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I’m just gonna come out swinging. We need another devastating catastrophe in this nation that brings every single American to their knees.  Maybe it will stop all this pansy, whining, slumbering from truth, chaos in this country.

Politics · Prophecy · Sin · The Great Apostasy


I heard someone ask that question recently regarding this Florida school shooting; “Where is God?”.  I also saw a teen holding a sign that said “We don’t need your thoughts or prayers.”

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Proud to be an American. Take pride in America. America; land of the free, home of brave. National pride. American pride. I love this nation. I really do. With it’s beautiful landscapes, opportunities (or what was), the freedoms we have (had) here, and the fact that the Lord planted me here – who WOULDN’T love… Continue reading AMERICA THE HAUGHTY

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America has lost its footing in the world. We are sliding down a slippery slope faster than the Titanic sank. Many people have theories on WHY America is failing, and some are in flat-out denial that this nation is failing – and more still have no idea this nation is failing at all.