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People are forever trying to make things “better” aren’t they?  They think of “progress” like it’s a good thing.  Well I’m here writing to you, to ask a few questions.  Let’s take a stroll back in time shall we? Remember when there were shows on TV that actually still taught MORALS? Advertisements

Christian Responsibilities · The Great Apostasy


I’m watching a recorded Dr. Phil show from last week.  He, on one program, during the last few minutes of the show, had Joel Olsteen on, promoting Olsteen’s newest book titled “The Power of I AM.”



There are two accounts in scripture where it tells us someone walked with God; Enoch and Noah (Genesis 5 and 6). Both of these men had very special relationships with God and the Lord entrusted them greatly with 2 tasks – Enoch was shown many things about heaven and hell and the last days, and… Continue reading WALKING WITH GOD

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Throughout my life, people had told me that I didn’t know how to love others properly…or that I had a weird way of showing my love for others. I’ve learned some things since then.



Do you all remember the story of Job? Job was a faithful follower of God that Satan wanted to battle for. Satan believed Job would deny God if he gave him enough trouble and suffering, but God knew better. God told Satan – do as you must, except don’t kill Job. To read the full… Continue reading GOD’S SILENCE

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2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. We witness today a growing amount of false teachers; they are everywhere. Sadly a large portion of Christians are continually being misled by these teachers. It is creating a vicious cycle… Continue reading WORKMAN APPROVED BY GOD

Christian Responsibilities · Sin · The Great Apostasy


Yes, you read that right….there is actually a revised KJV Bible out there called “The Queen James Bible – The Gay Bible” If I’m lyin, I’m dyin. When I saw this, I was appalled, disgusted, completely offended, and outraged at the continual lies that are being spun out there in the “name of God” to… Continue reading THE QUEEN JAMES BIBLE

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God can use ALL things for His glory; from some of the most unimaginable sources. I have an experience I would like to share with you, one that moves me to this day. There I was, spring 2004, dying inside because my husband had declared he wanted a divorce after 7 years of marriage. He… Continue reading FATHER FIGURE

Christian Responsibilities · Encouragement · Marriage and Family


I’ve been seeing ads lately about Divorce Insurance; insurance companies offering financial insurance to people who are married/getting married and wish to seek financial protection should the marriage fall apart.


Man Vs. God

I have been sitting here pondering man’s answers to issues in life versus God’s answers. I listen to all these “self help” guru’s like Dr. Phil, etc and their answers to things are sometimes so contrary to the bible. I’ve experienced so many down points in the past in my life and wanted to share… Continue reading Man Vs. God