  I mean it was HORRIFIC.  Here’s a couple of bleeped out screen shots:

After a full day of blocking people and reporting them, I prayed to the Lord to silence my accusers and haters and just like that – it stopped.  Thank you Jesus!

I later went and changed my name on FB and my profile pic so they couldn’t find me any longer – the peace and quiet was welcomed too much and I wanted to keep it that way.

The messages behind this story are many:

  1.  Media doesn’t care who you are, they will try to silence and/or destroy you if  you go against their agendas, values and morals….and they can get away with it.  There is no legal action one can take against these people.  So they just keep pushing and pushing the envelope to see what they can get away with.  I’m told it’s that whole freedom of speech stuff.  I guess I’ll be the martyr here and also use my own rights in this matter.
  2.  Kids today have no respect for anyone.  They don’t fear authority.  They feel that respect is a RIGHT they deserve, instead of having to EARN respect.
  3. People say many things now to others online mainly that are completely inappropriate, hateful and divisive.  Shoot, I was just called a c**t TWICE by someone just a half hour ago on social media for making yet another benign comment on a separate post.

People are insane these days and left will stop at nothing to send a lynch mob after you if you say ANYTHING that goes against their agenda.  2 Timothy 3 warned us of these times.  And they are HERE, lemme tell ya.

I was so grateful for that radio personality to share my story.  She did an excellent job of sharing it, and expressing just the sheer craziness of it all.  I want people to know this stuff is happening out there – this common sense public shaming and the lynch mob tactics – to every day normal people like myself.

I gotta be honest – and I fight this with all my Christian being as much as possible – I’m torn right now between going full on psycho bat crap crazy on these folks and giving them back what they dish out – or letting Jesus fight for me.  It’s so hard to be cordial and polite and Christ like when these onslaughts hit.  It’s so flipping hard.

I keep telling myself I’m not going to let them silence me.  They can call me every name under the sun – it just bounces off.  I’m used to it.  What I can NEVER get used to though is the injustice of it all.  The fact that this is going on out there and destroying people far weaker emotionally than I.  This kind of crap causes people to commit suicide.

Do you think Daily Mail cares?  Heck no.  Do you think the people with diarrhea of the mouth care?  Heck no.  And why?  Because they see everyone else as not human.  They see people online as just words on a screen.  They don’t seem to understand that there are real live human beings on the other end, with feelings and emotions, reading the hate they spew.

What a horrid society we have become.  What a horrible time to live in.

The internet really shows just how ugly you are inside if you let it.

Jesus once said, do unto others as you would like done to you.  Seems to me we could use a whole lot more of that these days.

Some may say I deserved this, I should have known better.  Did I deserve it?  Did I really?  And as far as me knowing better – I don’t care what they do to me – I’m not seeking pity.  But I do care about how this affects others – and deep down, we all know how wrong it is.  You can’t tell me it’s fine for a media organization to take someone’s comment, post it for hundreds of thousands of eyes to see, post their full contact information, KNOWING what a volatile climate our society is in right now.  We’ve seen the liberal media post phone numbers and addresses of politicians for their haters to go to their homes and harass, possibly to harm them.  They literally ARE letting the loony tune dogs loose, foaming at the mouth.

You can’t tell me it’s fine for these young kids to be shooting off their foul hateful mouths to the adults in the room.  You can’t tell me ANY OF THIS is fine.  ‘Cause you all know it isn’t.

They sad thing is, they all call us the Nazi’s, when they have no idea how Nazi-like they themselves are acting.  This is the type of things they did when Hitler came to power.

I know many of you probably don’t involve yourselves in such controversial conversations like I do.  But be glad I do.  At least you can know what’s going on out there when and if it happens to you, because these days it very well may.  It doesn’t matter if you make the nicest comment, there very well may come a day when you get the same reaction.

Be safe out there.

Peace to you all, today and every day.


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