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Calming the Church Down

This Coronavirus is doing wacky things to a lot of people. I know where it comes from. Fear. The church is no different. And when I say the “church”, I mean those who make up the whole body of Christ – the true followers of Christ. In the past few days I have seen videos… Continue reading Calming the Church Down

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I wanted to share some thoughts of my own and some of my own experiences with you here about this time in America. It’s a scary time in this country. We virtually went from a nation of prosperity to a nation on “lockdown” almost overnight due to this virus. My husband and I go to… Continue reading FEAR AND ANXIETY

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COVID-19 Fear Pandemic

I’m about to venture out shopping for the first time this week amidst the Coronavirus fear pandemic and I’m ready to fight because people are being completely idiotic. Yesterday one of my neighbors went out to get toilet paper here in Wisconsin, and there was none to be had. He had to borrow from a… Continue reading COVID-19 Fear Pandemic

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I’ve been reviewing the news for the past 10 days to find out what different sources are saying and I was dismayed to read this morning how Seattle residents are wiping out store shelves now that a second death has happened there. There is no need to panic like this. When people go and stock… Continue reading PROTECT YOURSELF FROM CORONAVIRUS

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America IS Under God’s Wrath of Abandonment

I guess you could call me a fatalist on this subject….or maybe just a realist.  It doesn’t matter. As someone who has intensely studied end times prophecy for YEARS, I see the world through a different lens than most.  I see things more spiritually than others.  I see the negative things happening in America and… Continue reading America IS Under God’s Wrath of Abandonment

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I’m sensing, more than ever, that people are so scared right now.  They’re scared of the government, they’re scared of this Coronavirus, they’re scared of Jesus returning and all the things that are to happen prior, and they’re scared of TRUTH.

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How Trump Has Helped Our Family

I hear a lot of ignorant people talking about how Obama’s economy was better than Trump’s.  I hear them saying that Obama’s stock market did better than Trump’s.  I hear a lot of them saying that the economy really isn’t doing all that great.  Let me tell you how Trump has helped our family’s finances:

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I recently wrote a blog called PRIORITIES in which I shared my thoughts on how many of us in America have our priorities all mixed up.  It convicted me and made me feel like a hypocrite because I could do so much more to help others.  This led me on a quest to first figure… Continue reading BACK TO WORK

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Who’s Judging Who?

I have to laugh.  And yet it makes me sad. Oh the wicked webs we weave…..  “I knew the minute I stepped in, I was the hare between the two wolves….”

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I listen to our local Christian radio station – WVCY – in the bathroom when I shower.  There is a man who will sometimes have a message between programs whose name is Rob Pue and he has a ministry called “Wisconsin Christian News“.  Yesterday I heard his message and it struck me so intensely as… Continue reading I AM NOT ALONE