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I wanted to share some thoughts of my own and some of my own experiences with you here about this time in America. It’s a scary time in this country. We virtually went from a nation of prosperity to a nation on “lockdown” almost overnight due to this virus. My husband and I go to… Continue reading FEAR AND ANXIETY

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America IS Under God’s Wrath of Abandonment

I guess you could call me a fatalist on this subject….or maybe just a realist.  It doesn’t matter. As someone who has intensely studied end times prophecy for YEARS, I see the world through a different lens than most.  I see things more spiritually than others.  I see the negative things happening in America and… Continue reading America IS Under God’s Wrath of Abandonment

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I’m sensing, more than ever, that people are so scared right now.  They’re scared of the government, they’re scared of this Coronavirus, they’re scared of Jesus returning and all the things that are to happen prior, and they’re scared of TRUTH.


America Can’t Have Socialism…EVER.

I’ve been sitting here watching the debates, hearing about all the candidates, and having been around for 50 years now, I (and others my age and older) know what a danger socialism is to this nation; to ANY nation really.

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The Superbowl and Rush

I was going to write a blog today solely about the super bowl debacle yesterday but then I heard the heart wrenching news about Rush Limbaugh and thought I’d combine them.

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How Trump Has Helped Our Family

I hear a lot of ignorant people talking about how Obama’s economy was better than Trump’s.  I hear them saying that Obama’s stock market did better than Trump’s.  I hear a lot of them saying that the economy really isn’t doing all that great.  Let me tell you how Trump has helped our family’s finances:



Here I was, getting ready to go to sleep….and I’m going through facebook videos.  First one I see is of a family that spent THOUSANDS to decorate their house for Christmas.  It was beautiful, I will admit…but there was a video about a homeless girl (in our country) right below it.  You know what I… Continue reading PRIORITIES

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I wasn’t going to write about this because it gets my blood boiling – and for those of you who know me, my blood pressure doesn’t need ANY help. What I’m talking about is the second press conference today that Donald Trump and the President of Finland had. If you had a chance to watch… Continue reading INSANE ASYLUM

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I’m just gonna come out swinging. We need another devastating catastrophe in this nation that brings every single American to their knees.  Maybe it will stop all this pansy, whining, slumbering from truth, chaos in this country.