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Poverty is Not a Race Problem, Despite What They Tell Us.

I recently saw a video of a native American Indian woman crying about how the Indians have been so oppressed and so many of them are suffering under the hands of an evil government here in the US.  Sounds an awful lot like the blacks in this country who are still crying about slavery, living on the welfare dole out program, don’t ya think?

I did some research on this and found that there are SO MANY successful native Americans in this nation (and no, I’m not talking about Elizabeth “pocahontas” Warren) and have been for much of the history of this country.  1970’s – Redbone was a Native American band that had a top 10 hit of “Come and Get Your Love.” which was recently brought back to life when featured in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I remember as a little girl and growing up, seeing native American actors and actresses on my tv and in the movies.  Some have become astronauts, PGA golf pros, owners of very wealthy casino’s, politicians, business owners and more.  Native Americans all have the same opportunities as everyone else.  The ones that continue to live in the reservations and not break free from their own enslaved impoverished state choose that.  The reservations were created by the government to HELP those who either couldn’t help themselves, or wouldn’t – know your history.

And let’s not blame whites for “taking their land”.  First, land is given to everyone by God – we all must share. America wasn’t given solely to the Indians by God.  It’s not like it was promised to them as Israel was to the Jews.

Second, Indians did plenty of killing of whites back in the history of this nation and made themselves a huge threat to settlers.  Not all, but many did.  Settlers were bound to fight back and protect themselves – it’s natural human instinct.  Don’t listen to the whiners crying about this because truth is, there was evil on both sides – as is always the case throughout history.

I have traveled the country some in the past – from Wisconsin to Texas, then from Wisconsin to Florida, then from Wisconsin to Arizona – and all the states in between.  I love to drive through this nation as their are SO MANY beautiful things to see and amazing people to meet – thus why I was able to see so much.

In my travels I’ve seen some rough areas.  Places in the Southwest where homes were basically made of discarded materials with no windows, no running water.  I’ve seen Indian Reservations that looked pretty meek and impoverished.  Homeless people of all races, creeds and colors.  Here in my own town, the majority of the homeless are white – yes, WHITE.

This is America – the land of the free.  That whole idea of racial oppression has been gone since the 1970’s where there were still some straggling areas of racism.   The bits of racist actions here and there since have been limited and controlled.  Let’s face it – man is inherently evil in his heart….there are always going to be those that hate with a passion.  It’s just a given.  But that doesn’t mean that ALL do.

Poverty and oppression is not a racial problem here in America.  Poverty is a motivation problem.  It’s a drug and alcohol problem.  It’s a victimhood mentality problem.  

I grew up on welfare.  I’ve been homeless a few times myself in my life.  I’ve gone hungry in my life.  Just because I was white didn’t mean I had any sort of privilege.  I grew up worse than many latinos and blacks in our town believe it or not.  While they were wearing Nike’s to school, I was wearing keds from K-Mart with hand me down clothes.  While they were coming to school with an armful of school supplies, I had to borrow.  So yeah – poverty is definitely NOT a RACE problem.  It’s too bad more victimhood minorities don’t look around and SEE that.

We ALL struggle in our lives.  But it’s our attitudes about ourselves and our motivation to fight for a better life that make us either succeed or lose.  No one has any more opportunity in this nation than another.  As a matter of fact, BECAUSE of the whining that has gone on in this nation, especially as of late, minorities are getting MORE freedoms and rights than whites in some cases.

Poverty is a choice in this country.  You either work hard and do what is needed to move your life to a better financial position, or you don’t.  It’s a personal choice we ALL must make.  Sure, some people are handed family wealth…but it’s very few….and not all of them are white either.

Let’s stop the nonsense.  Let’s look around and see the diversity in this nation.  Let’s see the many black basketball and football players making millions.  The rappers, the actors, the actresses, the famous native Americans, the famous Jews, the famous Asians, and even the famous Arabs – all making scads of money….far more than most of us will ever see.

Poverty is not a race problem. 

Listen guys – bottom line is this:  God tells us in scripture that he who will not work will not eat.  Plain and simple.  Pretty cut and dry.  Animals don’t have a welfare system.  They must fight to survive and thrive or die out.  God gave us all a natural instinct to create, to build, to thrive, to give, to love….so why aren’t we all doing it?

Maybe because we choose to listen to the wrong people?

It’s all of our choice to make our lives what we wish them to be.  It’s a motivational thing.  FIND YOURS and stop whining about what you don’t have compared to others.  Go GET IT.

Peace to you all, today and every day.




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