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That’s not right Donald.

I just read a post that Donald Trump put up and it disappoints me greatly and makes me believe his religious advisers are not doing him a bit of service. Here is Donald’s post on Facebook today: Advertisements

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I had an incident happen to me this week that is downright shameful.  It was so shameful, a local radio personality just yesterday devoted a 1/2 hour segment on this incident – my personal story – in her 1 hour show.  I’m a radio star!  Who’d have thought?

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The Church is in BIG TROUBLE.

I had an experience on Facebook (again) today that blew my mind.  Yes that evil, pride raising, egomaniacal inducing social media venue.  



I’m wore out. I really am. I’ve been being attacked by all sorts of people from all walks of life from all different places for years now, just for speaking my mind, my opinion, even facts. We can still practice most freedom of speech, but those who oppose us are seriously trying to shut us… Continue reading HATRED AND PERSECUTION

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I spend a TON of time online; on facebook and twitter, on YouTube and blogs. The internet has become the place where people greatly express their opinions, ideas and beliefs. And this has become a great tool for me and countless others to use in witnessing.