I’ve heard so many people blaming Donald Trump for dividing the nation.  My question is – where were they when Obama was POTUS???  My gosh – that man wanted nothing short of destroying this nation and everything it has ever stood for. 

We all saw the protests and riots while he was POTUS.  He fired up the ignorant, the under-educated.  And every time they wanted to destroy a street, a town, a city, he and his henchmen were RIGHT THERE – all over the TV, throwing fuel on their fires.  It was a disgusting display to watch for 8 long years.

Trump comes along and the riotous, destructive protests STOPPED.  Isn’t that interesting?

Why is that?  Because that is no longer “the narrative” that the media wants us to think about.  It’s their stories.  They make them OUR stories.

Yes, there are still protests – mostly gays, women, and those lacking life experience who feel their needs aren’t being met – fueled by the left media.

A lot of politicians blame Trump for dividing us.  Truth of the matter is – it’s not Trump.  He’s just being who Trump is.  And it’s not the right.  It’s the media – it’s Hollywood and the music industry, it’s television.

It’s the left.   They continue to carry Obama’s torch for him.

They attack and assault Trump supporters for no reason other than wearing a hat showing their support of him.  Yet they cry injustice.

They make up stories about fake attacks, assaults, etc and the media runs with it.  Then when the truth comes out that it was all a lie, the media goes dark.

I’ve even watched the rhetoric on Fox News for years.  They fuel the fires of the right with their own bit of propaganda.  They air stories and keep putting their OPINIONS in our heads over and over again, sometimes for weeks.  Though I don’t believe it’s as hateful as the left media – FNC does their own share of steering us in the emotional direction they want.  And it all works….all of it – both sides.  Simply because we are too lazy to think for ourselves.

THEY are the ones dividing the nation.  The whole lot of them.

There is no “news” anymore – you notice that?  It’s all “OPINION”.  It’s editorials.  It’s all conditioning and it’s all biased, and it’s all propaganda.

I for one am sick of media.  All of it.  Whether it’s our prime time tv shoving homosexuality down our throats and insinuating the right is evil and that Christians are evil prehistoric thinkers, or movies promoting global warming.

I’m a free thinker.  I’ve started to view the media for what it is and am always asking the questions – what could they be leading to with this story?  What is their end goal this time?

The sad thing is – TOO MANY OF US are media PUPPETS.  They play us like fiddles.  We walk around repeating, mimicking, parroting what they tell us and sound just like them.  Every time I speak to a liberal, it’s the same exact things you hear on MSNBC or CNN.  You speak to someone on the right who watches conservative news, again, people parrot what they’ve heard on FNC.

THE MEDIA IS DIVIDING THIS NATION.  And it should sicken all of us.  It should sicken us that we are ALLOWING IT.

I’m not saying we can’t have opinions on things, but let’s make sure they are OUR opinions, and not that of the talking heads we listen to.

Why hasn’t Hillary been arrested?  Why hasn’t Trump been impeached?  Why hasn’t James Comey been held accountable?  Why was Judge Kavanaugh allowed to sit on the Supreme Court?

MAYBE BECAUSE ALL THE STORIES WERE LIES TO BEGIN WITH?  Narratives to fuel all of our emotions and get us all riled up – against each other.

Think about it.

Shut it down.  Start enjoying life and thinking for yourself again.  SEE people for who they are again instead of what the media tells you to feel about them.  Have friendly debates and move on.

Left – don’t look at a MAGA hat and get all twisted up inside emotionally.  KNOW that when that happens, you are being a media puppet.  Don’t look at Trump and think he’s the most evil president on the planet because the media tells you to.  THINK.  SEE.  HEAR.

And right….don’t worry about Socialism (the latest big narrative).  God’s will is going to be done, no matter what.  We all know this country is toast with the next incoming democratic administration.  America will be gone.  It’s unavoidable at this stage.  EVERY great nation must fall, and we’ve actually enjoyed a little more time than most.  All we can do now is roll with the punches.  The left will eventually catch up to us – don’t hate them for being slow.  They will wake up one day and ask “what have we done?!”.  Nothing we can do.  The pendulum will swing back again.  Justice will prevail in the end.

Christians – get your lamps ready.  KEEP them ready.  Time is running short.  Keep trying to reach others in Jesus.  Stop fighting for a dying nation loaded down with sins.  Remember, God always judges His own houses first.  The rest will come.

Don’t be a puppet.  Don’t be a parrot.  Be a person.  BE YOU.

Peace to you all today, and every day.




What are your thoughts?

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