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How Trump Has Helped Our Family

I hear a lot of ignorant people talking about how Obama’s economy was better than Trump’s.  I hear them saying that Obama’s stock market did better than Trump’s.  I hear a lot of them saying that the economy really isn’t doing all that great.  Let me tell you how Trump has helped our family’s finances:

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Taking Up My Cross

I danced with the devil 21 years ago when I met my 2nd husband, only I didn’t know he was the devil because he presented himself as an angel of light to me.  (Ah to be blind, young, and naive again).  I had a child with this man.  He since left me for another woman… Continue reading Taking Up My Cross

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Standards.  We all have them.  Whether high or low – those are what we refer to when living our lives.  Standards are what we look for/at in others in relationships.  We often seek those with the same standards as what we ourselves have.

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Throughout my life, people had told me that I didn’t know how to love others properly…or that I had a weird way of showing my love for others. I’ve learned some things since then.

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I’ve been seeing ads lately about Divorce Insurance; insurance companies offering financial insurance to people who are married/getting married and wish to seek financial protection should the marriage fall apart.