Muthana and Smollett

I wrote yesterday how the media lies to divide us.  Today, I’m going to talk about the Smollett story and now how media is putting forth the idea that Smollett staged a fake Trump supporter attack on him because he was “UNHAPPY WITH HIS SALARY”.  And then I’m going to discuss this bunk Hoda Muthana story that is gaining speed in media.

First, let’s look at Smollett.  The lying, gay, black, Hollywood man.  The man sent himself a fake hate letter.  Racist, homophobic, and allegedly written by Trump supporters – making it in essence a “TRUMP HATE” story yet again.  This story filled the left’s media viewers with MORE hate for Trump and his supporters.  When that didn’t get him enough attention, he decided to pay 2 men in Chicago to assault him wearing red hats.

This was all a huge lie put forth on behalf of the left’s hatred toward our President and those who voted for him.  I haven’t even paid enough attention on this story to know all the details, but I sure can see it for what it is.

So when I see that NOW the media, in deviating from the truth and their error in reporting this false news story, are saying he did it because he was unhappy with his salary.

Heaven forbid they say he did it because the left HATES TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS.  That would be the truth, but also self incriminating for left media.  So now they are changing the story.  Now his intent was for attention and more salary.   They could never admit this guy was a patsy to their agenda of “HATE TRUMP AND ALL WHO SUPPORT HIM”.  The whole thing is such bull.

Now let’s look at this alleged Alabama woman Hoda Muthana who joined up with ISIS, married one (some report she married 3 of them – but that is not allowed in Islamic countries so I cannot believe that) of their members, had a son with him.  She tweeted out for people to carry out deadly attacks on Americans, and now suddenly she wants to come here?

First, I don’t believe this woman was EVER an American citizen.  And after just reviewing her story, the State Department also claims she was NEVER a citizen.  She has no passports, no records of being a US Citizen.  Allegedly her family is going to fight this.  Riiight.  We’ll see.

So one might ask, what is the agenda on this story and how does it divide Americans?  The left is immigrant sympathetic.  The left are Islamic sympathizers.  This is the exact same story of the immigrant caravans (those poor women and children!), just on a much smaller and different scale.

The left will play this one off to their viewers as another story about bigoted republic America who hates women and children, especially the immigrant kind, and how cruel we are to not let her “come back home”.

She comes from a Yemeni family.  She ran off to join anti-American terrorists allegedly, and now the poor thing just “wants to come home”.    Ummmm… NO.

Trust me when I say, the left will be fueled again by this story in their hate.  The propaganda to this story will be great – so watch for it.  It will be interesting to watch it play out.

What do we see here morally?  A man who deceived the nation and the media helped him.  Justice is now being served (thank you Jesus) with this guy.  Pray that he finds the Lord while serving his time.

We also see a woman who has a blackened heart.  She is of the devil.  She is not a Christian and must repent of her sins.  Pray for her and her son – that they wake to the forgiveness and love of Jesus and can receive Him.  Pray for our protection from people like her and all terrorists, here and around the world.

Peace to you all today, and every day.


What are your thoughts?

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