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Near-Death Experiences

Are near-death experiences from the heavenly realm?  Can people really enter heaven and return to their bodies? Advertisements

Apologetics · Christian Responsibilities · The Great Apostasy · The Rapture

The Church is in BIG TROUBLE.

I had an experience on Facebook (again) today that blew my mind.  Yes that evil, pride raising, egomaniacal inducing social media venue.  

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Hi guys – been awhile since I’ve written.  I’ve been busy working a couple of MLM businesses and just every day life stuff.  Jesus is still with me!  No worries there There have been numerous topics I’ve wanted to write about recently, but since this one came up today, I’m going to share with all… Continue reading BODY OF CHRIST: GRACE AND GIFTS

Apologetics · Christian Responsibilities

SPEAKING IN TONGUES; a quick study

I want to ask you a serious question.  What makes more sense to you? (based on your knowledge of the Holy Spirit and God): Would the Holy Spirit allow a child of God to speak in tongues (another language, foreign to them) to people where the language is NOT understood…. Or would the HS speak… Continue reading SPEAKING IN TONGUES; a quick study

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If you are a Christian in today’s world, chances are you’ve been discouraged a time or two due to the hate we often receive from lukewarm Christians, atheists, liberals and more.  It happened to me again today.  I wanted to take down my Facebook profile, and at the same time vent my head off…..but then… Continue reading CHRISTIAN DISCOURAGEMENT

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You know, I have to laugh to myself. Do you know how many times I have heard from non-believers that we Christians are “indoctrinated” and that we indoctrinate our children? Maybe you also have heard this. But I’m not going to refute that in this blog because I would like to share another form of… Continue reading MEDIA INDOCTRINATION VS CHRISTIAN INDOCTRINATION

Apologetics · Christian Responsibilities


Christmas, Easter, Halloween…..every year around these holidays I see the same old things going around on Facebook and Twitter; that these holidays are filled with PAGANISM.  Christians and atheists alike share these posts – one to say that we are “sinning” by celebrating these holidays, and the latter to say “see? look how much Jesus… Continue reading PAGAN HOLIDAYS?