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People are nasty to each other these days.  Let’s just put that out there.  We all have felt it to some degree or another.  Social media is destroying relationships all over the place. No one talks face to face much anymore and we’ve known since email days – people cannot HEAR or SEE your emotions… Continue reading WALKING AWAY

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In the Words of Satan…

I’ve been here since the beginning, know exactly how you work.  I know all of your cravings, know what makes you go berzerk.  I’ve been lying from the start just to make you play a part in my infinite rebellion against the Father God.



I remember a story from Fox News Network back in the early Obama days.  Forgive me that I cannot remember all the details, but something they had said prompted me to contact my local Wisconsin representative Jim Sensenbrenner (or Senselessbrenner as I like to call him) and demand Obama be impeached.  They (Fox News talking… Continue reading WHY HASN’T TRUMP BEEN IMPEACHED?

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That’s not right Donald.

I just read a post that Donald Trump put up and it disappoints me greatly and makes me believe his religious advisers are not doing him a bit of service. Here is Donald’s post on Facebook today:

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Poverty is Not a Race Problem, Despite What They Tell Us.

I recently saw a video of a native American Indian woman crying about how the Indians have been so oppressed and so many of them are suffering under the hands of an evil government here in the US.  Sounds an awful lot like the blacks in this country who are still crying about slavery, living… Continue reading Poverty is Not a Race Problem, Despite What They Tell Us.


Muthana and Smollett

I wrote yesterday how the media lies to divide us.  Today, I’m going to talk about the Smollett story and now how media is putting forth the idea that Smollett staged a fake Trump supporter attack on him because he was “UNHAPPY WITH HIS SALARY”.  And then I’m going to discuss this bunk Hoda Muthana… Continue reading Muthana and Smollett



I’ve heard so many people blaming Donald Trump for dividing the nation.  My question is – where were they when Obama was POTUS???  My gosh – that man wanted nothing short of destroying this nation and everything it has ever stood for. 

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I’m at that place where I’m at peace after a holiday.  Some of you may know what I’m talking about.  The hustle and bustle is over.  The worry (as a hostess and mother) that everything will turn out good is over.  I pulled it off with the help of Jesus.  I’m so at ease right… Continue reading I SURVIVED CHRISTMAS


Government Shenanigans

Funding for the “wall”.  Government Shutdowns (MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICAN PEOPLE!).  Stock markets going haywire worldwide.  Pelosi and Schumer ganging up together against our President – publicly, airing their grievances all with each other.  “Maddog” Mattis quitting over differences with President on the Syria issue (which by the way isn’t what we are being told –… Continue reading Government Shenanigans

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Children: Discipline or Not?

I was watching Dr. Phil yesterday and he had on a program about what some may deem today as “extreme” or “radical” discipline for children.  Truthfully, this type of discipline was very common up until about 30 years ago – before we were all told spanking was a form of child abuse.  How far our… Continue reading Children: Discipline or Not?