Government Shenanigans

Funding for the “wall”.  Government Shutdowns (MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICAN PEOPLE!).  Stock markets going haywire worldwide.  Pelosi and Schumer ganging up together against our President – publicly, airing their grievances all with each other.  “Maddog” Mattis quitting over differences with President on the Syria issue (which by the way isn’t what we are being told – Russia is a big part of why we are pulling out).  Does this garbage EVER end?  Let me say it for you – I AM SICK AND DANGED TIRED OF OUR GOVERNMENT’S DYSFUNCTION!  I mean, are we back in Obama’s era here or what? 

What is going on????

They are messing with all of our lives is what they are doing.  They are taking our money and playing with it as if NOTHING matters.  Politicians are playing games, and it’s just flat out WRONG.

Pelosi agreed with Trump on immigration back in 2012:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZHddAyzLKk

Chuck Schumer agreed with Trump also in 2009:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlfOPvUABnw

So why are they holding up funding for the wall?  It’s simple.  They want to make Trump look like a horrible President.  They know that if he doesn’t get what he ran on and why the American people voted for him (BUILD THAT WALL!), the chances of him getting re-elected for a second term greatly diminish.

It’s not that these yahoo’s disagree with the ultimate desires here – it’s that they want Trump OUT.

Think about it – they’ve been SCREAMING “Impeach” since he was elected.  They’ve been working on this whole “Russia collusion” thing since he was elected and are getting nowhere.  They have brought forth women claiming sexual assault lies against Trump and more.  They will stop at NOTHING to get him out and make him look bad.


You can bet when Schumer claims “Trump is having a temper tantrum”, no, it’s really Chuck and Nancy who are.  They, more than not, blame him for the things in which they themselves are guilty.  The should truly be ashamed of themselves and their ridiculously childish behaviors.

The stock market.  We are all baffled by what it’s doing right now.  IT MAKES NO SENSE.  Our economy is doing well, businesses are booming, people are working and buying….. so why are stocks crashing again?

I can’t give you a full definitive reason as I’m not a stock market aficionado, but it seems to me investors are terrified that the Dems are about to take over the House again in a couple weeks.

They see the disgusting gridlock in our government – just as we do, maybe more.  Maybe they are terrified, as I am, that he won’t be re-elected for a second term.  Or maybe, this is another ploy to make him look like a horrible President.  We simply don’t know.

Things are not looking good all around.  Not solely because of the Don, but because of the insolent children who are the bullies in the schoolyard.  The ones who have plotted together and schemed to form a circle around Trump and continually kick and throw sand in his face while crying “bully” and pointing their fingers at him on the playground.

I have never seen a more disgusting display of childish behavior from adults in my life.

This country is not their frat party.  It’s not their sorority game.  This is not college or high school.  THIS IS A COUNTRY.  AND WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

Maybe we’ll become like France soon and start revolting against debauchery, fraud, and a scandalous government?  If people are getting as angry as I am over this garbage, you just never know what could start a fire that could engulf this entire nation.

I gotta be honest, I was SO ANGRY over this shut down that I wouldn’t have minded a nuke hitting the Capitol last night.  People need to wake up in that building.  They need to start taking things seriously.  They need to start taking responsibility for the oaths they took to “serve and protect”.  (I don’t know what oaths they take, but I know what they are doing ain’t it.)

I wasn’t angry for any other reason than that these leftists are playing games with the American people, and then playing the blame game.  It’s dishonest.  It’s dangerous.  And it is not helping anyone in this country.

The biggest mistake Trump made was showing his cards to Nancy and Chucky.  He said he’d be glad to shut down the government.  That was JUST what Chucky and Nancy wanted.  You saw how they laughed and smirked with each other as Trump said that in front of the press.  He played RIGHT INTO their hands.  After all – how does that hurt Chucky and Nancy if the government shuts down?  They could care less, other than how it makes Don look.

Don isn’t good at this politics thing yet, but I bet he’s learning.

I hate to say it – but the more this stuff keeps going on, the more I see the fall of this nation as we know it.  The Great Roman Empire is falling – for a second time.

One last thing for you to ponder.  Instead of changing immigration laws,  we got puppeted into thinking the wall is the ONLY WAY to stop the immigration problems.  Since Trump brought that into play, now he almost HAS TO BUILD IT because the puppets (we the people) are all chanting for it.  Not law changes, but a wall.  He helped create this chaos by changing the narrative.  DACA is unconstitutional.  Obama even admitted that.  Why can’t we change the laws instead of build a wall?  TRUMP did that.  He owns that part of it.  And we fell for it.  Even now I bet you are scratching your head asking yourself “Yeah….why am I also saying ‘wall only’????”  They are the puppet masters….we are the puppets – like it or not.

All the world’s indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage
– “Limelight”, Rush

Politics is a distraction from God.  Politics is the “Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap” in this country.  Nevertheless, it intrigues many of us because it’s like a train wreck or a car crash you just can’t look away from.  They know this too.

Just my thoughts on this matter.  Feel free to share yours.

Peace to you all, today and every day.



What are your thoughts?

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