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The Superbowl and Rush

I was going to write a blog today solely about the super bowl debacle yesterday but then I heard the heart wrenching news about Rush Limbaugh and thought I’d combine them.

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How Trump Has Helped Our Family

I hear a lot of ignorant people talking about how Obama’s economy was better than Trump’s.  I hear them saying that Obama’s stock market did better than Trump’s.  I hear a lot of them saying that the economy really isn’t doing all that great.  Let me tell you how Trump has helped our family’s finances:

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I recently wrote a blog called PRIORITIES in which I shared my thoughts on how many of us in America have our priorities all mixed up.  It convicted me and made me feel like a hypocrite because I could do so much more to help others.  This led me on a quest to first figure… Continue reading BACK TO WORK



Here I was, getting ready to go to sleep….and I’m going through facebook videos.  First one I see is of a family that spent THOUSANDS to decorate their house for Christmas.  It was beautiful, I will admit…but there was a video about a homeless girl (in our country) right below it.  You know what I… Continue reading PRIORITIES

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Who’s Judging Who?

I have to laugh.  And yet it makes me sad. Oh the wicked webs we weave…..  “I knew the minute I stepped in, I was the hare between the two wolves….”

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I’m sitting here thinking about how many people say they know we are in the last days/end time.  I’m thinking about this and wondering, if what they say is true (and yes, I believe that), why are they still dragging their feet in their growth as a Christian?  Why do they slumber?

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I listen to our local Christian radio station – WVCY – in the bathroom when I shower.  There is a man who will sometimes have a message between programs whose name is Rob Pue and he has a ministry called “Wisconsin Christian News“.  Yesterday I heard his message and it struck me so intensely as… Continue reading I AM NOT ALONE

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I’m going to share with you some of the vicious attacks I received yesterday over my latest suicide blog (which I had to remove comment capability because of their wolfpack like mentality).  I’m sharing this because 2 of these people claimed to be “ex-Christians”, and I want to correlate that with the prophecies of “The… Continue reading THE GREAT APOSTASY

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I read a disturbing article today from a fairly well known pastor – Randy Alcorn – where he was speaking about suicide, and how people can still go to heaven if they commit suicide.  All they need to do is repent when they get there.