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I wasn’t going to write about this because it gets my blood boiling – and for those of you who know me, my blood pressure doesn’t need ANY help. What I’m talking about is the second press conference today that Donald Trump and the President of Finland had. If you had a chance to watch… Continue reading INSANE ASYLUM

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People are forever trying to make things “better” aren’t they?  They think of “progress” like it’s a good thing.  Well I’m here writing to you, to ask a few questions.  Let’s take a stroll back in time shall we? Remember when there were shows on TV that actually still taught MORALS?

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America has lost its footing in the world. We are sliding down a slippery slope faster than the Titanic sank. Many people have theories on WHY America is failing, and some are in flat-out denial that this nation is failing – and more still have no idea this nation is failing at all.