I’m wore out. I really am. I’ve been being attacked by all sorts of people from all walks of life from all different places for years now, just for speaking my mind, my opinion, even facts. We can still practice most freedom of speech, but those who oppose us are seriously trying to shut us… Continue reading HATRED AND PERSECUTION

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What Europe and US AREN’T Telling About Islam

I know many STILL believe there are radical, and moderate Muslims…..but this video – straight from the horse’s mouth squashes that ridiculous notion and lie we are being sold. See what Muslims themselves say when “infidels” aren’t around.



Every now and again I poke around on Atheist forums, fan pages, etc.  I find much of what they say over and over again to be redundant, nonsensical, and based on wishing and hoping they are right (although they would never admit this).  They are a very prideful group of folk that seek a pat… Continue reading LETTER TO ATHEISTS