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I’m sitting here….it’s almost 1 AM….watching and listening to a recording of a Milwaukee Alderman council meeting on “Conversion therapy” and how leftists are seeking to ban Churches and pastors from reaching out to youth with scriptural based knowledge who believe they are some other gender or have some sexual orientation that they were not… Continue reading PRAY FOR THEM

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Liberal Christianity Is an Oxymoron

I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for this blog, and that’s alright.  I’m used to the hate these days from online readers and objectors.  But what I’m going to say in this blog WILL  be supported by those who IN FACT have the Holy Spirit in them – the leading gift… Continue reading Liberal Christianity Is an Oxymoron

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I’ve been listening to people discussing this subject and I find it typical hypocrisy from those on the left vs. those who oppose it.  The argument from those who oppose it are concerned for women’s (and little girls’) safety.  What the left doesn’t understand is how allowing MEN claiming to be “transgender” entering women’s bathrooms… Continue reading TRANSGENDER BATHROOMS/GOD’S JUDGMENT

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I’ve been following the case of the lesbian couple that went after “Sweet Cakes by Melissa” and sued them for 135,000.00. It is now being reported that the agency that ordered the payment is now going to seize their assets as the couple (the Klein’s) are refusing to pay or follow the options given them.

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MY EXPERIENCE LAST NIGHT I had quite a situation on my hands last night. As many of you know, I home-school my 13 year old daughter, and in our neighborhood she has several friends that go to public school. My daughter also spends time online with others that she meets through sites, games, etc. I… Continue reading THE WAR ON OUR KIDS

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Yes, you read that right….there is actually a revised KJV Bible out there called “The Queen James Bible – The Gay Bible” If I’m lyin, I’m dyin. When I saw this, I was appalled, disgusted, completely offended, and outraged at the continual lies that are being spun out there in the “name of God” to… Continue reading THE QUEEN JAMES BIBLE

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I’m watching this circus over Phil Robertson and the whole Duck Dynasty/A&E thing. I’ve been watching the growing persecution of Christians, Christianity, and morality in this nation and around the world. It’s frustrating, it’s angering, it’s scary, it’s invigorating, and sadly, it’s too late. I’ll explain WHY it’s too late in a bit.